Jackpot in online casino: varieties, records, popular slots

Casino jackpot. what games are played, how much do they gain

What is a jackpot and what is it like?

Let's figure it out first, what is it all about.

Usually the jackpot is called a super prize, which can be obtained from a certain game. Unknown, when the casino had the idea to reward players with such prizes, but the word "jackpot" itself has been known in England for at least 19 century.

What gives the jackpot? Its amount is much more than those rates, which are made specifically for this game. It is paid out of those deductions, which the gambling establishment makes with every dollar it receives.

for example:

  • At the poker table during the week there were 500 games.
  • Суммарно казино получило $100 000.
  • 5% of this amount is deposited on the jackpot.
  • Player, who is lucky, сможет унести домой $5 000, putting the usual $100 or $200.

I.e, the jackpot is a kind of "fund" of the institution, which is replenished from casino income.

There are two main types of jackpots.

Fixed small jackpot

It is often used on slot machines. Actually, the very essence of slot machines boils down to small jackpots. Most of them work like this:

  • You put 100 rubles and twist.
  • Will drop out 3 apples - get 200 rubles.
  • 3 orange - 500 rubles.
  • 3 banana - 1000 rubles.
  • 3 коктейля – 5 000 rubles.

If on the machine 3 drum with 5 different symbols, then the probability of getting any winning combination is 0.08%. Which means, What's on 100 spins the machine will work 100 x 100 = 10 000 рублей и выплатит суммарно 6 800, If everyone 4 combinations will play. This mathematics allows the organizer of this game to live well., but players also have a chance to really win.

For an online casino owner, the income is especially high, because maintenance costs are much less, a 100 players from different cities and countries can make bets in just half an hour or even faster.

However, that machine, which we gave as an example, is an average winning, since the maximum jackpot is x50 of the bet amount. But there are also more winning ones - for example, such, where for the falling of the three highest symbols the player receives the sum, multiplied by 100 or even 500 time.

Thus, the casino kills two birds with one stone - it encourages players to play more and bet large sums..

It's very insulting, if you got x500, when did you put 1 ruble instead of 100.

Accumulative big jackpot

This is just the one, for which the casino sets aside a portion of its income. The big jackpot has two main parameters:

  • Its size.
  • Conditions for obtaining.

The size grows with every new game. Often, the jackpot amount is written in large numbers above the entrance to the casino, over the gambling table or on the website. Ведь надпись «сегодня джекпот составляет $8 888» может привлечь больше клиентов, than any other ad.

Sometimes, if the conditions for receiving the jackpot are very difficult, it can grow to completely exorbitant levels. There have been cases in the history of casinos, when for several years the jackpot reached a million dollars or more.

true, in such situations, the casino usually decides, that it is completely irrational to pay such an amount into one person, so instead, smaller jackpots are drawn with simplified conditions for obtaining. А накопленный миллион используется именно как призовой фонд.

As for the conditions for getting a big jackpot, then the casino decides for itself, in what cases it will be paid. For poker games, these can be different rare combinations of cards, which should be involved. for example, the so-called "royal flush" (5 cards from ace to ten, thrown out at once). If the player has thrown such a combination and won, then can count on the jackpot.

In the case of slot machines, the jackpot condition is usually:

  • Losing a line of the rarest symbols.
  • Super game win, which opens as a reward for the previous win.

Frequent daily, weekly or monthly jackpot drawings. In this case, a list of all players is compiled, who have thrown out the required combination or won the super game during this time, and among them the jackpot is drawn. Usually the choice is made by a random number generator.

In general, winning the jackpot is quite realistic for any player.. It happens, that a man picks a big jackpot, the only time in his life who entered a casino and bet very little money. for example, in 2003 year in Las Vegas, one man played with a slot machine for only $100, and won already 40 million.

Of course, luck chooses who it wants. However, there are some principles, which maximize the chance of, that the jackpot will fall out for you.

Do I need to choose "hot" jackpot slots?

Is it true or not, you can't say for sure. One side, the chances of winning must be equal regardless of whether, what amount has accumulated, and how long did the slot machine not pay. After all, a random number generator is used, which does not take into account past events. I.e, he shouldn't care, that the jackpot fell a day ago, week or six months.

