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Benefits of Using Strategies in Sports Betting

In this section, users of the community share their own betting systems for various sports. Known, that effective planning always has a positive effect on the final result, and betting in bookmakers is no exception here.

It's important to include your head in sports betting, and not do everything thoughtlessly. Only a thorough analysis and inner feeling will allow you to try to predict the outcome of an event.

Betting is a constant source of income for many people.. But for that, to reach this level, it will take not a single month to learn different strategies, which can bring profit in the medium and long term. Playing against a gambling operator, need to remember: using a good system, you can significantly reduce the risks of losing your game bank.

Application advantages:

financial control - implies a clear understanding of, how to allocate your financial resources. They need to be able to diversify according to various criteria.. for example, do not bet on only one type of market.
competent risk assessment - everyone determines the priority for himself. Some players cannot control themselves and when they see, what are they "rushing", start to mindlessly bet on everything

It's very important to keep in mind, that at a certain moment it is necessary to stop, and ignore some events altogether.
point analysis of events when predicting outcomes is most often a list of questions, which you must answer yourself, in order to most likely predict the outcome of the match. The most popular questions are: What factors and features should be considered? What is important, and what is secondary in predicting the outcome of a particular event? What factor will be determining? What determines the result to a greater extent?

Only after, how do you organize these points into a coherent whole and follow all the steps sequentially, keeping my head cold, you will see the results of your work in growing ROI and other indicators. It will seem to you, that you knew all this before, but this is far from the case. Only with hard work and studying the theoretical and practical aspects of betting can you become a professional bettor.

Here you will find popular financial strategies, describing the most reasonable bank management, publications for football, allowing you to more effectively wager on the most popular sport in the world, as well as other team disciplines, such as hockey and basketball. Tennis lovers did not go unnoticed either - in this section you can find popular author publications on this topic.

Professional players will be able to use strategies with minimal risk against bookmakers. For a better understanding, the answers to frequently asked questions from outside will help you to understand, as beginner players, and people, for which the rates have become higher, than just a hobby.

Lottery betting strategies

Random lottery bets with hopes of luck are doomed to fail, therefore experienced betters, who managed to make money on this type of forecasts, recommend choosing one of the many strategies and sticking to tactics, without departing from its principles even a step.

Legal bookmakers, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, offer several types of jokes: keno, bingo, state lottery bets. One of them, enjoying particular success among our compatriots, this is Gosloto 5 of 36. The drawing takes place 2 once a day, which is very convenient for using tactics with elements of dogon. Также БК выставляют для игры лотереи, held in other countries, including Europe, USA and China.

so, strategy itself. Choosing a bet with two possible outcomes, eg, first ball dropped larger 18,5. The odds in different bookmakers may differ slightly and be on average 1,85 – 1,90. Then we determine the desired profit, in example 100 rubles, and calculate the bet amount using a special formula:

Bet amount = Profit / (coefficient - 1)

In our case: 100/(1,85 – 1) = 118 rubles.

Making a forecast: if the number is greater than 19 to 36 - bet won, from 1 to 18 - the bet is lost. In the second situation, we wait for the next draw and repeat the bet, only the profit is calculated taking into account the lost amount:

100 + 118 = 218 rubles;218/(1,85 – 1) = 256 rubles - new rate.

If the prediction is wrong again, we keep playing until we win, recalculating the amount for each bet. This tactic is derived from the famous Martingale strategy.

No less famous other system of winning without much risk, which is used for many bets in bookmakers, including lottery predictions. Its name is the d'Alembert strategy. To make a profit, you must select an event with a coefficient of more than 3. The difference between the strategy and the previous one is, that it requires not doubling the previous bet, but only adding a fixed amount to it.


Select the bet “at least one ball from the drawing will be a multiple of five” with the odds 3 and put on the outcome 100 rubles. If the forecast does not come true, for the next draw we add more 100, ie. bet amount will be already 200 rubles.

In case of winning:200*3 = 600; 600 – 100 – 200 = 300 rubles - net profit.

If the forecast fails again, add to the rate 100 rubles:300*3 = 900; 900 – 100 – 200 – 300 = 300 rubles - the winnings are the same 300 rubles.

Another popular lottery in Russian bookmakers is keno. Its essence lies in the players guessing the numbers drawn. The more numbers are marked by the lottery participant, the higher the probability of winning. Number of rooms, which a better can mark at a time - 15 of 80, 20 of 70, 20 of 80. If at least one of them is guessed, the player will make a profit. There are other recruitment systems, depending on the country and type of lottery.

Some Keno lottery participants choose numbers at random, others assess the likelihood of falling out from previous draws, still others use random number generators, based on special programs for the evaluation of statistical data. However, the latter is highly doubtful, and the chance to win on such a system is not much higher.

Popular numbers are an easy way to increase your chance

Also, to increase your chance of getting a winning combination, you can see the single-digit number of the closest completed lotteries. This is done simply.

  • We write down all the dropped numbers in a row and add them. Example: 12,13,14,15,16 – 1+2+1+3+1+4+1+5+1+6 = 25, 2+5=7. Odd.
  • If you check the next few runs like this, then you can identify certain patterns. for example, even numbers have been dropped recently, means a great chance, what will be an odd number.
  • Eliminate repetitions. If the previous game had 3 or, eg, 4, then they can be excluded.

maybe, the following information will help you. After analyzing more than a hundred editions, it turned out, that the most popular combination was that, whose numerological number turned out to be 9. Using this method and analyzing the nearest past circulation, you can find the most suitable figure at this particular time.

Joule Klaus Methodology

Developing the theme of the use of magic, it will not be superfluous to mention one more method, which can be helpful when choosing numbers for the upcoming lottery draw, namely, about visualization. So, Joel Claus, author of the book "The Messenger", suggests doing the following (in fact they are described in relation to rates, but the principle does not change from this):

  • Retire to a separate room and sit in a chair like this, to make your posture the most comfortable.
  • Relax and imagine, that you are on a passenger train.
  • Imagine, that the train stops at stations with some frequency. There should be so many stops, how many days are left until the lottery draw.
  • Get off at the destination station, go to the kiosk and buy a newspaper, in which the results of the drawing are printed. If they are not actually published in newspapers, and reported on TV, then follow to the station building, go to one of the TVs, where the winning numbers will be announced.
  • Return to the platform and board the train in the opposite direction.
  • Stopping at your starting station, complete visualization.

Of course, this way of "traveling to the future" is not suitable for everyone, and no one guarantees the result. Nonetheless, you can try.

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