The most winning lotteries in russia (list, statistics 2018-2019 of the year, player reviews)

The most winning lotteries in russia (list, statistics 2018-2019 of the year, player reviews)

Fair lotteries in Russia: list and short description of the most profitable

To the list of the best state jokes, allowing you to play legally and without fear, and also win large amounts of funds, are included:

  • The slogan 6 of 45 - the most famous and typical digital lottery. Correct prediction of the dropped balls in it allows you to hope for multi-million dollar winnings. Draws are held daily (in the morning and in the evening).

The cost of filling one combination of 6 digits - 100 rubles. Total can be marked up to 13 digits, but it will cost a pretty penny, depending on the number of combinations.

The winnings are distributed as follows: 100 everyone gets back, who guessed 2 figures; 18% from the fund - they, who guessed 3; 8% - for 4; 16% - for 5; 58% - for the lucky ones, guess all six digits, dropped from the lottery drum.

The minimum payout of the main winner is always 10 millions, but can reach sums with more zeros. This fact allows Gosloto 6 of 45 regularly take the best places in the rating lotteries for winnings in Russia.

The Housing Lottery - Its Unique Draws, along with cash prizes, they also distribute good real estate in the form of apartments and country cottages.

The jackpot grows from circulation to circulation, if the lucky one does not appear. The minimum possible win for the main winner is 3 million rubles.

Draws for tickets with two fields of numbers are held weekly on Sundays. The ticket holder will receive the main prize, in which after the first moves coincide 10 digits of any of the lines.

Bingo-75 - another draw version with draws on Sundays (13:30 MSC). Ticket - an automatically generated set of 24 digits ranging from 1 to 75.

During the rally there is 72 course. Get the minimum prize in 300 rubles you can, if before the 28th move all the corner numbers of the blank coincide with the dropped out. The player gets the jackpot, in whose ticket, before the 46th move, all the numbers will coincide with the winning balls of the lottery drum.

Russian lotto is one of the old-timers in this field. Many fans of gambling consider this option to be the most profitable., honest, transparent and interesting.

There are two fields with numbers from 1 to 90. All of them are generated automatically. Several rounds are possible during the drawing. In the first, those win, who will mark any one horizontal line faster than others; in the second - who will match 15 digits of any of the fields.

Important: the jackpot gets the one, who has such a scenario (15 field digits are marked) will happen on 15 running. If this does not happen, possible subsequent rounds, in which those win, who will mark all 30 numbers

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