Which lottery is better to play

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Types and features of winning lotteries - how to win a lot

There are many types of lotteries: it is very easy for a beginner to get confused by this variety. Basic advice all beginners - to play better in the most popular and large-scale lotteries, best of all domestic.

  • At first, in the most popular lotteries, usually, very solid jackpot;
  • Secondly, in case of winning in the domestic lottery, you will not need to travel too far to get honestly earned money.

Let's warn you right away, that lotteries have no special secrets. So if you are offered some super-systems for money, wonderful strategies, you, likely, just "bred". You shouldn't spend your finances on purchasing miracle techniques, better to buy an extra ticket.

There are several types of lotteries:

1) Instant lotteries

This is the simplest type of lottery. You need to erase the closed field on the purchased ticket: you will find out about the win immediately after the process of removing the scratch layer. Some instant lotteries have a different principle: you just rip off part of the ticket, and then unfold it. Small winnings can be claimed at the point of purchase, a large "jackpot" requires contacting the organizers directly.

2) Draw lotteries

This is the most popular and demanded type of lottery. Draws are divided, in its turn, still on 2 varieties.

The first option involves self-selection of numbers, the second is a ready-made ticket, having a unique number. The most popular are those lotteries, in which the player chooses the numbers himself.

There are also local lotteries: Promotions, quiz, advertising draws.

Usually, these are one-time events, conducted by the organizers for commercial purposes.

Usually, non-cash prizes are drawn in such promotions., and goods. Experienced players advise not to neglect such events - sometimes the probability of winning in them is quite high due to the limited number of participants.

Another thing, that not everyone in the household can use a coffee grinder or clothes dryer, but, eg, a car or laptop is unlikely to be superfluous.

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