On the other hand, there is a programmer interview, who says the opposite. The interview was published on the well-known resource Big Win Board., for which some false statements have not been noticed. Programmer's name is not specified, but it says, that he works for a major developer. We wrote about this here.

On this topic Creation of branded slots. Interview with the director of Blueprint Gaming

Let's admit, amount accumulates from $10,000. The developer has programmed the slot like this, to hit the jackpot before reaching this amount, it was possible with a probability 1 of 10,000. And after that, how the sum reaches the mark in $100,000, the probability of winning increases to 1 of 1,000. When the jackpot rises to $200,000, chances will be 1 of 100. Then, let's say half a million, chances increase to 1 of 10.

Unfortunately, We do not know, what developer does this programmer work for and is this method practiced by everyone, or this exception, and not the norm. But anyway, search for "hot" slots, which seemed like useless advice before, makes sense.

It turns out, that in this way the developer can control, what winnings do they mainly want to see. Its useful to note, which at least for some jackpots from Red Tiger Gaming, this system of changing probabilities is true.

Limit Jackpots from Red Tiger Gaming

There are progressive jackpots, which differ significantly from those, to which we are used to. Red Tiger Gaming recently came up with Must Drop jackpots. They are connected to all slots of this developer, but still available in a limited number of casinos. More about it here.

Must Drop series includes: Daily, Must Go and King Jackpots. Which one will get a specific player, solved randomly. The uniqueness of two of them is, that they have their own limits on the amount or time. Must Go jackpot is guaranteed to pay out before, how will the amount reach 2,000 pounds. The Daily Jackpot is guaranteed to pay out within 24 hours. A certain time is set in the casino, eg 18:00, and whatever the amount, it will be ripped off before that moment.

If all progressive jackpots are set the same, as one of the programmers mentions in an interview with the Big Win Board, then the logic should be like this: wait until the jackpot amount grows, and only then start to put. But it doesn't have to be. There are many examples of refutation., when progressive jackpots hit almost immediately. The next day, in one day. While on average it takes several months.

Way 1: Avatar how to get the jackpot

To get the long-awaited prize, others give you special cheat codes. I'll tell you honestly, – more than half of these programs have viruses. So it's better to use proven methods. Today it is likely, but you need to place the chips at least 10. Starting to play the Wheel of Fortune, click on the "Spin" button. The wheel will turn instantly at first, and then slowly slows down its own course. At this time, you need to press the space bar. Fundamentally!!! Do not let go of the space until that moment, when the arrow is as close as possible to the Jackpot sector. Now you need to quickly release the button. Seasoned players declare, that dexterity and dexterity are needed here, since it's hard enough to let go of the space just right. For this reason, it is best to practice well in advance., before you can get the total. Still, playing is curious and without a win.


It is important to understand, that the total amount of money distributed (all, что идет в призовой фонд + jackpot) всегда составляет 50% от сборов. I.e, чем больше денег направляется в джекпот, the less remains for regular winnings

Moreover, организаторы сейчас не уведомляют игроков, what amount, based on the results of each draw, уходит в джекпот. Previously, this information was open and published in circulation tables. Currently, the jackpot size appears only in advertising.

If desired, of course, можно просчитать, how much goes to the jackpot each time. for example, in circulation № 1194 from the total prize pool, which made 71,9 million rubles, third part or 22 million, was withdrawn for these purposes. Or, to put it another way: in the same draw for the payment of prizes went ~ 35% from proceeds, ~ 15% went to the jackpot, 45% went to the organizer and 5% the state.

Considering, that in the lottery "Russian Lotto" the vast majority of the prize fund is spent on small amounts, значительное его снижение (to accumulate the next jackpot) greatly reduces the opportunities for an interesting distribution of prizes. In the end, only one person gets the super prize, yes and that, every few years. And most of the other winners get ridiculous 110-150 rubles.

506 million, которые неизвестный счастливчик выиграл в тираже №1204 больше похоже на рекламную компанию самой лотереи. But, не очень удачную: since the organizers do not seek to prove, that big winners are real (and not only in the messages of the press service) then another record win on the contrary, makes people doubt, that the rally itself was fair, а большие деньги достались случайному человеку.

