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Super lottery

The chances of "winning" in Superloto are equal 100%, yes, only besides
congratulatory inscriptions nothing good the site will not bring. Looking for
justice even tried to call the number indicated on the page, but
he turned out to be inactive.

Single button, which the owner of the Super Lotto scam allows you to click - this is "Go to get a prize". А он будто бы равен 198 965 rubles. We press it ...

  • Request processing in progress. Takes several
    seconds and must convince the seriousness of what is happening;
  • Offer 2 withdrawal option - through
    mail and online. Office pickup is not available;
  • To complete the transfer, you need to pay a commission.

The amount of payment is from 398 to 1098 rubles. Following
the fraudster may ask to pay for other fictitious services. Hopefully, You already
clarified, what is super lotto cheating. Stay away from the site and its clones.

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How to participate in the lottery in Russia

American law about lotteries reads, that in order to participate in the drawing, the ticket must be purchased in the state, where is the game organized, and online games are strictly prohibited. That is, to participate in the SUPERLOTTO PLUS drawing, physical presence in California is required.

There is an alternative option for purchasing lotteries from foreign countries - to resort to the services of a specialized agency Lotto Agent.

This agency acts as an intermediary between the player and the organizer of the foreign lottery. The player purchases a ticket online at the intermediary's website, and agents buy the lottery at official points of sale.

Для участия в SUPERLOTTO PLUS через Lotto Agent нужно выполнить довольно простой алгоритм действий:

  1. go to the site ru, register your account;
  2. select SUPERLOTTO PLUS in your personal account, by clicking on the "play" button;
  3. select the required number of tickets and mark each one 5 numbers on the main field, 1 number on the bonus field. It is possible to use auto-selection.
  4. choose the type of participation: one-time, 4 circulation, 10 circulation.
  5. confirm the rate and make payment in any convenient way.

The price includes agency services, therefore the lottery price differs from the price on the organizer's website.

After payment, an email will be sent confirming the rate. Within a few days, but no later than the day of the drawing, in the section of your personal account "My bets" a scan will appear - a copy of the lottery form.

California SuperLotto Plus Review (Super Lotto Plus)


Options The values
rules 5 of 47 + PB 1 of 27
Participants California, USA
Draw time Wed. 19:57
Sat. 19:57
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are subject to local tax in three tax categories.
Category 1: winnings before $600 tax-free;
Category 2: amounts from $600,01 to $5 000 taxed 28%;
Category 3: amounts over $5 000 taxed 25% (30% for non-residents).

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 5+PB 1:41 416 353
2 Prize 5 1:1 592 937
3 Prize 4+PB 1:197 221
4 Prize 4 1:7 585
5 Prize 3+PB 1:4 810
6 Prize 3 1:185
7 Prize 2+PB 1:361
8 Prize 1+PB 1:74
9 Prize 0+PB 1:49

SUPERLOTTO PLUS official website

  • about instant lotteries - SCRATCERS. All of them 59, and the cost varies from 1 to 30 dollars. SCRATCERS has its own duration. They are constantly being updated. By clicking on the information about the end of the game, you can see, which one is over.
  • about the game "Second Chance", which is held among those who have not won tickets and provides an opportunity to try your luck again.
  • about Draw games. Total 8 games, including SUPERLOTTO PLUS. Their essence lies in the independent selection of numbers on the lottery sheet.. In this section you can read the rules, results of the draw, answers to popular questions.

You can create a personal account on the site, it is required to participate in the game "Second Chance", see the latest draws, read information about school funding, download applications to mobile phones.

- Rules, how to play and lottery prizes.

American lottery, which is held twice a week in the state of California.

Lottery website, not selling tickets, but only informing:
That is why it is often referred to as the California lottery or the California lottery..

The first California Super Lotto was introduced in 1986 year.

Unlike other American lottery games, held in several states, this game is only played in California, but thanks to the lottery concierge service, players from all over America, as well as any other part of the world, can take part in the draws of this super lotto.

The minimum "Super Lotto" jackpot is 7 million dollars.

When, if none of the players guesses all five numbers and one mega ball, then the jackpot is carried over to the next draw.

Since there are no restrictions on the transfer of the prize fund in the California lotto, then potentially the amount of the win can grow significantly and reach such amounts as the maximum prize at the moment - 193 million dollars.

In accordance with the law passed in August 2010 of the year, about 87% ticket profits must go back to the California community - either through ticket sales, community funding, or other contributions.

Presently, 94% of the profit is spent on the development of education, prizes for players or compensation for distributors, and all 6% spent on administrative costs.

