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Playing system games

System games allow you to cover everything numeric combinations within a certain range. For, to play the system game, you need to choose eight or more numbers and play any possible combination of them in the lottery. This is a good way to increase your chances of winning., however it is worth remembering, what do you need to pay for each line played, so if you are playing system game, which generates 100 lines, you will need to pay for everything 100 tickets.

Cm. System games page, for more information on how, how system games work.

Participation in joint banks

Joint banks are a combination of system games and syndicates. You pool your money with other players, like a syndicate, and use funds, to pay for a certain number of system games. The cost of playing in a joint bank depends on, which system do you choose. The more lines you play, the higher the cost. As in the union, all prize money is divided among the members of the joint bank, however you can invest more, to get higher winnings.

Eurojackpot lottery («Eurojackpot»)

Member countries: Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia.

Online ticket sales: NOT carried out, but a legal form of playing this lottery is possible.

How to buy tickets: be a citizen of one of the countries participating in the lottery, or be on the territory of these countries legally. An alternative way of playing is possible.

Age of participants: in Estonia – from 16 years, in the rest of the participating countries – from 18 years.

Minimum jackpot: 10 000 000 euros.

Current jackpot (clickable banner):

Maximum jackpot: 90 000 000 euros.

Max Jackpot Drawn: 90 000 000 euros.

Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 95 344 200.

Probability of winning any prize: 1 to 26.

Winnings tax: paid by the winner according to the laws of that country, where the ticket was purchased.

Drawing: held once a week, on Fridays.

Eurojackpot lottery rules («Eurojackpot»):

two reels fall out 5 and 2 ball respectively. The first reel contains balls, numbered from 1 to 50 inclusive, in the second – from 1 to 10. Balls from the second reel are called "Eurostars". To win the main prize – jackpot – need to guess 5 balls and 2 "Eurostars".

Winnings distribution table «Eurojackpot»As a percentage of the prize fund (the probability of winning is shown in brackets):

  • 7,8% – guessed 1 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 128);
  • 19,1% – guessed 2 ball and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 42);
  • 3,1% – guessed 2 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 672);
  • 4,3% – guessed 3 event (1 to 344);
  • 3% – guessed 3 ball and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 602);
  • 0,6% – guessed 3 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 9 631);
  • 0,7% – guessed 4 event (1 to 15 134);
  • 0,9% – guessed 4 ball and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 26 485);
  • 1% – guessed 4 ball and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 423 752);
  • 3% – guessed 5 balls (1 to 3 405 150);
  • 8,5% – guessed 5 balls and 1 "Eurostar" (1 to 5 959 013);
  • 36% – jackpot, guessed 5 balls and 2 "Eurostars" (1 to 95 344 200).

History reference: the Eurojackpot lottery was created largely thanks to and partly in opposition to the EuroMillions lottery. An example of the latter clearly showed, that players from several countries allow more tickets to be sold and guarantee a much larger grand prize, rather than local lotteries of a particular country. Therefore, after a cycle of meetings and agreements, potential participating countries, which took several years, in March 2012 of the year passed the first lottery draw. At this point, the drawing took place only in 7 countries: Germany, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland and Estonia. And literally two weeks later, Italy joined the drawing.

Initially, the lottery used, as it is today, 50 main balls, of which dropped out during the draw 5, but the "euro stars" was 8. And for the jackpot the rule was: he could grow no more 12 draws in a row. If none of the players managed to guess the jackpot, then it was distributed among those, who guessed 5 balls and 1 "Eurostar".

In February 2013 of the year Iceland joins Eurojackpot, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Croatia. And then the limitation on the number of jackpot transitions from one draw to another was removed, instead, a limit was introduced on the amount of the jackpot in the amount of 90 million euros. In this case, the jackpot remains at the top mark as desired number of draws exactly until, until it is played. All additional funds, collected from ticket sales, are no longer directed to the formation of the jackpot, and to increase the prize pool of the next level, when guessed 5 balls and 1 "Eurostar". The winning fund of this level will grow until (of course, on condition, that the jackpot will not be drawn), until the amount is 90 million euros. In this case, additional funds will be directed to the formation of a fund for those, who will only guess 5 balls. The filling ceiling of this fund – The same 90 million. In this case, the fund will increase for those, who will guess 4 ball and 2 "Eurostars". Etc.

Join a syndicate

Joining a syndicate, you pool your resources with other players and get your share of multiple lines of lottery numbers. All prizes won are shared among the syndicate members. By joining a syndicate, you increase your chances of winning without having to spend more money. Some syndicates allow you to buy multiple shares, which means, that you have the opportunity to deposit more money and get the most of your winnings.

Lottery syndicates, usually, organized with friends, family members or co-workers, however joining an online syndicate removes the inconvenience of starting your own syndicate. By choosing, how many shares can you buy, and for how many weeks do you want to play, you can become part of an online syndicate and increase your chances of winning the Vikinglotto jackpot.

Types of fraudulent messages

You should be aware of several types of fraudulent messages. They include:


Fraudsters may send phishing emails asking you to click on the link provided. This link is used to redirect you to a malicious site, who may collect personal data and information. Before, how to follow any links, make sure, that the email is genuine.

Mobile phone

You can get a text message stating, that you won a prize, since your number was randomly selected as the winning number. There are no such promotions., and the Vikinglotto suppliers will never text you about them. Don't follow the links, indicated in suspicious text messages.


Scammers sometimes pretend to be lottery officials over the phone. They will ask you to provide bank details and personal information, to send you a prize. Never give this kind of information to strangers over the phone..

Social networks

The rise of social media has sparked a new type of fraud, according to which you receive a message via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or other social network, which says, what are the lottery winners. Always remember, that it is impossible to play Vikinglotto through social networks, and you will never be notified of your winnings through the social network. You can play only by purchasing a ticket at an official point of sale or online using an authorized lottery concierge service.


In case of fraud by mail, you will receive a letter, which will report on winning the lottery. Letter, perhaps, will not be addressed to you personally, and the circulation will be "Dear Winner", Is a clear sign that, that the letter is not authentic. The letter may be misspelled or may not look official.

What you should pay attention to

Lottery scam messages are very easy to spot, If you know, what to fear. Follow these simple steps, to determine, whether the email is genuine or fraudulent.

  • Scammers often claim, that you must refer to them within a certain time, to get a prize. This is done in order, to pressure you and force you to provide them with your data before, how do you seek advice or carefully consider your decision.
  • If you are asked to keep your winnings secret, this is another sign of, that everything is too good, to be true. Scammers will do it, to not let you tell anyone else about your win, who can recognize deception.
  • Letters, sent to you by scammers by regular or e-mail, often full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This could be a sign, that English is a foreign language of the senders; in official letters such inaccuracies are unlikely.

What to do, if you receive a fraudulent message regarding Vikinglotto

If you receive a fraudulent message or phone call or suspect, what became the target of scammers, you should follow these steps.

  • Do not under any circumstances send money to those, who contacted you.
  • Do not open any attachments or follow the links in the letter, which you think is fraudulent.
  • Don't communicate with the sender of the message at all.
  • Do not disclose any personal or financial information and make sure, that you keep all personal data with you.
  • If you have already sent personal or financial data to the sender, inform the bank as soon as possible.
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