Lottery cheating: swindle of the 21st century. fiction or reality?

Thelotter caused the termination of the contract

How to buy an Oz Lotto ticket?

To buy a ticket, do 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to LottoAgent website and select Oz Lotto.
  2. Specify the number of tickets and 7 lucky numbers on each of them. Можете использовать автовыбор — возможно, a random combination will bring you the jackpot.
  3. Choose your participation format: one pink, multi-circulation or subscription. You can also arrange the system from 11 rooms: it will increase your chances of winning.
  4. Pay for your purchase and wait for the results. The scanned ticket will be available in your personal account.

You can deposit the amount by credit card, by phone number, via e-wallet or online bank.

Bank card Visa, Mastercard, WORLD
Online banking Sberbank, Promsvyazbank
Online wallet WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex money, Skrill
Operator Megaphone, MTS, Beeline, Tele 2


This clan is the most greedy in terms of its own investments.. They don't bother with service or mailing. These thieves trade lotteries, which a priori have no gain. These include various games like "Collect the word" or "Guess the letter". And in fact, not all letters are provided for a word, and the letter, which you have to guess, they themselves have not yet come up with. So it turns out, that it is simply impossible to win such a game.

We should also dwell on scratch lotteries here.. Many world games offer their participants to play the instant lottery. You just need to buy a ticket and wipe off the protective coating. The result becomes known instantly. In this likeness, the thieves created their fraudulent scheme.. They all have instant tickets as losers.

There is one more scheme - with codes. On packages or bottles (usually under the lid) place an allegedly unique code. It must be sent to the specified number and this will give a chance to participate in the fight for prizes. Only now no one is holding a rally.


General prize Online
To 1 000 CHF Prizes are transferred directly to your online account.
More 1 000 CHF Prizes are paid directly to your bank account.
General prize Official selling point
To 250 CHF Winnings can be claimed at any authorized retailer.
From 200 CHF to 1 000 CHF You need to complete and submit a prize request form. After filling out and submitting the form, you can receive your winnings at any official lottery sales point.
More 1 000 CHF Prizes must be claimed at lottery headquarters.

EuroMillions players from Switzerland can claim any prizes within 26 weeks.

Pay attention, that a prize can only be claimed in that country, where the winning ticket was purchased. If you bought your ticket while visiting one of the participating countries, you will have to return to this country, to claim a prize

If this is not possible, send the ticket by mail.

*We recommend that you send your ticket by registered mail or any other suitable method, as the national lottery is not responsible for lost tickets.

Great Britain

General prize Online
To 500 £ inclusive Once drawn, prizes are credited directly to your National Lottery account, winnings can be withdrawn to a bank account or used to buy new tickets.
From 500 £ to 30 000 £ During the request period (180 days from the date of the draw) you need to confirm the transfer of winnings to a bank account using a debit card, registered in your online account.
From 30 000 £ to 50 000 £ These winnings can be requested, by calling the national lottery customer service team (National Lottery Customer Care Team) by phone 0845 278 8000, to make payment of winnings. You are welcome, have your ticket or player number handy, as well as bank details.
More 50 000 £ You need to contact the national lottery customer service team (National Lottery Customer Care Team) by phone 0845 278 8000, to claim a win. The representative of the national lottery will prepare everything for, so that you personally receive your winnings at the agreed place, eg, at your home or regional lottery center.
Direct debit If you play online using direct debit (Direct Debit) and win a prize before 50 000 £ inclusive, prize money will be deposited into your bank account via bank transfer or check.
General prize Official selling point
To 100 £ Winnings can be claimed at any authorized retailer.
From 100 £ to 500 £ Can be claimed at any authorized point of sale, provided, that he has enough funds, and that your ticket has not been approved yet. If your ticket has been approved, you must return to the retail point of sale, which originally approved, ticket, or claim a prize at the post office, affiliated with the national lottery.
From 500 £ to 50 000 £

Can be requested from the post office, affiliated with the national lottery, or by submitting a winning ticket with a completed request form (only for prizes over 500 £) by postal * address:

The National Lottery
Accounts Dept
PO BOX 287
WD18 9TT

Request forms can be obtained from selected retail outlets or by calling the national lottery telephone 0845 910 0000

More 50 000 £ First, you need to contact the national lottery and issue the prize at the agreed place, eg, at your home or regional lottery center. You will need to submit a document, proof of identity, and fill in the request, to get a win.

EuroMillions UK players may claim winnings within 180 days.

On the border with Alabama

Panhandle Package store is located on the state line between Florida and Alaboma. In the last financial year, it sold 126 Florida Lottery tickets, winners over $ 600. This result is all the more surprising., if consider, that in Campbellton itself there are just over two hundred (200!) man. The Panhandle Package sells more than 6 million dollars.

