What foreign lotteries can Russians play?

Is it possible to play American lotteries online?

How and where to buy a ticket for world lotteries

Glory to the internet, thanks to which we are practically unlimited today. As mentioned above, there are a lot of sites of lottery monsters from all over the world and they are not blocked by Roskomnadzor.

You can do it easier, go independently to a country where lotteries are held or find an intermediary. And if the first option still brings at least positive emotions, even without a win, second, can scare off by unwillingness to pay and be deceived.

Despite the doubtfulness of the second option, there are conscientious people, who earn on mediation. This is their bread, there are specialized sites for searching, where to find an apron with a good reputation, but that's a topic for another article.

There is no way to personally advise a good mediator - I don't know such. But that doesn't mean, that they don't exist. If you know experienced international lottery players, you can ask them. I don't think, that they will see a competitor in you and begin to hide

If you do not want to risk and waste time looking for an intermediary, but I want to try my luck in drawing foreign prizes, you will have to buy a ticket on the intermediary's website.

Foreign lottery. General views.

Many of us checked our luck by buying a ticket and took part in any domestic lottery, eg: Sportloto or Gosloto. Few people are familiar with such a concept as Foreign lotteries., full list here http://ru.lottothrill.com. They are almost exactly the same, as in Russia, however, they are not held in our country, and on the territory of the organizing countries (USA, Australia, Europe).

They differ from domestic ones primarily in topics, that all such activities are enshrined in the relevant legislation and are under the full control of state structures. Accordingly, this guarantees absolute transparency and payments to the winners upon winning..

An important element of any foreign lottery, are the volumes of jackpots, which are superior to domestic options. for example, biggest Powerball win, made up $1 billion 586 million! All these factors, attract job seekers from all over the world, therefore they are also sometimes called the International Games.

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