What lotteries can you really win?

All about lotteries in russia: what are the chances of winning?

The largest lottery winnings in the history of their existence

It is very difficult to choose the best of the best in this case, since in the entire history of the existence of the drawings, unimaginable amounts have been won by hundreds of thousands of people. Since we know about the existence of such a term, like a jackpot, that means people exist, who received it.

so, Meet the owners of the biggest winners in the world:

1. Albert Begrakyan - until that moment, until he became rich he held the position of an ordinary security guard in a supermarket, brought up two daughters with his wife, systematically purchased lottery tickets. And so, at one point he became the proud owner of the Russian lottery "Gosloto 100 000 000 rubles.

2. Married couple Harold and Elaine Messner (New Jersey residents) bought your lucky lottery ticket by accident along with a bottle of wine, and shared their victory in the amount 390 000 000 US dollars with Ed Neighbors (a regular truck driver from Georgia), who also bought a ticket from a regular store. Такой финансовый успех этим трем счастливчикам подарил проект Mega Millions.

3. The Big Game lottery awards two players from the United States of America 363 000 000 US dollars. Moreover, one of the winners got his win by accident. Larry Ross was not a gambler, but once he wanted to taste a hot dog. The seller, in turn did not find change for hungry Larry. With a violent scandal, Larry had to purchase as much 98 lottery tickets, one of which brought him more 180 000 000 US dollars. This is the guy's luck, is not it?

4. Evgeny Sidorov - before 2009 of the year was an ordinary locksmith from Tekstilshchik, and now he owns 35 000 000 rubles. Before the victory, Evgeny spent monthly 2 000 rubles from your salary to purchase lottery tickets. And finally luck smiled at him. Eugene spent the money received on starting his own business, а также на покупку автомобиля. Молодец мужик, did everything wisely!

There are a lot of such cases - you can never list them all. Try winning combinations and you!


A little about the history of the appearance of the first lotteries

Also in 1466 year in Europe, the widow of the artist Eyck organized a massive lottery draw, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the death of her husband. All funds, who managed to help out, were intended for the needy residents of the city. Then a lottery was held in Holland, after which its mass character and popularity acquired a continental scale.

If ordinary people used tickets as a chance to improve their affairs at least a little, without thinking about, is it realistic to win the lottery, then the European monarchs saw in her a limitless method of enrichment, based on human weakness. This is a completely harmless way to withdraw money from the population..

Money, proceeds from playing the lottery, went for various purposes. In France, where the church has always been above the state, many churches and temples were built, so that people can ask the Almighty to send them good luck in the upcoming drawing, but in England the money went mainly to the construction and maintenance of seaports. About fifty colleges and universities were built in America, including the famous Yale and Harvard, more 300 schools. And in the capital of Australia - Sydney for money, proceeds from the lottery, the world famous opera house was built.

Advocate for that, to win a large sum of money in the lottery

Many of those, who plays the lottery, believe in the case and effectiveness of spells and various kinds of conspiracies, who can help you get a win. Do not be skeptical about such "unreal" ways to win, because a huge amount of literature and stories was devoted to this topic, which prove otherwise.

Such conspiracies are related to monetary rites., their main goal is:

  • turn luck towards the performer of the rite in question
  • attract luck and success in gambling

Important rules for the practical application of the considered rituals:

For any conspiracy, including monetary, you need to choose the most correct time, namely, the first week of the full moon (time, when the moon is "rising").
Believe that, what are you doing. No ritual will work, if you doubt it or do not believe it

Don't forget, that all our thoughts are material.
It is worth paying attention during the visualization money ceremony. You must learn to draw something in your mind, what do you want to get from a conspiracy or other magical ceremony for money.
You can't tell anyone about, what do you want to commit or have already committed this or that conspiracy

The secret of the rite is an important component of its effectiveness.

For those, who believes in such magic, but is afraid to use it, need to know, that in most cases, lottery conspiracies are white magic:

  • you wish no one harm
  • you don't take anything from anyone
  • do not use otherworldly forces

You can say, that there is a chance to win the lottery with conspiracies, moreover, it is completely safe. But even here it will not do without a "fly in the ointment". The fact, that not all people will agree with the harmlessness of these rituals:

  • some consider them simply ineffective, but at the same time they are sure that, that they do not carry any negative;
  • others are sure, that such a "call" for money will drastically affect the future fate of a person, because then, what he gets is not by fate, likely, will turn around, that they will take something from him in return.

What to believe and what theory to adhere to - you must decide for yourself, and if you nevertheless decide to turn to the conspiracy, and it will meet your expectations, it is advisable to donate at least part of the winnings to charity, thereby thanking fate for the opportunity to get what you want.

Magic rites for the lottery

  1. Conspiracy to win. This is one of the simplest rites., which must be done, no matter, what is the phase of the moon at the moment. To complete the ceremony, you will need several coins, which you will always need to carry in your pants or jacket pocket. Before, how to put coins in your pocket, need to say: "As the water flows to the shore, let the winnings go into my pocket ". Money, which will you speak, you can not spend under any circumstances. Better to speak to them at the time of buying a lottery ticket.
  2. Conspiracy on a bill. I need to take some bills, which you are going to spend on buying a lottery ticket, and speak over them: "I give one money - I get a lot in return". When will you give the money for the ticket, you will need to choose the first, which "falls" in your eyes.
  3. Lottery ticket conspiracy. It is better to buy a ticket when the moon rises., after which you need to conduct a magic ritual over him late at night. You will need a candle to perform the ritual. (green is a prerequisite). Light a candle, take a ticket, and you speak it: “Servant of God (own name) the bought ticket speaks. I ask for cash prize, holding a lottery ticket. Wealth, I attract success to myself, and I urge large bills into my hands. Amen".
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