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Sports predictions from "sports-bet24.ru"

«Sports-bet24»: who is and where to find?

The capper project has its own leader - Ivan Paramonov. This is what many reviews call him, and in the VK profile he is listed as Ivan Paramonich.

I do not know, is this name real or not.

But to his honor can be added, that a person does not hide his face and does not hide at all. I'm up to it, that he regularly records videos, communicates with customers directly and does not change his name (project names), as is often the case with some modern sports prediction services. for example, when rebranding is an attempt to "get away" from a negative image.

"Sports-bet24" has no telegram channel at the moment.

More info!

Ivan calls "Sports-bet24" an author's analytical project and in every possible way cares about his own image:

displays forecast statistics on its own website (including those, which did not pass). It is especially interesting to look at the statistics of the latter 10 outcomes, which, understandably, constantly updated;

provides links to independent verification sites. The results of his forecasting were tested on them. (the names of some of these sites don't tell me anything, to be honest);

leaves all reviews in his public. Including negative (true, the public itself is closed).

Generally, not without reservations (closed group in "VK", no capper on such large verifiers, as "betonsuccess" or "Forecast")! However, more positive, than negative, if we talk about the openness of the "Sports-bet24" project.

Terrible CySEC

Let me remind you, что сайсек является одним из крупнейших регуляторов рынка БО. В общем-то в прошлом году CySEC подозрительно активизировался, apparently, remembered about, that he is the regulator of brokers. В итоге в конце 2015 years since bullets flew from a machine gun, that is, fines for a whole "mighty heap" of brokers:

  • WGM Services Ltd (EZTrader brands, EZInvest и Global Option) – 340 thousand euros;
  • Pegase Capital Ltd (InteractiveOption brands, HelloBrokers и MTX Plus) – 300 thousand euros;
  • Reliantco Investments Ltd (UFX and UFXMarkets brands) – 123 thousand euros.

So in 2016 Sysek continued his atrocities. This time the regulator was dissatisfied with the work of 24option and Banc de Binary brokers. One of the largest fines in the entire history of the regulator was issued:

  • The notorious Banc de Binary broker received his gingerbread in the form of a fine in 350 thousand euros;
  • Well, the holding Rodeler LTD (which actually owns the most popular brokers 24 Option, GrandOption, QuickOption) got off with a sum of 156 000 euros.

Personally, this fact only makes me happy. After all, they used to write out fines for 25-50 thous., what, in my opinion, looked like an official indulgence. What kind of money is this for brokers, whose monthly turnover is hundreds of thousands of dollars? Laughter, and only. But the amounts 300 000 - already a serious call, so close and up to a million. I think, that the greater the fines, all the better, can, think next time. Anyway, cheating is costing binary options brokers more and more expensive.

It is not clear only, what CySEC has been waiting for all this time. After all, about, что тот же Banc de Binary не выводит не только прибыль, но и депозиты, знают даже новички. But the broker, as I wrote last week, summing up the year, suddenly leaves the Russian-speaking market. But the review of 24option is a separate story., let's talk separately about divorce in this broker.

Features of forecasts from "Sports-bet24.ru"

Primarily, Ivan Paramonich makes predictions for bets on the main outcomes, bypassing such difficult options, as the number of corners, shots on target, warnings and deletions.

As I mentioned above, in "Sports-bet24" the outcomes of football, hockey and tennis matches.

The average value of the coefficient ranges from “1.6” to “2.5” for odinars, from “2.5” to “4.5” for express bets.

Not bad, given the fact, that some cappers are generally afraid to predict sporting events, coefficient for which exceeds “1.5”. But with such rates, a large bank cannot be raised, even if everything turns out to be correct.

I will not say anything about, how effective is this project strategy. It seems that I have not met anything negative about her specifically, I have not seen exposures of profanity. However, I don't think, that there is something special and unique: likely, standard recommendations, experienced bettor already known.

I like the fact, that on the sites "Sports-bet24" there are no promises of one hundred percent profit, no assurances like “rob the beeches!"And" a million in your pocket!». Friends, you know: if I see similar statements, all trust in a capper immediately disappears from me. A fraudster is a fraudster.