Panhandle Package, view inside. The shop specializes in selling alcohol

One of the sources of the store's success is its proximity to Alabama. The fact, that there are no lotteries in Alabama, and state residents cross the border, to buy yourself Florida lottery tickets.

How to take part in an overseas lottery

maybe, you have a question: how to participate in the lottery, held abroad

It's important to know, that many of these events have international status, so anyone can buy a ticket and try their luck. But how to get a ticket, if you are at a great distance from the place of the lottery draw?

Fortunately, it is not difficult at present. Thanks to the ubiquitous internet, well established online cash registers, where you can buy tickets in any quantity and for any event

But you should pay attention to an important point: often company websites, holding the drawing, sell tickets only to citizens of their country. Therefore, it makes sense to use the services of intermediaries

Some people don't trust such companies., but these fears are unnecessary: should find intermediaries, providing online tickets, which contains a unique number and all the data of the competition.

What is Bilety Loto

Bilety lot (Online Booths, lotto Booths) Is a service, acting as an independent intermediary in the purchase of tickets for world lotteries. Exists since 2002 of the year (ex. The Lotter).

Start playing the world's biggest jackpot lotteries today! →

Why do you need an intermediary at all, do the largest lotteries in the world have their own sites? there is, of course, but many are blocked in the Russian Federation by Roskomnadzor, and on the rest there is no way to buy tickets online. Therefore, playing through an intermediary is the most affordable and easiest way, if a foreign trip is not planned.

During the service more than 5 million winners from all over the world received more than 95 000 000$. Dozens of lotteries can be played with Bilety Loto! There are syndicates for members, combo bets, multi-subscriptions and subscriptions.

Websites, mediating

They can also be called potential owners of your winnings.. They are cunning enough, convincing, quirky and bet on, which open up wide prospects for the player. Работают по следующей схеме.

  • A new Internet resource is being created (On him, usually, a bunch of bright ads, often not related to lotteries in principle). Such sites are created quite often, therefore, thieves are in no hurry to spend on a quality page. And this is the first call for a player - if the site hangs constantly, design made in one day, no functional tabs and lots of information, then run from this site as soon as possible.
  • The site offers players to buy lottery tickets for various lottery games in the world, usually, most popular.
  • Sometimes the site is filled with false reviews from players. They can be easily distinguished from real reviews - the fake advertises the site too emotionally, no negative color (even in small things), often write about almost millions of won.
  • Thieves take a wait and see attitude. They do not make sudden movements until that moment., until one of their clients wins a major prize. Then they show their true colors. The prize does not reach the winner, and the thieves are hiding with money in an unknown direction. Instead of the old site, they open a new one and continue to fool the players.

This clan has several options for behavioral strategies. Newbie scammers just expect big wins, to change the place of deployment and disappear without a trace with a substantial amount in your pocket. Others do not even bother to buy tickets - they simply send the participants edited scanned copies of tickets in Photoshop..

Results of the investigation

The investigative report provided interviews with the winner and a lawyer, who represents, also describes the purchase and ordering procedures, how the ticket was protected and handed over to the winner.

As a result of the investigation, the contract for the sale of Florida Lottery tickets was terminated for all 4 Panhandle Package stores, three of which at Campbellton, and one in Graceville.

In a letter to the president and vice president of the company, owning Panhandle Package stores, Florida Lottery officials said, that they are terminating the contract in accordance with rule 53ER07-15 (allows you to terminate the contract, if termination is necessary to ensure integrity, security, fairness or fairness of the lottery).

“The lottery makes this decision, because you are in the activity, damaging public confidence in the Lottery. As a result of our investigation, the Lottery concluded, that you are violating your contract ". According to section 19 (b) (prisoner between the Florida Lottery and the Panhandle Package) the organizer may terminate the contract immediately, if the seller took action, damaging public confidence in the lottery. “Therefore, the Panhandle Package Retail Agent Agreement is terminated, immediately after delivery of this notice.

It is also worth noting, что несмотря на случившееся деньги победительницы из Панамы все-таки отдали. Laura D. выбрала единовременную выплату и получила 20 948 543,98 dollars.

Winner Aura D., played through Thelotter, with a check on 30 million

Florida Lottery also released the following statement

Florida Lottery Follows the Law. Retailer's contracts with the Lottery include requirements and prohibitions, which may prohibit doing business with courier services, such as However, there is no provision in Florida law, prohibiting courier services in general. We will be happy to work with the Legislature on this matter..

Officials said in the investigative report, that no criminal charges were filed in this case. The investigations included checks on M. Patel (Panhandle Package owner) and a lawyer associated with

Whether the Panhandle Package and Florida Lottery contract will be reinstated remains to be seen. In theory, even after termination of the contract, the retailer may re-apply for resumption of sales. ”Approval depends on the ownership of the business, financial responsibility, integrity, reputation, business accessibility for the population and security of premises "

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