California Draw Schedule
Per week held 2 of the California Super Lotto draw on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Draws take place in 19:57* and the results are available for viewing shortly after the end of the draw.

Draws are held at the headquarters of the lottery organizers, in Sacramento, and are broadcast on many channels throughout the country.

California Super Lotto Rules
To participate in the California Super Lotto, participants will have to choose five numbers from 47 possible, plus mega ball from the range from 1 to 27.

To win the main prize, you need to guess everything 6 balls, however, even in the case, if the player guessed the lower number, then he can claim one of the consolation prizes.

The odds of winning one of the California Super Lotto prizes are equal 1 of 23, which is a fairly high probability, especially when compared with the national lottery.

If you're lucky enough to be the California Super Lotto jackpot winner, then you have two options to get a prize. First, immediately get a win in one amount, but in this case, the amount will be less than the announced. Second, get a prize in the form 26 annual payments, which in total will be equal to the specified jackpot. Powerball and Megamillions jackpots are paid on the same principle..

* - Pacific Standard Time (PST)


The jackpot in this American lottery starts with 7 million dollars.
If you win, you have to choose again - either get half of it at once (more precisely, from 50% to 60%) sums, либо равными долями всю сумму на протяжении 26 years.

If interested, then follow this link.

Super Lotto

Described site:

The essence of the lottery is as follows: each participant is given a ticket, a
then the system selects random numbers. If they are on the ticket, to the account
money is credited. The more matches, the higher the amount. Just have your own

Remember: free lotteries are organized only for advertising
or other benefits. Nobody will just share finances with the participant.
We think, this is understandable ... But that's why then you stubbornly bite at scams,
promising fabulous profits for nothing?!

Super Lotto project is a typical cheat, practically a clone of RosLoto and SuperLoto services. Even the names are almost the same. The cheating scheme is simple:

  • Give out a free ticket;
  • Conduct a "draw". Every time one falls out and
    the same numbers, coinciding with those drawn on the ticket;
  • Offer to receive a prize after payment
    certain services.

Why are people being led? Because it seems, as if cherished
the award is practically in your pocket. Only a small payment in a pair separates from it
hundreds of rubles. Only in the end does the scammer make money here, not you! In a scam
Super Lotto has no money at all, which are shown on the screen.

During and after the draw, Superloto links are blocked. We cannot go to social networks or other pages. They just don't exist. The crook bluffs outright, do you believe him! Take a look at the first stage of registration: write, that the system itself determined the user's first and last name, and this is complete nonsense.

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California Lotto - game rules

«Super lotto» — самая выигрышная лотерея в Калифорнии, her playstyle resembles that of Mega million. Draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday. The first name of the game sounded like "California Lottery", but some time later, namely in 2000 year the name was changed, which did not affect the principle of the game "Super lotto".

Super Lotto jackpots

Самый маленький джекпот этой игры составил около 1 000 000 US dollars, а самый большой – 193 000 dollars. Anyone can win, especially if you are a gambler, lottery loves excitement and risk. The risky, it is your ticket that may end up being lucky.

Jackpots, despite its huge amount, always paid on time and without a single nuance. The main thing to know, what do you play on the lottery site, you are not a member of illegal lotteries. Unlike many others, this site guarantees the payment of winnings without delays and problems.

How to buy a lottery ticket, if I'm from Russia?

To participate in SuperLotto Plus, you need to use special services, who cooperate with foreign lotteries. The site will reserve a ticket for you and notify you of the results. One of the most convenient services - AgentLotto.

To buy a ticket:

  1. Go to AgentLotto and select the SuperLotto Plus section
  2. Choose numbers yourself or with a number generator
  3. Pay for your purchase and wait for the results

How much does the ticket cost?

The ticket costs everything 2,99$ or about 190 rubles. You can use a card for payment, mobile phone bill, electronic wallet or online bank.

Bank card Any bank of Russia
Online wallet Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex money, Skrill
Operators Megaphone, Beeline, MTS, Tele 2
Internet bank PromSvyazBank, Sberbank

The price includes participation in the lottery, notification of the results and transfer of the prize.

The secret to winning the lottery

Increasing your chances of winning and grabbing the jackpot is easy. A systematic form will help in this..

Systematic form - tool, which picks up all possible combinations of the selected numbers. Example below.