Webflex24 - interface, features, offers for clients

Having carefully reviewed the website of the company described above, by completing a detailed review of Webflex24, I managed to find out about the company in question such:

  • the interface of the site is Russian, the site is not adapted for viewing on mobile devices;
  • the site has sections for advertisers, bloggers, investors, affiliate program participants;
  • the login button is located in the upper right corner of the site, below is the registration form for Webflex24, offering to use the data of the Vkontakte page or Google account for authorization;
  • the site positions itself as idealists in the field of advertising services;
  • the bonus for registering on the platform is 5000 - no real company will scatter such money for free;
  • bonus for each friend invited to the site is 100 rubles;
  • the site offers bloggers sales automation services, search for advertisers, promoting and posting;
  • the service offers advertisers the calculation of predictable impressions, bloggers directory, sorting filters by criteria and other benefits;
  • investment packages presented on the site allow you to receive daily 2,1% income;
  • partner program on the project 2-level, the profitability from attracting referrals is 5-10%;

withdrawal requests from Webflex24 are processed and executed quickly.

The site clearly stated that, that Webflex24 is a company, but no legal documentation, which is unacceptable and, this fact is the first evidence of illegal activity, fraud. The second fact not in favor of the company is the reviews about Webflex24, since almost all of them are negative. The site's privacy policy does not give any specifics regarding earnings and payments, her information has no practical value - this is the third reason not to trust beautiful promises.

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Crypto exchange overview

The customer base is different, most users (25%) from brazil, 21% traders from Ukraine, Of Russia. На официальном сайте представлены основные достоинства компании, among which, the team considers, transaction fees, they can go up to 0,06%.

To start working on the exchange, you need to make a deposit. Balance replenishment and withdrawal is carried out in cryptocurrency, fiat money (cards and payment systems), but in some cases verification is needed.

  • WebMoney - 2,5%;
  • VISA / MasterCard - 6,5%;
  • QIWI – 2%;
  • Yandex money - 7%;
  • Perfect Money – 2,5%;
  • Epay – 0%.

The list contains more 100 cryptocurrency coins. No withdrawal can be made within 3 days, if the password was changed. The minimum amount will be 1,5 dollar, 2 euro or 100 rubles. Commissions and means of payment for withdrawal are as follows:

  • WebMoney - 0,8%;
  • VISA / MasterCard - 6,5%;
  • QIWI – 15%;
  • Yandex money - 1%;
  • Perfect Money – 2%.

The minimum commission and amount are set for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. For this, the trader can withdraw 0,001 bitcoin with bet 0,0005. Reviews indicate, that you should not contact the exchange, output doesn't work, especially for large sums, support does not respond to questions about transactions, if answers, then the phrase comes, like wait, payment in processing. Nobody gives clear answers, stupidly ignore.

After depositing your account, you can start trading on the exchange. Charts with pairs are available in the main menu, forms of applications for the purchase of coins, financial instruments, warrants, among which:

  1. Limit.
  2. Market.
  3. Stop Limit.
  4. Good-To-Canceled.
  5. Immediate or Cancel.
  6. Fill or Kill.

Trading with margin orders is not possible. When choosing a pair, it is recommended to do a graphical analysis, study history, make a purchase or sale. Daily turnover of the exchange order 330 thousand. Doll. Commission for new traders 0,1%, when the turnover gets bigger 5 BTC, rate will be reduced to 0,09% etc.

Some traders point out a huge number of disadvantages. When trading on the exchange 2-3 bitcoin withdrawal took up to several days, and after replenishing the balance through Qiwi, payment is stuck on 5 hours, support ignore. Operator responses are always vague, incorrect, like the problem is being solved, expect.

Trading View chart is set in the trading platform, allowing the use of many financial instruments, indicators, filters. Some are only suitable for a specific pair and professional analysis.

On the site, a trader can receive additional remuneration up to 50% for attracted clients. The amount is calculated from their trading turnover, all funds are transferred in bitcoin, minimum withdrawal amount 0,005. Additional features include Dice - a lottery for own assets. With its help, bets are placed on a number greater or less than the selected, at the rate of 100-9999. The smaller the gap, the higher the winning rate.

Crex24 Exchange is a relatively young company with low turnover. Compared to other sites, she is constantly evolving, and to attract customers, a faucet was created with the distribution of free coins, but all this is nothing more than a means to attract.

Deciding to use the services of the described company, need to understand, that Crex24 exchange can close wallets, after which it is impossible to work with assets. Long service, support is not responding, funds are frozen. The distribution crane is simply "enticing", graphics are unreadable, the worst bidding calculator. Kreks24 can "throw" at any moment convenient for them, work is not clear, verification incomprehensible. Apparently positive reviews are left only by "mother's traders" and "green hamsters".

