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Conclusion about the bonus program

Stoloto company is one of the largest organizers and distributors of lotteries in Russia and the world. She has millions of clients throughout the Russian Federation and even abroad, as citizens of Ukraine can register on the website and buy lottery tickets, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and many other countries of the post-Soviet space.

Despite the scale of the activity and the absence of an urgent need to attract new customers with the help of bonuses and loyalty programs, the company pays great attention to encouraging not only potential, но и зарегистрированных пользователей. Бонусная программа у Столото налажена хорошо. Literally any user action, lottery-related, is rewarded

Points are accumulated even for those, who is not particularly interested in them. Convenient and then, that you don't need to make any special efforts to get a reward, just register and do something, what did you intend to do anyway - play the lottery.

In addition to the bonus program, the Stoloto company does not forget to regularly hold a variety of quizzes, practical jokes, shares, participation in which to bring customers not only pleasure, but also financial profit.

Considering the above, we can conclude, that the Stoloto organization is uniquely customer-oriented, she has a well thought-out bonus program, there is a Premium Club and many other "goodies" for old and new customers.

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