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How to enter the Green Card Visa Lottery?

Applying for participation is quite easy and can be done online on the United States Green Card Office website. We can show you the most hassle-free way to apply in our step-by-step guide

Joining the DV Green Card Lottery with the help of a paid immigration services, such as ours, makes the process faster and painless.

Examine our comparison chart that clearly explain why it’s so important to use a professional immigration service when applying for a Green Card true the Diversity Visa Program.

Remember if your application is disqualified in the United States DV Lottery, you will have to wait for the next year before you can try again. Therefor you won’t regret a single penny spent on our immigration services because we will save your time and help you avoid the risk of rejection.

Filling out the questionnaire

Stage 1: personal data of the main applicant (Part One — Entrant Information)

At the first stage, the personal data of the main applicant is entered.

When fill in all the fields, click Continue. Often the site does not skip to the next stage. Then you can press the back button and press Continue again. If it doesn't work, try to apply later.

Stage 2: information about spouse and children

If at the first stage you indicated your marital status as married, married or have children, you will need to fill in the clarifying information about them. If not, you will immediately proceed to the next stage of checking the completed data.

14. Spouse Name - spouse's first and last name. Last / Family Name - the last name of the spouse, First Name - the name of the spouse. Specified exactly with the passport. If the spouse does not have a passport, indicate his last name and first name according to the transliteration rules for a passport. You do not need to enter a middle name, since it is not indicated in the passport, in the Middle name field, check the "No" box. Current transliteration rules for a passport.

14d. Birth Date - the date of birth of the spouse: month, day, year.
14e. Gender - gender of spouse.
14f. City Where Spouse Was Born - the city of birth of a spouse.
14g. Country Where Spouse Was Born — страна рождения супруга/супруги.
14h. Spouse Photograph - spouse photo. If they already have US citizenship or resident status, their photo is not required.
15. Child #1 Name - first and last name of the first child. If multiple children are listed, each will have a similar section of questions. Last / Family Name - the last name of the child, First Name - the name of the child. Specified exactly with the passport. If the child does not have a passport, indicate his last name and first name according to the transliteration rules for a passport. You do not need to enter a middle name, since it is not indicated in the passport, in the Middle name field, check the "No".
15d. Birth Date - date of birth of the child: month, day, year.
15e. Gender - baby gender.
15f. Birth City - city of birth of a child. If we don't know the city, tick Birth City Unknown.
15g. Country Where Child Was Born - child's country of birth.
15h. Child Photograph — фотография ребенка. Если у ребенка уже есть гражданство США или статус резидента, his photo is not required.

When we fill in the information for all children, click Continue.

Stage 3: verification of filled data

Check, so that all the filled data are correct and click the Submit button. Uploaded photo is not shown during verification phase, this is the norm. If you want to change something, do not press the back button in the browser, but use the special buttons to return to the desired stage on the site.

If you see Success on a green background, then the form has been successfully sent.

This page will also contain your unique number, which needs to be saved. Take a photo or print a confirmation page.
With the help of the Confirmation Number you can find out about winning the lottery. The results are usually checked in May next year.. You need to check the results yourself, no notifications in case of victory come.

The benefits of winning the United States Green Card Lottery

Immigration to America can open many opportunities. If you plan to obtain quality higher education or wish to have access to the best healthcare services, a permanent United States residency is for you. If you want to become a citizen later, your prospects for the future will be even better.

Students with Green Cards are considered in-state permanent residents of the United States, making American colleges and universities’ tuition fees lower for them than for foreign applicants. Moreover, by winning the Diversity Visa Lottery, you gain the right to financial aid, which will reduce your study expenses dramatically.

Green Card holders also qualify for Social Security that grants United States citizens certain privileges. It provides the following benefits:

  • medical and disability insurance
  • childcare assistance
  • rewarding retirement plans
  • support for seniors

Professional Immigration Service

  • Green Card Winners
  • ApplicationStep-by-Step
  • Qualifying Countries
  • Have a Question? Ask A Specialist

Apply for the DV Lottery and start living the American Dream

The New World has always attracted enthusiasts from the four corners of the earth who are striving for self-realization and prosperity. To help them get where they want to be, the United States State Department issues 50,000 Green Cards under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program every year. It aims to provide people in other nations with the opportunity to become permanent residents of America and foster multiculturalism within the country. Thousands of individuals apply to participate in the Green Card Lottery annually, hoping to win a lucky ticket to a new life in the United States. You can become one of the fortunate souls who get the reward they wished for.

