Rules of the game "Russian Lotto"

How to play Russian Lotto - the composition of the rules and strategies for playing Russian lotto

Analysis of the growth of the global lottery market

The share of the global online gambling market is growing

Even if not at the fastest pace, but stable, what is not less important. According to WLA data, overall growth from lottery ticket sales (online- and offline lotteries) worldwide in the first quarter of 2017 was 0.9 percent in comparison with data for the same period of 2016

According to WLA data in the first quarter of 2017:

  • lottery ticket sales in Africa increased by 9.4 percent;
  • lottery ticket sales in Asia increased by 5.4 percent;
  • sales of lottery tickets in Europe decreased 0.9 percent;
  • lottery ticket sales in Latin America increased by 5.8 percent;
  • lottery ticket sales in North America declined 7.2 percent.

These figures reflect both the growth of the lottery industry in some regions, and a decrease in lottery activity in other: North America and Europe experienced relative declines in lottery sales, while markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America continued their gradual development. The above information can be extremely useful for organizing the work of an online casino, as well as for competent provision of the most popular and relevant services within the online casino.

General requirements for the lottery

The main requirement: at least half of the proceeds from ticket sales must go to the prize fund. If your equipment cannot meet this requirement for the draw, this technique cannot be used. The rest of the funds are distributed as follows:

  • 6-8% - payment for printing tickets by typographic method;
  • 10% - charity;
  • near 25% - salary for ticket distributors

The remaining part is paid for office rent, employee salaries and other overhead costs.
To reduce the cost of holding the draws, an entrepreneur may not buy lottery equipment (technical devices, with the help of which winning combinations of elements are generated). Instead, you can find the lottery operator. These companies have the necessary devices, which have been verified by regulatory authorities and found suitable for holding lotteries. In this case, you only sell tickets and give out prizes. When choosing such a scheme of work, keep in mind: both partners must obtain a license: and operator, and lottery organizer.

Is it legal to create a lottery

The organization of such a business in our country is regulated by law. According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, an agreement is concluded between the organizers and the participants of the games. In the case of lotteries, confirmation of this fact of the contract will be the issuance of a lottery ticket or receipt. Another way of contract is possible, statutory.

Until the casino was banned, lotteries weren't that popular. They, certainly, are related to gambling, the demand for which in our country is invariably high. Although the installation of slot machines is prohibited by law, many want to try their luck. Lotteries satisfy this demand and give you the opportunity to try your luck.

Small business is competing with the All-Russian Games with a huge prize pool. At the same time, many people choose games, which go faster, sometimes - instantly. There are companies, which hold several draws a day. it, undoubtedly, adds attractiveness to their lotteries.

Business benefits of selling tickets

Any person can become a distributor, having entered into an agreement with the lottery operator for the sale of tickets or receipts. He can accept bets from the participants of the promotion, pay off, transfer or grant them a prize. So, such large companies are among the distributors today, like "Magnet", "Russian Post", Yandex.Money and many others. An aspiring entrepreneur can join them. To become a distributor, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with one of the lottery operators. For example, today the company JSC “Trading House "Stoloto" invites you to join its affiliate program.

According to the information, posted on the official website of the organization, from cooperation with “The chair” you can get benefits:

  • Growth in revenue - customers will buy tickets, contributing income to the company's cashier
  • The influx of regular customers - as a rule, man, who bought a ticket for good luck, returns again, driven by passion
  • Low cost - no warehouses or storage space needed to sell tickets, special equipment for their printing is very compact
  • High percentage of remuneration

Of course, selling lottery tickets alone is not profitable, but if you combine their sales with the sale of clothing, shoes or other goods (services), entrepreneur's income will only grow.

Step-by-step launch plan for electronic lottery

Obtaining a license to run an electronic lottery does not differ from the registration of a traditional lottery. Differences begin later: you don't need to print tickets, look for ways to spread them, etc.. The main expenses will be the cost of purchasing equipment - lottery terminals, each of which costs about one hundred thousand rubles.

