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Review of the all-Russian lottery sportloto


Here everything is simple. One or more fields on the ticket must be erased, behind which information about the win is hidden. Also, each such ticket has a closed field with the inscription "Do not wash". There, under the protective layer ..., according to which, in case of winning, the lottery organizer will be able to conduct an examination and establish, is it real or is it fake. In another type of instant lotteries, you don't need to erase anything, but you need to tear off part of the ticket, to expand it and find out the amount of the win.

Instant lottery tickets are usually bright and colorful., thanks to which they attract the attention of players. For sure, many people know this pleasant feeling, when you erase the protective layer in the hope of winning

In case of winning, small amounts are usually paid in the same place, where the ticket was purchased. For larger cash prizes, you have to contact the organizer directly. The more expensive the ticket is, the more attractive the main prize of such a lottery can be. However, they are usually far from the jackpots of numerical lotteries..

You can also buy an instant lottery ticket online. Of course, the seller assures users, that the result is laid down in advance, rather than generated after the player buys a ticket. But unlike the paper version, in which the result is printed in advance, in an electronic game, an ordinary person cannot check this in any way.

Cons of instant lotteries:

  • There is no possibility of self-selection of numbers;
  • Most often, the maximum possible winnings do not reach the jackpots of drawn lotteries;
  • The ticket can be lost;
  • The organizer may be a fraud and not pay the prize.

The largest and most advertised instant lotteries should be chosen. Give preference to topics, organized by the state.

What lottery really to win - what the statistics say

We looked at this issue from the perspective of probability theory. But you need to understand, that it works with a very large sample, about a million outcomes.

No other company has had such a large number of draws yet., therefore, lotteries are more interesting to consider from a statistical point of view.

The slogan

Under the brand name "Gosloto" 4 state lotteries, we will consider the most popular - "5 out of 36". Held daily 5 draws, and the total number of copies exceeded 8100.

The statistics are quite interesting:

  1. Number of participants. Participates in each drawing from 10000 to 20000 tickets. At the same time, the largest number of participants falls on the evening draws.
  2. Drawn amounts. If we talk about circulation, in which there is no jackpot, then payouts range from 300 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles.
  3. Jackpot. The super prize is drawn on average every hundredth draw. That is, every 20 days another millionaire appears.

Russian lotto

One of the most popular and oldest lotteries in Russia. Draws are held once a week on Sundays.

The site provides the following statistics:

  1. Number of participants. In the regular draw, from 2 500 000 to 3 500 000 tickets. In special, when remains 2 barrel, from 7 000 000. The first of January 2018 the record was set: in the drawing took over 45 000 000 participants.
  2. Drawn amounts. On a typical day, played out 100 000 000 — 120 000 000 rubles. For special editions, the amount is doubled. The record belongs to the January edition - 2 125 000 150 rubles.
  3. Fallen barrels. Most often numbers remain in the bag 83, 76, 78, 70, 37.

Winning chance. This indicator depends on the missing numbers. There are no official statistics on the site. But by simple mathematical calculations, the following result will be obtained: 4 barrel - 20%, 3 — 30%, 2 — 40%.

Housing lottery

The name speaks for itself. All big prizes are real estate (country houses, cottages, apartments). The rules are exactly the same, as in "Russian Lotto". Only a lottery drum is used instead of a bag of barrels. Draw takes place once a week on Sunday.

The statistics for the draws are as follows:

  1. Number of participants. It is lower, than in the more popular "Russian Lotto". For standard - up to a million, for special draws - up to 2,5 million.
  2. Drawn amounts. In the standard draw, the draw is up to 80 million rubles. The record belongs to the January special edition, during which more than 310 000 000 rubles.
  3. Non-falling balls. Balls numbered are the least likely to take part in the game. 18, 72, 11, 70, 37.

Golden Key

In the past, one of the most popular representatives, and the main competitor of "Russian Lotto". IN 2015 ceased to exist, for unknown reasons. We wanted to compare the statistics of the "Golden Key" with existing counterparts, but there is no information.

The only thing, what we managed to find was a loud mention of, that during its existence it was played 2000 prizes worth more than 1 million each.


Sportloto is the oldest representative on this list. Draws are held every 15 minutes. Sportloto does not boast of large amounts paid. The maximum possible amount is 10 000 000 rubles. Biggest win, found by me in the archive - 63 000 rubles.

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