Selected numbers Possible combinations
From 6 to 11 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
6, 7, 8, 9, 11
6, 7, 8, 10, 11
6, 7, 9, 10, 11
6, 8, 9, 10, 11
7, 8, 9, 10, 11

General information about US lotteries

In the US, the lottery is not just a popular opportunity to "tickle" your nerves and give you an adrenaline rush, this is a real national idea. The lucky ones are found every year, guessing 3 or 5 dropped random numbers, who become multimillionaires overnight.

There are two types of US lottery:

  • Interstate. A large number of states participate in the draw. Any American can buy a ticket and a chance to win. Of this category, the most famous are Megamillions (Megamillions) and Powerball (Powerball)
  • Regional - state lotteries. The most famous lately are Super Lotto Plus, which takes place in California, Superlotto in Florida, Mega Buks Oregon

Also, the United States has an inherently unprecedented lottery, allowing a resident of another country to obtain American citizenship as a prize. The drawing takes place annually, after which the winners receive a green card. Green card is a residence permit, allowing you to live and work in America. For, to participate in the lottery, necessary:

  • Fill out your application form on the official website in the fall
  • In spring check the result by individual number
  • The winners collect the necessary documents and are interviewed at the visa center
  • If approved, they are given six months to, to move to the country

Statistics show that, that at the interview stage almost 50% job seekers, however, even in spite of this, every year on winning numbers enter America up to 50 thousands of people.

American lottery, unlike some other countries, always involves paying tax in case of winning. Its size varies by state and is established by law, whereas, eg, in Europe, most countries do not have such an article of taxation.

Also in the USA there is a specific system for issuing winnings, large amounts can be obtained in two ways:

  • A certain amount immediately after deducting tax interest (it differs from state to state and can be quite large, reaching 50-70% on the size of the win)
  • All winnings in equal parts over a number of years (most often from 26 to 30)

Super lottery

Now let's remember, how is the lotto game actually going. Man buys a ticket, then listens to the presenter and closes the corresponding numbers on his card. And then how lucky. The payoff can be big, average or it may not be at all. In any case, a card with numbers is required. Well, in Superloto you don't need anything.. it's super loto after all

Scam Superlotto (Super lotto) располагается по вот этому адресу only that scammers can change this address to another at any moment. Therefore, remember everything visually and watch my video review at the end of the article.. It is there that I will tell and show EVERYTHING as it really is, do not miss!

But the scammer does not care, does the person like to play or win. For this reason, there is no game process on the Superloto website.. You don't even need to strain here. Came, clicked the get button and got rich. Moreover, you can choose the method of receiving the prize.

Noticed, that it is impossible to get a win at the office? This is because Superloto has no office.. It's just a scam. But you can allegedly receive by postal order or to a bank card. Again, a psychological trick is involved..

Man, freebie hungry, wants to get big money quickly. A cash offer via mail takes about two weeks. The crook knows, that no one will wait that long, and you have to pay a thousand rubles for delivery. Therefore, he offered an alternative - to receive the winnings on a bank card within ten minutes.

To withdraw to the card, you must pay a fee in the amount of 400 rubles. Of course, the club will rush to this option and will gladly transfer money from his pocket to the fraudster. But there is no win here..

California Lotto - history of creation

«California Lotto» зародилась еще в 1984 year. Many players don't know, but exactly 6 November of the same year, the California State Lottery Act was passed, bringing this game to a qualitatively new level of legalized, a full-fledged lottery. The first edition has passed 24.01.1985 of the year, Kennard Webster was responsible for the cash prizes, George Dokmae and Howard Vernner.

To make everything go at the highest level, and the California Lottery has become a valid, these, world famous people, made a lot of effort. It was extremely difficult to comply with the state level, but the organizers opened in just three months the lottery headquarters in Richards, north of downtown.

First Lottery Leaders

The lottery was run by the Governor of California, and Mark Michalko became a lottery lawyer in 1985 year. The lawyer was accepted, to ensure the correct execution of the game. The first lottery game was Scratchers and was held 14 October 1986 of the year.

Checking results

After the drawing, information about the results is posted on the site within 3 hours since its end.

Steps to check a ticket at Lotto Agent:

  1. click the "Results" tab, located at the top of the page ru;
  2. select SUPERLOTTO PLUS from the list of games;
  3. check the numbers - the winners with the numbers on their ticket;
  4. in case of coincidence, determine the amount won, according to the guessed combination.

You can check the results immediately after the draw on the official website of the lottery organizer:

  1. go to the California State Lottery website at;
  2. in the site menu click on the "DRAW GAMES" tab;
  3. select SUPERLOTTO PLUS.

Super lotto

As soon as the naive victim pays the superlotto fee, nothing will happen next. You can refresh the page and get into the same trap again., if there is no mind at all.