Chances of Winning

In the wheel 26 sectors, of them:

20 - silver (from 35 to 375) - chance 77%2 — 1 chip - 8%1 - jackpot - 4%1 — 4 gold - 4%1 - multiplying the bank by 2 — 4%1 - multiplying the bank by 3 — 4%

As seen from the statistics, the chance to win silver on the first game is 77%, 1 chip and multiplication of money - 8 %, jackpot and gold - 4%, easy to conclude, what a chance to win the jackpot 1 to 25, that is, on average you need to play 25 time, to hit the jackpot. After the first game, it is more profitable to withdraw the winnings and play again, since in the second game the chance of the "Bankrupt" sector is 19%, although it makes sense to play, if on the first move you got a multiplication sector, which won't multiply the zero bank, and, eg, if you got silver, but you don't need it at all.

What are the jackpots in online casinos??

Some people call the jackpot the largest possible win. To be precise, then this is the definition of a fixed jackpot. That is, the maximum limit, which can be seen in the paytable. Its meaning never changes, so it is called fixed.

However, this term mostly refers to a cumulative / progressive jackpot in a casino.. Its value is constantly growing due to the players' bets. Part of the amount, which players spend, accumulates and eventually turns out to be small, medium or gigantic prize pool. It keeps on growing, until someone rips it off.

Recently, however, another category of online casino progressive jackpots has emerged - guaranteed. They have their maximum, upon reaching which they will definitely be disrupted. Nonetheless, there is a chance to win them throughout the entire period, just as we approach the limit, the chances of the players increase.

for example, Red Tiger Gaming Launched Three Jackpots Last Year, two of which are guaranteed: Daily Drop и Must Drop. The first must be ripped off within 24 hours, before the set time. And the second is guaranteed to be paid when the value in 2,000 euros.

Who won the mega jackpots at the online casino?

Usually, when it comes to million dollar jackpots, winners are not inclined to shine in public. Sudden wealth is reluctant to flaunt. So that, usually, the most we know is the winner's country, his nickname in the casino, when and where the prize was foiled.

But there are exceptions. Or players don't try to hide from publicity, or online casinos set such rules, on which they reserve the right to publish your data on large wins. Anyway, we know the names of some lucky ones.

Who won the Mega Moolah Mega at the online casino?

Dozens of lucky people became millionaires - these are just those of them, who won the mega jackpot, which starts to grow from 1,000,000 dollars. But the names of only a few we know. One of the largest prizes in the history of online casinos was won by British soldier Jonathan Haywood at 2015 year. He got a little over 13.2 million pounds. At that time he was 26 years.

10 million NZD won by Rawiri Pou from Matamata in New Zealand. This exotic place is remarkable not only for, that its resident won a big jackpot. The main attraction is the Hobbits Village, which starred the Lord of the Rings.

Marcus Goodwin from Canada won the jackpot at 2016 at one of the Microgaming casinos. The amount was 11.6 million Canadian dollars. The name of another winner is also known - John Orchard from Great Britain, who got 5.88 million pounds in 2012 year.

How to win a casino jackpot?

First you need . After all, if the company is fraudulent, then the win will simply not be paid, even if he will.

Well, then you need to keep in mind the following.

1. It is worth looking for establishments, offering great, but not outrageous jackpots. After all, the more zeros to the right in the jackpot amount, the more zeros to the left in the probability of winning it.

Also, if no one can hit the giant jackpot for several years, it is extremely unlikely, that you can do it

You better pay attention to those establishments, who regularly “zero” the jackpot amount, when someone wins it. Better, if they post lists of winners


It is equally important to carefully read the rules for receiving the jackpot. maybe, for this you need to play on certain machines or in specific games

And it also happens, what about specific rates.

By the way, Super game, winning which allows you to claim the jackpot, may not fall out at all, if the player makes small bets. Or the likelihood of playing it becomes less. Although this is not always the case, but experienced players advise those, who wants to hit the jackpot, put more.

3. If you play card games, some of them (the same poker) allow the player to form combinations of cards himself. Including, and such, which guarantee the jackpot or at least the chance of getting it.

