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What advantages does Tipp24.com offer?

If you want to try your luck at Tipp24, you don't just have to concentrate on the classic lottery game, but can also be on scratch cards or the game: Fall back on the “wheel of fortune”. The range of offers is therefore quite well equipped. With the fees of 0,50 Euros per ticket, one adapts to the German prices.

Another plus point is the service quality, because as with the German offshoot Lotto24.de, the provider relies on satisfied customers. The free support hotline competently takes care of questions and problems from customers. Even if the legal situation in Germany is clear, Tipp24.com is an officially licensed lottery- and betting companies.

Tipp24.com also opens the door to international lottery players with its offer, to bet on the outcome of the German state lottery.

The story behind Tipp24.com

The story of Tipp24.com began a few years earlier than other lottery providers. After all, the company was already there 1999 brought into being by the two founders Jens Schumann and Marc Peters. From this point onwards, they mediated until the end 2008 State-licensed and, above all, guaranteed games of chance. The whole thing didn't happen offline through a store or distribution network, but via electronic media and above all the Internet.

With the successful IPO in October 2005, Tipp24 was able to book further income for itself and thus ensure a firm footing in the market. Despite the steadily increasing number of customers, the lottery provider had to give up its brokerage activity in Germany with the entry into force of the State Treaty on Gaming. At Tipp24.com they were forced to set up their business in other European countries.

After the then gambling treaty in January 2008 entered into force, Tipp24 had to cease its activity as an agent for state lottery products. Because the market for online tickets in Germany collapsed due to these developments, one concentrated on relocating the business to other European countries.

Since January 2009 the game orders are processed via Tipp24 Service Ltd. based in England and sent to MyLotto24 Ltd, which is based there. passed on. At MyLotto24 Ltd. it is a private, independent lottery from England that shows the winning numbers and odds of the German Lotto- and totoblocks only takes over.

After the new State Treaty on Gambling came into force in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, it was initially possible there 2012 brokerage activities are resumed by the subsidiary Lotto24. The provider Tipp24 is currently again limiting itself to expanding the international business area and is even planning to organize its own lottery in the future.Test Tipp24.com here! 5 Fields free!

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  1. General terms and conditions for Tipp24.com (Last version: 28.03.2014)
  2. ISO 27001 Certification based on IT-Grundschutz (Certification info page)
  3. § 285 Engaging in illegal gambling (Legal text)

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Overview of the current jackpots & Prices
» 6 out 49
In the current drawing:26 My. € in the lottery jackpot! from 1,- Stakeprice comparisonChance 1:140 My.

In the current drawing:45 My. € in the lottery jackpot! from 2,- Stakeprice comparisonChance 1:95 My.

" Game 77
In the current drawing:7 My. € in the lottery jackpot! from 2,50 Stakeprice comparisonChance 1:10 My.

“Spiral of luck
At least:7.500 € monthly immediate pension! from 1,- Stakeprice comparisonChance 1:140 My.

Tipp24.com is a reputable provider?

There is probably no concrete answer to this question until the State Treaty on Gambling is abolished or even amended. Because what is a very serious business practice for some, can seem dubious to someone else.

This means that Tipp24.com is to be classified as illegal in Germany, but this is not the case in the European and international area. As you can see, the answer to the question would be straightforward, like a double-edged sword.

Important !!! The subsidiary Lotto24.de based in Hamburg, acts as an approved lottery broker with a state license.

The parent company Tipp24.com, on the other hand, mediates as a private lottery- and betting companies various games of chance, including bets related to the outcome of the state lottery. So the same winning numbers and odds are allocated to the private bets. This is also communicated in the first paragraph of the Tipp24.com general terms and conditions.

You can read about the differences to the German lottery providers with state license on the following page: Lottoland and Tipp24 compared with German providers

Where will my tip be given?? While the state-licensed lottery providers submit their customers' tickets directly to the DLTB, At Tipp24.com things are very different. Because all mediated tips and bets end up at MyLotto24 first, who acts as a bookmaker on behalf of the game participants.

In the event of a successful tip, the winnings will be, then forwarded to Tipp24 for payment to the lottery player.

What about data protection? Tipp24's offer is made available on a platform that complies with ISO / IEC 27001 has been certified. This international standard ensures that your data and all business processes are protected as best as possible. The website itself has the SSL certificate, which prevents phishing attempts. Your personal data is secured using the same encryption methods as for online banking.

As a German, may I play at Tipp24? In fact, participation in the game is illegal. This means that a player from Germany is liable to prosecution. Even if you read it with a little grin. According to § 285 of the Criminal Code, participation in illegal gambling can result in a fine of up to 180 Daily rates or even a prison sentence of up to 6 Months.

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What are the disadvantages of Tipp24.com?

The biggest disadvantage for me is that playing games is a criminal offense for Germans. Even if, as mentioned above, so far no case is known, Such an uncertainty makes lottery players think too. Because automatically the questions spring back to your head: "What happened if?"Or" Is the winnings really paid out??“

Another minus point is not just the game fees 0,50 Euros but also the fact, that the profit is based only on the German quotas. This means that a lottery player comes to Tipp24.com just in case, that there are already multiple winners in the state lottery, worse way.

Any winnings will also be transferred to the player's account before they are paid out. From there the player has to take care of his winnings payout. This shortcoming still exists with the German provider Lotto24.de.

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