Prices for predictions from "Sports bet 24"

Capper does not provide predictions for free, only paid.

But prices, however, quite acceptable: from 600 rubles per subscription (this is the minimum package, presupposing 2 exodus daily). They are acceptable only under the condition, if rates, based on these predictions, will come. All the more, that the forecaster provides the results of events with good odds - from "1.7".

General price, provided by "Sports-bet24" capper, today looks like this:

Day 600 rubles
Sunday 2500 rubles
Month 6000 rubles

You can pay for services through Interkassa, choosing any suitable option.

Capper warns, that the maximum percentage of minuses, according to his forecasts, could be up to 35% per month.

Site 24option

By going to the site you see a simple registration form. By filling it out you get access to your account.

Convenience for traders:

Now, in 2017 year, I became an experienced trader thanks to all of the above functions for less experienced traders At the moment, in the broker, I already value slightly different qualities and they again have 24options:

  • The main thing for me is, of course, popularity of the broker. Judging by the documents, presented on the website, this broker complies with anti-money laundering regulations
  • The company received the CySec license (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) to conduct business on the territory of the European Union.
  • In Russia, the company has been fully tested by the self-regulatory organization CRFIN, as a result of which it was admitted to its membership. It should be noted, that this organization brings together only trusted and law-abiding brokers, engaged in activities in the field of over-the-counter trading.
  • И самый важный момент для меня — это выплаты. За все время работы не разу не было проблем с получением своего заработка.
  • I will also add about a convenient mobile platform, which allows you to control the situation directly from your phone.

Official site description

If we talk about the official website "Sports-bet24", where you can buy sports predictions, then it has a fairly convenient and intuitive interface. You go to the site and immediately see, what and where is, you can easily find the desired section.

The main sections of the portal are listed above.:

"Subscription" Subscription prices are set (they can also be issued here if desired). Several reasons are written, by which, according to the capper, need to choose it. Well, and screenshots of positive reviews.
"Statistics" This section provides forecast statistics (including the last). Betting, on which "did not go" (or was a return for one reason or another), also have.
"Warranty" Sites listed here, on which the capper was tested, link to the group "VK", where there are supposedly a lot of reviews about him. Here you have to take our word for it, since the group is closed to the public today.
“FAQS” Section with answers to basic questions about the project. I mean, then, what may interest the customer in the first place. for example, about purchasing forecasts, about that, what to do, if the forecast did not pass, etc.
"Partner" Here Ivan proposes to enter into partnership cooperation and earn, attracting new subscribers to the project. Promises 20%. The project "kaper.pro" has already installed the refku.
Contacts of the project "Sportsbet-24" Three ways of communication with Ivan Paramonich are indicated. Through the feedback form, e-mail and "Vkontakte".
"Reviews" I usually don't even look reviews on the official website capper - of course, it is a completely controlled resource. But here I looked for interest - there are screenshots not only from the official group in "VK", but also from third-party sites. Primarily, of course, praise (it is understandable, the capper will not specially expose the negative about himself), but there are quite adequate neutral reviews.

What else?

Well, and other sections of the site "Sports-bet24" - quite standard:

Login / Register Button

Link to the group "VK"

Countdown timer to the start of the most relevant (according to the forecaster) match.

Sections are repeated below, listed in the top header. Everything is loaded quickly enough and without delays. Registration is also quite simple - in a couple of clicks, using a social network account.

Conclusions about the forecaster

May I recommend a capper to, who needs sports predictions? I CANNOT ANSWER ANYWHERE TO THIS QUESTION.

Try to get to know yourself with his latest statistics. Or with that, what sporting events he chooses to predict. Arranges? - Try. No? - Don't mess with.

  • At least, in dishonest deeds the forecaster of "Sports-bet24" was not noticed.
  • Feedback from players gets mixed (there is also a negative).
  • Doesn't act like a "world super-capper" and a "robber of bookmakers".
  • Doesn't hide statistics on the site (you can, by the way, look, what predictions he did not pass), although it is not on the verifier portals.
  • He is not afraid of odds above average and does not promise to leak insider information.

And this is already normal.

We'll see, the best option for objective feedback is providing me with a test format of predictions over time. I will see, I will draw conclusions and supplement the article. No recommendation yet, I will not dissuade anyone.

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