I.e, playing poker and similar games, you can independently influence those events, which can lead to the coveted jackpot. While slot machines completely exclude this possibility.

4. Usually only those players can claim the jackpot, who made a bet out of their own money, not virtual and not bonus. Modern bonus systems are sometimes very complex, so this question will need to be thoroughly studied.

What to do, if you hit the jackpot?

Seemingly, if this happened, then all difficulties are over and the time of happiness has come.

However, the experience of many lucky ones shows, that not everything is so rosy. And sometimes the difficulties just begin from this moment.

At first, you still need to get your jackpot. If the casino is reliable, that's it, of course, will not spoil his reputation and block the player's account instead, to send him a win. However, there are a few more nuances..

To receive a large amount, you need to go through verification

I.e, submit your documents.
Withdrawal of large amounts can be made in parts, so it will stretch for a while.
It is important to understand in advance, how and where the casino will transfer money and what will be indicated in the payment purpose. Otherwise, you may face blocking of bank accounts..

And secondly, the jackpot must be properly disposed of. In man, which is pre-configured to receive it, more chances to use a big jackpot correctly. After all, he already managed to think, what will he spend it on. But for those, who accidentally sat down to play a couple of games and suddenly won several million, this is a real shock.

Not recommended:

  • Play further. After all, you can lose any amount, but getting the second jackpot is almost certainly not.
  • Spend large amounts of money on entertainment.
  • Invest them in unverified financial projects.

Instead, it is desirable:

  • Put all your money in a safe bank, but rather a few.
  • Spend a part on the acquisition of reliable assets (eg, the property).
  • Register the rest of the amount as a deposit and define withdrawal limits.

Practice shows, that many lucky ones, jackpot winners, squandered it quickly and pointlessly enough. That is why it is advisable to immediately think over, how will the money be spent, to do it correctly.

After all, only in this case it makes sense to start your "hunt for the jackpot".

How to return tokens on the wheel of luck in Avatar

Each game has its own secret, tricks and subtleties, so many players fail to win. It only brings pain and disappointment. You have lost chips once again? In this case, do not despair. Wait for the "game paused" sign and do not press any buttons. After that, you need to re-enter the Avatar and make sure that, that we managed to get all the chips back.

The information received needs to be studied well. Not everyone can get the main prize the first time. The secret lies in persistence and skill. So don't be upset, if you fail to win the Jackpot the first time in the most popular game Avataria.

More ingenuity will be needed for those, who loses chips on the Wheel of Fortune. When will it happen next time, sit and do nothing. No need to press any buttons, but just expect, when the "Game paused" board appears on the screen. Now you can re-enter Avatar and make sure that, that your own chips remained intact.

Principles of jackpot drawing

Throughout the history of Russian Lotto, the jackpot was determined by two principles, which are quite similar, but the probability of success in them varies greatly. You will hardly find this information in the rules of the game on the Stoloto website, however, it is contained in the order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation from 19 August 2016 r. № 982 "On approval of the conditions of five drawing all-Russian state lotteries in support of the development of physical culture and sports". The document was signed by the former Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko.

In particular, in the section "Conditions of the fourth drawing all-Russian state lottery in support of the development of physical culture and sports", two algorithms for drawing a jackpot are given. This is stated in paragraph 14.21 section.

Algorithm # 1

Jackpot get those tickets, in which 15 numbers from 30 in two playing fields coincide with all fifteen dropped kegs for the first 15 moves.

In this case, the probability of winning is 1 chance of almost 23 quadrillion, that is, insignificant 4,37-15%.

Algorithm # 2

Win tickets, in which, on the move determined by the operator, the numbers dropped during the drawing coincide 15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket.

In this case, the probability can increase significantly, but for a single lottery participant it will still remain insignificant - 1 chance out 295 232 118, it is approximately 3,4-7%.

Lottery organizers change these two ways from draw to draw at their discretion. Since the first way to win the jackpot in the "Russian Lotto" is almost impossible, then this one is used rather to accumulate a large prize size. Then the second method comes into force - then the super prize can already find its owner.

Before, how in 2016 the second principle appeared, hitting the jackpot didn't work for several years, since the mathematics simply did not allow it. After the introduction of the second principle, they began to receive super prizes much more often.

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