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Lotteries of Uzbekistan and foreign lotteries: ticket prices, circulations, regulations, points of sale

Cash and clothing lotto

The main operator of instant lotteries is the People's Bank of Uzbekistan. Coupons are sold through public distributor networks or bank branches. No online sales.

Each playing card of the cash lotto has a specific non-repeating combination of numbers and series, for which the prize ticket is identified. A certain part of tickets with a repeating streak are not included in the winning list. The rest of the coupons have a number of prize numbers, which may include numbers, whose fund exceeds the winning amount in other coupons from the same series.

Kitchen Hiva

Uzbek lottery Kuhna Khiva, organized by the Bank of Uzbekistan, refers to the type of monetary fun, which means that not only the main reward in the amount of 5 million. I am, but two foreign Chevrolet cars (Nexia 3 и Spark). The cost of a game ticket of a beautiful sky-blue color with the image of g. Khiva is 2 thousand. I am. The minimum win is equal to the ticket price. Game info, the draw of the Kohna Xiva lottery can be found on the official website of the organizer xb.uz.

A lot of surprises of various material values ​​are drawn as part of the lottery. Including:

  • 4 foreign cars;
  • 2 prize by 5 million. I am;
  • 10 prizes for 1 million soums;
  • 100 prizes for 500 thousand. I am;
  • 20 trips for two to Bukhara;
  • 80 permits to Bukhara for one.

The lottery itself is an addition to another popular lottery "Ancient Bukhara" or Qadimiy Buxoro with a set of the same cash prizes.

When luck laughs

The organizer of this game is also the People's Bank of Uzbekistan. Omad Kulganda lottery offers generous gifts to its finalists, including 4 prize worth 25 million. I am, 8 Chevrolet Spark cars, 4 car Chevrolet Matiz, 40 prizes for 1 million sum, 400 prizes for 50 thousand sum. Ticket price 2 thousand. I am. Official page of the organizer xb.uz.

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Lottery "Superlotto 6 + 1" («Superlotto 6+1»)

Online ticket sales: not carried out.

Ticket price (one position): 3 000 I am.

Super prize: 1 000 000 000 I am.

Jackpot payout: produced after formal procedures.

Drawing: held 2 once a week, on monday and thursday.

Superlotto 6 + 1 lottery rules:

Balls fall out of two reels: from the first, where is it originally 40 balls, appear 6, from the second with 20 balls – one ball. The prize fund is formed as half of the total cost of combinations in sold tickets.

Paytable "Superlotto 6 + 1":

  • 5 000 I am – guessed 3 ball from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • 50 000 I am – guessed 3 ball from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;
  • 150 000 I am – guessed 4 ball from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • 5 000 000 I am – guessed 4 ball from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;

Prizes of the highest categories (distributed, except for the superprize, evenly for all winning combinations in the current draw in three categories):

  • guessed 5 balls from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • small jackpot – guessed 5 balls from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;
  • big jackpot – guessed 6 balls from the first lottery drum and the ball from the second;
  • super prize – guessed 6 balls from the first lottery drum and guess the ball from the second;

History reference: the first lottery draw was held 10 february 2020 of the year.

Lottery "Omad Loto" ("Omad lotto")

Online ticket sales: not carried out.

Ticket price (one position): 3 000 I am (to 15.10.2017 – 2 000 I am).

Minimum jackpot: formed based on the number of tickets sold for the circulation.

Maximum jackpot: not limited and accumulates from circulation to circulation.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 1 167 221 550 I am (4 january 2020 of the year, edition No. 482).

Jackpot payout: produced after formal procedures.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 376 992.

Drawing: held once a week, on Saturday.

Rules of lottery "Omad Loto":

From a drum with 36 balls randomly drop out 5 balls. Tickets are considered to have won, in which correctly guessed 3, 4 or 5 numbers. The jackpot is evenly distributed among all tickets, in which all are correctly guessed 5 numbers. If there is only one such ticket, then the entire jackpot goes to one participant. The lottery provides for the possibility of a system game, when the ticket is marked from 6 to 10 numbers, the cost of the ticket increases.

Winnings distribution table "Omad Lotto" as a percentage of the prize fund:

  • 27% – guessed 3 event;
  • 18% – guessed 4 event;
  • 55% – jackpot, guessed 5 balls.

History reference: the first lottery draw was held in October 2010 of the year. The draw was held on Sundays. Beginning with 333 circulation (February 2017 of the year) lottery is held on Saturdays. To 15 October 2017 of the year, когда стоимость билета повысилась повысилась с 2 000 to 3 000 I am, the winnings distribution table looked like this:

  • 33% – guessed 3 event;
  • 25% – guessed 4 event;
  • 42% – jackpot, guessed 5 balls.

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