Top 7 lotteries in russia where you can really win big money

Top 5 most winning lotteries in russia according to player reviews

The most profitable lotteries in Russia, CIS countries and in the world

The most common, the following are considered popular and profitable lotteries in the Russian Federation:

1. The slogan, which in turn is divided into three types of lotteries:

Benefits of the game: high profitability, quick payback, significant reserve fund, stability of payments over 7 years, 24/7 support. Why put off until tomorrow, what can you earn today?

1.1 Gosloto "5 out of 36";

1.2 Gosloto "6 out of 45";

1.3 Gosloto "7 out of 49";

2. Keno sports;

3. Russian Lotto;

4. Golden Key Lottery;

5. Sportloto 6 of 49.

Each of the above lotteries throughout their existence has allowed people to receive well-deserved prizes in the amount of several million rubles. Also, huge amounts of jackpots accumulate in these lotteries every year, which are played out in distributions.

Одними из наиболее распространенных иностранных лотерей считаются следующие:

  1. Euro Jackpot;
  2. New York Lotto;
  3. Euro Millions;
  4. Mega Millions.

Partly, every state lottery abroad collects huge amounts of winnings annually. Keep in mind, that you get the opportunity to win right now 74 000 000 euros, by taking part in the La Primitiva lottery, которая проводится в Испании. On 2017 year you can hit the jackpot without leaving home, by joining the lotteries online.

Remind, что компания, which we already met at the beginning of the article - this is the most popular Internet service, which allows everyone to bet on results of draws of popular lotteries, which are held all over the planet.

Euro Millions runs its prize draws exclusively on the fifth day of the week – friday. People from such countries take part in this project, like Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and of course the USA. The winning amount is based on the rates, which were made in each of the above countries, а супер-приз стартует от 15 000 000 euros.

If this Friday the jackpot has not found its lucky owner, then it must be played next Friday. The largest winning amount is the amount in 115 000 000 euros, and the largest jackpot amount is 183 000 000 euros. That is why the Euro Millions lottery is one of the most popular lotteries around the planet Earth..

Is it realistic to win the lotto?

The sale of tickets and the holding of draws is strictly regulated by the current legislation of Russia. For this reason, citizens can fully trust the accredited draw organizers.. В какую лотерею really win in Russia? This topical question is asked by many citizens of the Russian Federation.

STOLOTO is a Russian company, which is the official distributor of state lotteries on the territory of the Russian Federation. She spends 16 various draws, which allows you to choose one or more options. The most popular among the population are "GOSLOTO" and "Russian Lotto". Game cards can be purchased on the STOLOTO website, in post offices of the Russian Federation and other points.

Many Russian citizens are sure, what are the great chances of winning in Gosloto lottery 4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45, "Russian Lotto", "Housing lottery", "Golden Horseshoe" and "KENO-Sportloto". At the same time, jackpots can reach record sizes.

The possibility of winning a large amount is evidenced by the facts of some draws. Who really won the lottery? Можно выделить три самых крупных выигрыша:

  1. 506 000 000 – сумма джек-пота «Русское лото». It was won by a native of the Voronezh region.
  2. 364 million. - a resident of Sochi purchased a ticket for Gosloto 6 from 45 "for seven hundred rubles, and received several hundred million in 2017 year.
  3. 358 million. - in 2016 year such a prize was received by a resident of Novosibirsk for participation in "Gosloto 6 of 45 ".

In which lotteries can be won? There are seven types of lottery tickets, which are recommended to purchase to receive the desired prize.

What type of lottery is better to choose?

Lotteries may differ in the way they are conducted. On this basis, there are two types:

  1. Draw lottery - the prize fund is drawn between all participants, and the game is played at a time after the sale of lottery tickets for a specific date and time. According to Russian law, during the drawing, only one piece of equipment may be used to determine the winning combination of numbers or symbols - in order to avoid fraud.
  2. Silent lottery (instant) - information for determining the prize is included in the tickets at the time of their creation. You can find out the result immediately after purchasing a game card, removing the protective cover, under which there are hidden characters. Their combination determines the absence or presence of a win, and also its size.

The lottery gives you the opportunity to try your luck and get rich, spending some money on a ticket

When choosing a type, some features should be taken into account.:

  • Draw lotteries often have a larger prize pool. Usually, the participant has the opportunity to independently choose a combination, which, in his opinion, will be victorious. In this case, you will have to wait for the drawing.
  • Winnings are less in sweepstakes lotteries, but, according to statistics, win them more often. Another advantage - the result can be found instantly.
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