Draw lottery is

Types of lotteries

Promotions, contests, quizzes, etc.

it, of course, not quite a lottery in the literal sense, but the principle of choosing the winners is similar

Many companies organize contests or promotions to attract attention., advertise the product, increase the target audience, etc.. This can be used, to get something profitable for yourself

Usually, in such promotions, prizes are not given in cash., and any goods. If the product is worth it, to fight for him, then you should not ignore such a share. Even if the thing is not needed, it will be possible to get rid of it later - by selling it at some flea market.

In order to always be aware of new contests and promotions, you can use the sites and forums of prizes. You can also learn from them a successful hunt for prizes., exchange trophies if you are lucky, achieve the goal by joint efforts.


  • since the prize fund is not formed by the purchase of tickets by players, then there is no such rule, what only 50% collected funds go to payments to players;
  • promotions are held quite often;
  • unlike buying a ticket, the player also has the product itself, to increase the probability of winning, you can buy more of these items, and use them later - when needed;


  • quite often, instead of normal prizes, all sorts of nonsense is offered like mobile content or small flash drives;
  • most often, to get a big prize, you need to buy as many products as possible and register as many codes as possible, ie. the prize is given to, who spent more money, and is not determined randomly from all participating in the promotion;
  • valuable or interesting prizes are not always offered;
  • even big brands do not always fulfill their obligations to send prizes to winners.

How to fill in Stoloto tickets correctly

Depending on the type of lottery, filling rules will differ. Instant games will let you know about the winnings immediately after purchase. You need to erase the protective layer and see the results of the draw. The rest of the games are a little more complicated.. Below we will understand, how to fill out Stoloto lottery tickets depending on their type.

State Lottery 4 of 20

The coupon has five parts, each contains two fields. The fields contain numbers from one to twenty. To participate in the game, you must select four or more different numbers in the fields. Can be completed as one part of the ticket, and several. If you don't trust your luck, tick “Automatic” in the coupon and the system will independently select combinations of numbers. You can also take part in several draws with the same combination, by checking the appropriate box. After choosing, enter your mobile number on the back of the ticket and pay for the purchase. To receive a prize, you must provide the seller with a phone number, unique key and code from SMS.

5 of 36

Coupon consists of 2 fields. In the first field, you must select five or more digits from 1 to 36, and in the second - 1 number of 4. You can fill one or several tickets. Odd numbers buttons, "Random" and "Even numbers" allow the system to pick a combination on its own.

6 of 45

The ticket consists of six fields, each of which contains numbers from 1 to 45. One field can be filled, some or all. Please mark at least six numbers in any box for the draw. By selecting the "Automatic" section, you will allow the system to independently select a digital combination. After filling out the coupon on the back, please indicate your phone number.

7 of 49

Coupon contains one field, where are the numbers from 1 to the 49th. You must select at least seven different numbers to play. Odd Numbers Sections, "Random" and "Even numbers" allow the electronic system to choose a combination without your participation.

Russian lotto

Legendary lottery, the draw of which takes place live. The host takes turns taking out the kegs from 1 to 90 out of the bag. An electronic or paper coupon has two fields, where marked 15 figures from 1 to 90. Participants of the drawing do not need to independently select a combination of numbers, they are already on the ticket. The game takes place in several rounds. The lucky one will win in the first, who had five digits before others. In the second - 15 numbers from two fields, in the third and other rounds the coupon wins, which coincided 30 digits. To participate in the game you need to buy a ticket, do not miss the draw and follow its progress. You do not need to select a combination of numbers yourself.

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