From the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Services

The congressional mandated Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is administered on an annual basis by the US Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-649) amended INA 203 to provide for a new class of immigrants known as “diversity immigrants” (DV immigrants). Alien petitioners for the Diversity Visa Program will no longer be permitted to submit a petition by mail. Instead, the Department will require that all petitions be submitted to it in an electronic format, using an Internet website dedicated specifically to the submission and receipt of Diversity Visa applications.
US GREEN CARD OFFICE provide a value added service for all our clients in 20 different languages, and our fee for this value added service starts from $80.00 The official submission period for the Green Card Lottery is normally 30-60 days but this can vary from one year to another and is typically between the months of October and November. Our professional immigration team offers you the opportunity to prepare and complete your USA Green Card application online according to all legal requirements 365 days per year. Your application will be submitted within the right time as announced by the US Government in the year in which you apply. As soon as your application has been submitted to the US Government by our immigration team an official confirmation number will be send to you as your proof that your application has been received by the US Government.
* Please read our Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy regarding our money back guarantee before submitting an application.

Why do certain countries not qualify for the Diversity Visa Program?

The Green Card Diversity Lottery allows natives of myriad countries to acquire permanent American residency. As a winning participant, you and your family can become United States citizen through naturalization.

People from the following regions can take part in the lottery:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • North, South and Central America
  • The Caribbean

There are high- and low-admission regions and states. Each nation’s allowance for the American Green Card Lottery depends on the number of immigrant visas that country has issued to foreign citizens within the last five years. This approach ensures migration balance and stimulates diversification.

Check the list of qualified Green Card DV lottery countries to see if you can apply. Remember that the list is revised regularly, so you can visit our website periodically to get updates on any changes.

The benefits of winning the United States Green Card Lottery

Immigration to America can open many opportunities. If you plan to obtain quality higher education or wish to have access to the best healthcare services, a permanent United States residency is for you. If you want to become a citizen later, your prospects for the future will be even better.

Students with Green Cards are considered in-state permanent residents of the United States, making American colleges and universities’ tuition fees lower for them than for foreign applicants. Moreover, by winning the Diversity Visa Lottery, you gain the right to financial aid, which will reduce your study expenses dramatically.

Green Card holders also qualify for Social Security that grants United States citizens certain privileges. It provides the following benefits:

  • medical and disability insurance
  • childcare assistance
  • rewarding retirement plans
  • support for seniors

Once you obtain a Green Card by winning the United States Diversity Lottery, you will be able to find a better job as well. Permanent residents can build careers in almost any company. Unlike regular immigrants, Green Card holders don’t need sponsorship for work visas from their employers.

Jackpot winners 2016

Below the big winners of all lotteries in the United States of America:

  • December 17, 2016 Cash $121,600,000.00 annuity ($72,145,291.83 cash)
  • Tennessee: November 26, 2016 Cash $420,900,000.00 annuity ($254,652,358.97 cash)
  • William and Heather ten Broeke, Georgia, September 17, 2016 Cash $246,800,000.00 annuity
  • Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust, New Hampshire, July 30, 2016 Cash $487,000,000.00 annuity
  • Smith Family Lottery Pool, New Jersey, May 7, 2016 Cash $429,600,000.00 annuity ($284,097,219.71 cash )
  • James Stocklas, Florida, March 2, 2016 Cash $291,400,000.00 annuity ($191,470,307.58 cash)
  • Marvin and Mae Acosta, California, January 13, 2016 Cash $1,586,400,000.00 annuity (split)
  • The Nickel 95 Trust, Florida, January 13, 2016 Cash $1,586,400,000.00 annuity (split)
  • Lisa and John Robinson, Tennessee, January 13, 2016 Cash $1,586,400,000.00 annuity (split)

USA Diversity Lottery Guarantees:

The Green Card Lottery program is one of the most generous immigrant visa categories in the world, which is issued annually up to 55 000 visas. She is the only immigration option for individuals, who cannot qualify for an employee immigrant visa, family member or refugee. While luck certainly remains a key factor in the initial lottery selection, many other important and manageable considerations, affecting the chance of luck for the applicant, are the skill of filling, speed and accuracy of following the rules and requirements of the program.