The Superloto website even supposedly has a chat. It is made in the same style as Vatsap and Viber. You can actually watch how comments are added. You can write a couple of lines yourself, and they even go out into the common window. Yes, you just need to refresh the page, as comment disappears. Because the scammer doesn't want anybody's comments. He put his reviews into the program in advance., which are beneficial only to him, the rest does not bother him.

Scam verdict!

Superlotto - LOKHOTRON! Not only will you not win money here, but also lose yours. So be careful, do not get fooled by offers of quick winnings of big money. This does not happen anywhere and never. Think with your head before you do something!

Now watch my video review and see and understand EVERYTHING for yourself, do not miss!

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Rules of the game

The lottery ticket has two digital fields: for the main and bonus games Mega. The player's task is to guess 5 numbers from 47. Besides this there is a Mega game, to win it, you need to guess one number from 27.

The draw takes place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6 hours 57 minutes Moscow time. There are nine winning combinations in total, but to get the minimum prize, it is enough to guess the bonus number or three numbers from the main playing field, and to get the jackpot all 6 numbers in both fields.

In the first three combinations, the prizes are fixed. If you guess only the bonus number, then the prize will be 1 dollars, 1 main and bonus - 5 dollars, a 2 main and bonus - 10 dollars. The rest of the prizes are divided equally among the winners.. The minimum jackpot is 7 million dollars.

Incomplete systems

100% 2 – at 2 guessed:

Rooms: 6 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 18

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 19

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 21

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 21

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 27

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 28

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 37

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 38

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 40

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 43

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 48

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 50

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 52

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 55

Rooms: 34 – Tickets: 62

Rooms: 35 – Tickets: 63

Rooms: 36 – Tickets: 66

Rooms: 37 – Tickets: 68

Rooms: 38 – Tickets: 76

Rooms: 39 – Tickets: 78

Rooms: 40 – Tickets: 82

Rooms: 41 – Tickets: 82

Rooms: 42 – Tickets: 93

Rooms: 43 – Tickets: 95

Rooms: 44 – Tickets: 99

Rooms: 45 – Tickets: 99

100% 3 – at 3 guessed:

Rooms: 6 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 8

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 29

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 34

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 43

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 56

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 65

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 68

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 94

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 108

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 133

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 151

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 172

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 187

100% 4 – at 4 guessed:

Rooms: 6 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 51

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 66

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 113

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 157

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Sivanandham M.

575,53 EUR≈ 45 153,21 ₽

Ysaac V.

114,00 USD≈ 8 042,38 ₽

Sulung S.

135,32 AUD≈ 6 358,73 ₽

Victor B.

393,00 USD≈ 27 725,04 ₽

Victor B.

393,00 USD≈ 27 725,04 ₽

Jenni A.

76,13 GBP≈ 6 624,16 ₽

I pray b.

85,85 EUR≈ 6 735,36 ₽

van quy l.

113,00 USD≈ 7 971,83 ₽

Sunil H.

116,00 USD≈ 8 183,47 ₽

Ysaac V.

106,00 USD≈ 7 478,00 ₽

Dmitry K.

47,00 USD≈ 3 315,72 ₽

Mark F.

48,00 USD≈ 3 386,26 ₽

Mats W.

33,90 EUR≈ 2 659,62 ₽

rabeea a.

105,00 USD≈ 7 407,45 ₽

Tariq A.

46,00 USD≈ 3 245,17 ₽

Gennady Ch.

45,00 USD≈ 3 174,62 ₽

Federico Guillermo A.

57,00 USD≈ 4 021,19 ₽

Paul S.

39,00 USD≈ 2 751,34 ₽

Gerdas D.

52,00 USD≈ 3 668,45 ₽

Roopkumar Kalwani K..

35,22 EUR≈ 2 763,19 ₽

pavel g.

50,00 USD≈ 3 527,36 ₽

Constantin R.

44,73 EUR≈ 3 509,29 ₽

William M.

31,39 GBP≈ 2 731,28 ₽

Toni M.

56,00 USD≈ 3 950,64 ₽

saber v.

56,00 USD≈ 3 950,64 ₽

Shahin N.

71,00 USD≈ 5 008,85 ₽

Shahin N.

62,00 USD≈ 4 373,93 ₽

Shahin N.

26,00 USD≈ 1 834,23 ₽

Shahin N.

25,00 USD≈ 1 763,68 ₽

Shahin N.

72,00 USD≈ 5 079,40 ₽

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