Superlotto plus

California lottery superlotto plus (5 из 47 + 1 of 27)

In the Internet hypermarket e-dostavka

For those of you, who prefers to shop, without leaving home, either lives outside the Republic of Belarus, we offer a service for purchasing lottery tickets on the Internet. To do this, go to, which is an online store selling lottery tickets "Superloto", "Capital" and "Bonus Plus". Without leaving home, You can track the results of the draws and receive winnings. Register and join!
The following methods of depositing a game account are available:

  • bank cards VISA / Mastercard (via WebPay);
  • Money from your mobile phone account MTS / life:);
  • E-money , EasyPay;
  • Cash or bank cards Belkart, Visa, Mastercard through infokioski OAO ASB “Belarusbank”;
  • Through the system “Payment” (ERIP).
  • via internet- and SMS-banking JSC ASB “Belarusbank”;
  • In cash through the QIWI service in payment terminals and payment acceptance points of "Allo" salons, Euroset, "Messenger", "Connected".

By installing the mobile application on your phone, You will be able to purchase lottery tickets. Installing the application and registering a game account is completely FREE! Withdrawing money from the gaming account occurs without commission and only when buying tickets. The application can be used around the clock to buy Superloto lottery tickets, "Bonus Plus" and "CAPITAL" . In addition, mobile application users participate in the promotion “Each 10 ticket – is free”! The mobile application allows you to play your favorite lotteries, as in demo mode, and for real money. More details

MTS / life subscribers can always play the SUPERLOTO lottery and purchase lottery tickets by mobile phone using SMS messages. After all, playing on your mobile is so convenient and easy! You pay only the cost of the lottery ticket – NO COMMISSIONS AND OVERPAYMENTS! There is no need for preliminary registration to participate in the lottery.

Just a short number 553 send an SMS message in one of the suggested formats:

SMS messages, sent to number 553, free and NOT TARIFFED for life subscribers:) and MTS! More about Mobile SUPERLOTO

For the same, who prefers to buy lottery tickets in the classic way, places of ticket sales for the Superloto draw lottery, мгновенных лотерей «Капитал» , Бонус ПЛЮС» расположены по всей территории Республики Беларусь:

  • in branches of JSSB "Belarusbank" – "Superlot", "Capital";
  • in the branches of "Belinvestbank" – "Superlot";
  • in the branches of "Belagroprombank" – all lotteries;
  • in the branches of RUE "Belpochta" – all lotteries;
  • in branches “Minoblsoyuzprint” (Борисовское, Солигорское, Molodechno, Slutsk branch) – all lotteries;
  • in RUE branches “Belsoyuzpechat” – all lotteries;
  • at the box office of the Minsk bus station – "Superlot";
  • в киосках “Minsktrans” – all lotteries;
  • from the distributors RUE "National Sports Lotteries" – all lotteries;
  • from the Lottery Organizer, at the central office at: r. Minsk, etc. Independence, 49 – all lotteries;
  • в областных филиалах РУП «Национальные спортивные лотереи» – all lotteries;

If you want to please your colleagues, employees or attract buyers with the opportunity to win big money, You can purchase lottery tickets by bank transfer. We always have a special offer for our partners. Details by phone. 8 (017) 290-74-61 (Department of preparation and sale of lottery tickets).

Now SUPERLOTO lottery tickets can be bought through information kiosks of JSC “JSSB Belarusbank” using a bank card. Buying tickets through the infokiosk you get several additional benefits: after purchasing a lottery ticket, and after the drawing you will receive a notification on your mobile phone. The service is available only for cardholders of JSC "ASB Belarusbank". More about buying through the JSC info kiosk “ASB Belarusbank”.

NEW! Вы можете приобрести лотерейные билеты СУПЕРЛОТО на ближайшие несколько тиражей, as well as tickets for instant lotteries Bonus Plus and CAPITAL in the e-dostavka Internet hypermarket. Book your tickets online More about bonus tickets

How to participate in the lottery

SuperLotto Plus lottery is running 2 once a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in California. The broadcast starts at 22.00 by local time. Everyone can take part in the drawing, who will buy the lottery ticket, which is sold as at a ground point of sale, and via the Internet. The popularity of the lottery is very high - in the state there are over 20 thousand points of authorized ticket sales.

Having received a lottery ticket, you need to choose any 6 numbers - from 1 to 47, and also choose one MEGA ball from 1 to 27. You can mark these numbers yourself, or using, if you play over the internet, auto fill function. So, in the first version, the player independently decides the fate of his ticket, in the second case, a computer program works for him. Within one game coupon in QuickPick mode (autocomplete described above) can be done before 10 pond.

There is no limit on the number of combinations - so, the more bets will be made, the higher your chances of winning. The only thing, what you need to do is pay the bids, so that they take part in the drawing. There is another special option called AdvancePlay, within which the same numbers can take part in several draws in a row.

If you are dealing with paper, requires a blue or black ink pen, and if an error was detected, the cell must be marked as invalid and corrected in the required field.

A prerequisite is the presence of a drawing number in the ticket, time and date of the drawing, as well as selected numbers. If the participant of the drawing pays several bets one time in the amount of 5 dollars, he is given a special code, which makes it possible to use the so-called "Second Chance", which will allow you to get an additional prize.

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