Our knowledgeable US Immigration Experts are monitoring, so that applications meet strict criteria, and if the choice is made, would contribute to the ultimate luck of anyone who won the Green Card Lottery.

  • Conditions for error-free participation in the Green Card Lottery
  • Your application for participation in the Green Card Lottery is submitted on time
  • Registration of the Green Card Lottery participants is carried out 365 days a year
  • Our US Immigration experts provide free online assistance ( on the internet).
  • You can apply for participation in the Lottery in different years
  • We will crop and reformat your photos ourselves to meet your requirements
  • We will scan your photos for you
  • Before submission, you can update your registration information

Our professional services include expert background checks, correction of incorrect or invalid data, cropping and reformatting photos, scanning your photos to meet the stringent visa requirements of the Green Card Lottery. We provide support in multiple languages ​​and ensure your registration is on time.

Stages of obtaining a Diversity Visa

Checking winnings

1. First of all, you need to check the results of the drawing on the official website Will be redirected to

Diversity Visa Participants 2021 can check the status of their records with 5 May 2020 years to 30 september 2021.

Don't be upset if there is no notification of your winnings, since in this case there are subtleties:

  • when checking the results in the first days
    after the draw, you may receive a false negative result, since these
    days the server is most overloaded and there is a possibility of issuing a negative
  • as practice shows, gain
    quite possible in a later period, therefore it is necessary to re-
    check in a few months.

Caution - scammers


The Department of State never asks you to transfer money by mail or
through money transfer systems.

If you received a letter, containing confirmation of winning the Diversity Visa Lottery, do not believe its content, since this letter is fraudulent.

The Department of State will never ask you to transfer money by mail or money transfer systems (eg, such as Western Union).

Verify that there are no grounds for disqualification

Before starting the process
obtaining a visa, make sure, that the Consulate has no reason for your
disqualification or refusal to obtain a visa. Especially in the case, if at
the help of third parties was applied when applying for the drawing.

Submit your immigration form DS-260

It is necessary to issue an immigration visa form DS-260 for yourself and your immediate family members, which include: spouse(a), as well as children before 21 of the year, unmarried.

Prepare the necessary documents

To obtain a DV immigrant visa in 2020 financial year, You need:

  • personal documents,
  • documents on education and professional experience,
  • military service (if applicable to you),
  • no criminal record,
  • availability of funds and tangible assets

Some documents you will need to send in advance to the Kentucky Consular Center.

Full documents all documents you will need for an interview at the US Embassy.

Translation of documents for immigration to the USA

Translation of required documents into English, beginning with 2019 year need to be prepared immediately after submitting the DS-260 immigration forms.

You do not need to affix apostille. You don't even need to notarize the translation.

A certified translation is enough.

Translation must include a statement, signed by the translator, which says, что перевод является точным и переводчик компетентен для перевода.

Submit your documents to the Kentucky Consular Center

After submitting the immigration form, you will receive a request to send documents from the Kentucky Consular Center.

For DV-2020 winners, to KCC it was necessary to send:

  • biographical passport page (international passports);
  • birth certificate of all family members;
  • Marriage certificate(if marriage after application);
  • police clearance certificate for everyone, who is older 16 years;
  • military ID for conscripts;
  • documents, confirming the end of all previous marital relations (divorce certificate, spouse's death certificate, a copy of the court decision on divorce);
  • in case of a criminal record or various forms of restriction of freedom, you must provide a copy of the decision of the court or other authority, imposed restriction of freedom, and sometimes other documents explaining this situation;

Не отправляйте бумажные документы в КЦК. Любые бумажные документы, sent to KCC, will be destroyed.

Documents, photographed or scanned with a mobile phone, are acceptable, но каждый документ должен быть полностью разборчивым. Неразборчивые или неполные документы должны быть повторно поданы и задержат рассмотрение вашего дела.