They should be placed in places, where is your audience going. for example, in the bookmaker's office and other places, which will also need to obtain permits.

It is most convenient to buy terminals from lottery operators: their equipment has been tested, and they themselves have the necessary licenses. You, as an organizer, it will be more profitable to work with operators, instead of, to pay more for lottery generators and conduct lotteries on your own.

The difference between the terminal and the slot machine is, that through the first there is information, selling tickets and issuing small prizes. The second - special equipment for gambling.

When organizing electronic lotteries, there is no need to post the results of the draw in the media - the player can find out the results of the draw on his own through the same terminal. This way of organizing lotteries is much easier and requires less investment..

The main investment will be required to buy lottery terminals, their service, and payment of a rental space. E-ticket is cheaper than traditional, but its cost is several times lower.

Low number of players per game can be a problem. So far, electronic lotteries are not so popular, like traditional drawing draws, but such a business is also profitable. But with a successful combination of circumstances, the amount of profit from the electronic lottery may be slightly less 50% of the total price of tickets sold.

registration. List of documents

To make your lottery, start working and making money in this business, you must first register as a legal entity with the tax authority. This must be done in the Russian Federation., since the law does not allow foreign firms to engage in this type of activity on the territory of Russia.

Legislation cares about, so that in case of a win, a person can receive a prize throughout the country, regardless of the player's place of residence or ticket purchase. This issue is resolved using electronic systems.. Starting a lottery business, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of working throughout the country. The license to hold the lottery is issued to legal entities, who provided:

  1. Receipt for payment of state duty (6 000 rub.).
  2. A notarized copy of the Articles of Association of the organization.
  3. A certificate from the tax office about the absence of delays in the payment of mandatory taxes and fees (debts).
  4. Balance sheet for the last reporting period.
  5. Application for permission to organize a lottery.
  6. Conditions of its conduct.
  7. The procedure for dividing the proceeds during the game as a percentage.
  8. Feasibility study (feasibility study), which indicates the sources of funding and the calculation of the estimated profit.
  9. Description of the procedure for reporting the number of lottery tickets (sold / unsold), return, storage, disposal or the possibility of their reuse.
  10. Regulation, by which lottery tickets will be identified.
  11. Image of a ticket prepared for printing with the requirements for protection against counterfeiting described in a separate document and the presentation of the security elements on it (degrees "B").
  12. Document, describing lottery equipment, its technical parameters.
  13. Conditions for issuing prizes, rules for storing unreleased winnings.

The package of documents is quite extensive. Therefore, it is more advisable to seek help with registration in special firms, who know all the intricacies of obtaining licenses for this type of activity. The cost of processing all the necessary documents can reach several hundred thousand rubles. It will depend on the format of the lotteries, which you plan to conduct.

You also need to consider, what with 2014 licenses for holding incentive lotteries are not issued for a year. it, in fact, events to promote goods on the market, not a game in the full sense of the word: the right to participate in them is not related to the purchase of a ticket, and the prize fund is formed from the organizer's funds.

The state is not interested in the development of this niche of small business and often makes changes to legislation. For the correct paperwork and in order to be able to resolve legal problems, it is reasonable to hire a legal consultant on the staff. Organizing lotteries is a tricky business, and it would be better to insure in advance and foresee possible risks, including legal.

Investments and profit

To hold a small-scale lottery, you will need at least a million rubles. Consider the cost structure in the table:

Prize fund Cost of one ticket Circulation Profit from ticket sales
2 500 000 rub. 50 rub. 100 000 PC. 5 000 000

This table does not include advertising costs, payment for the partner-operator, because in each case they will be different. So, the most expensive advertising is on television, and, if you decide to hold a draw on live TV, even on a local TV channel in a small town, be prepared for significant spending.

It will take a beginner about two months to prepare a lottery of this level.. With the acquisition of experience, the period will be reduced to a month.

You also need to take into account that, that a certain number of tickets may not be sold out. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses, therefore it may be necessary to increase the prize pool.

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