Отправляйте документы только на адрес электронной почты: [email protected] ;

Для любых вопросов обработки документов используйте адрес электронной почты: [email protected] .

After sending documents, you get from KCC, email with this content:

» Congratulations! Our records indicate that you have submitted all required documentation to the Kentucky Consular Center and are ready to be scheduled for an interview when your case number becomes current. Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing.»

Green card competition stages.

To the participant of the online survey after submitting the form, will have to wait almost a year for its results. The whole event can be divided into several stages

Stage 1. Filling out an application for a green card.

You CORRECTLY fill out the form on the official website. Provide correct data. In English. Rewrite them like this, as indicated in your passport in Latin, or foreign passport.

We advise you to prepare in advance, and leave a request in the first half of the registration period, not the second. Those who try to apply at the last moment may face the problem of exceeding visa quotas for the country.

Stage 2. Green card draw and results

All questionnaires are computer checked for compliance with requirements and duplicates. Then the next program, randomly selects 50000 questionnaire. These are the winners.

How and when to find out about the win.

The only way: since May 2019 years to 30 september 2020 of the year, by entering the number on the official website:

US Department of State does not send letters of winning. From them you can only get a reminder that, what you need to check your status on the site. They also never require remittances anywhere.. Be carefull, if there is an intermediary between you in the application.

If the car didn't pick you, do not despair. Next year you can apply again. If you won, then another survey awaits you. Collection of documents and invitation for an interview.

You shouldn't relax. According to statistics, about 50% half of the applicants are eliminated after the interview. This is the main and decisive stage, which we will talk about in a separate article.

Stage 3. Green card registration.

After the second submitted DS-260 detailed form, collection of all certificates and documents, passing a special medical examination, the most important stage is waiting for you - an interview in English with the consul. Before this interview, you need to pay the grand card and consular fee.

State fee for registration of DV visa,

The cost of issuing a green card last time was 330 dollars for each visa, regardless of age. The fee is paid at the interview with the consul and is non-refundable if the visa is refused.

After receiving visas, it is additionally paid 220 dollars in immigration tax (USCIS Immigrant Fee).

On this visa, the person who won it must enter the United States to authorize his visa.

The first person to enter the United States is the DV1 holder - the winner of the Green Card Lottery. Family members' Green Card authorization depends on the winner's Green Card authorization.

Online Lotteries

Every state with a legal lottery is “online” to some extent or another. In most states, the online lottery is limited to a website and mobile app in which customers can sign up for an account to receive alerts, see results, find nearby lottery retailers and enter second-chance drawings.

However, a growing number of states are indeed taking their lotteries fully online. States such as Michigan and Pennsylvania among others now offer instant win scratch games and online tickets for purchase online and through mobile apps. In those states, customers can make deposits, buy tickets and receive instant payments from anywhere within state lines.

Customers in these states can play the lottery online legally:

  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

The following states also support online subscription purchases:

  • Maryland (subscription payment must be sent via mail)
  • Maine (subscription payment must be sent via mail)
  • New York

Additionally, third-party ticket courier service has received the blessings of multiple state regulators to sell official tickets through its mobile app. Jackpocket is the only regulated service of this type and is available in:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington D.C.

Errors when filling out the questionnaire

Here are the popular mistakes and their designation in Russian:

At least one data validation error occurred on this page. Please scroll down to see the specific error messages - some field is filled incorrectly. Scroll the page, to see the problematic question, it will be highlighted in red. Last / Family Name field must start with a letter and can only contain letters, apostrophe, hyphen, or space. Please modify before continuing. - First and last name must start with a letter and must contain only letters, apostrophe, space or hyphen.

First name must contain only letters, apostrophes, hyphens, and single spaces. - same, extra characters in the name.

Passport expiration cannot be more than 10 years into the future. - the validity period of the passport cannot be more 10 years. This mistake is often found among the citizens of Belarus.. You can specify the maximum possible date of validity from the date of submission of documents.

The following are not accepted: &, #, !, double quotes (» «), <, >. You must remove before continuing. - unsupported symbols found (&, #, !, double quotes (» «), <, >). Usually this error occurs when uploading a photo. Remove extra characters and Russian letters from the file name and try again. Names can not contain numbers or special characters. - the field must not contain numbers or special characters. Please fill in the field in English.

City/Town cannot contain invalid characters. - found unsupported characters in city name.

Unexpected Page Request - unexpected page request. Click Resume Entry, to come back.

Error establishing a secure connection
An error occurred while connecting to
- a common error due to high server load. Press the back button and try sending the data again.

it happens, that the site is buggy and it is impossible to fill out the form to the end. Then you can try again. But when you get a unique number, you can no longer reapply this year. Duplicates are found and disqualified.

To increase your chances of winning, fill out the questionnaire for yourself and your spouse - this is not prohibited.

Even if you win the lottery, not the fact that you will get a turn for a visa interview or will not be refused an interview. Apply now, if you are determined to immigrate, not just try your luck. In case of victory, you will need to save up money for the move in a short time, consular fees and medical examination (more than 100 thousand. rubles of expenses even before departure). Without knowledge of the language and work, life in the United States will seem far from the American dream..

useful links (in English):Filling instructions (pdf)

Todays lottery in the States

Today, lotteries are established in 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The most recent US lottery to be legalized was in Wyoming, where it began operation on July 1, 2013 although tickets were not sold for about a year.

Some retailers that sit on state lines often offer both state lotteries with state boundaries clearly marked, since such sales still have to occur in the physical state it is offered. One retailer located along U.S. Route 62that is largely in Sharon, Pennsylvania but has a small portion lying inMasury, Ohio sells both the Ohio Lottery and the Pennsylvania Lotteryat one location. The first modern US joint-state lottery game was formed in 1985 inMaine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. In 1988, the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) was formed with Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon,Rhode Island, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia as its charter members; it is best known for Powerball, which was designed to create large jackpots. Another joint lottery, The Big Game (now called Mega Millions), was formed in 1996 by six other lotteries as its charter members.
Today, all 44 individual state lotteries offer both Mega Millions and Powerball as a result of a 2009 agreement between the Mega Millions consortium and MUSL to cross-license their joint games to one another’s members, although the two organizations continue to administer Mega Millions and Powerball separately. D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands also offer both games. Only the Puerto Rico Lottery offers only Powerball and not Mega Millions.
Among the states that do not have lotteries, Alabama, Mississippi, and Utah cite religious objections. Nevada’s lucrative gambling industry has lobbied against a state lottery there, fearing the competition. Alaska and Hawaii, being outside the contiguous United States, have not felt the pressure of losing sales to competitors.

Lottery games in the United States

– All or Nothing: draw game in Iowa and Minnesota
– Cash4Life: Indiana, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia and Pennsylvania
- 2by2: North Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska
– Hot Lotto: North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia , Delaware, Idaho,
Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire and New Mexico,
– Mega Hits: Video slots in Ohio, Rhode Island Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia
– Lucky for Life: Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina , Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wyoming. Nebraska, South Dakota, and West Virginia were added in in 2017
– Tri-State Lottery (Megabucks Plus°, Pick 3 (Day & Night), Pick 4 (Day & Night), Fast Play: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

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The Best Lottery Results

Lottery Post delivers the highest quality lottery results on the Internet, including:

  • Quickest – You get the winning numbers right after they’re announced
  • Most Accurate – We constantly check for corrections made by the lottery
  • Complete – Every game in every country we cover
  • Mobile – Results instantly delivered to your cell phone
  • Versatile – See past results and statistics, and use the most powerful lottery search engine in the industry

Note: Lottery Post maintains one of the most accurate and dependable lottery results databases available, but errors can occur and the lotteries occasionally report incorrect results. We correct errors as soon as they are found and/or reported to us. Verify all results with your official government lottery.

US Lotteries by State

Each state in the US with a legal lottery is responsible for overseeing the conduct of the lottery within its borders.

Typical lottery regulations include the establishment of an oversight commission, approving the rules of each game, approving new games, the distribution of lottery funds and determining how winners are paid.

Each state does it a bit differently, so the lottery landscape varies across the US. The following US Lottery pages explain how the lottery works in each state, how to play online legally (if permitted) and much more.

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  • Hawaii
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  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
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