40 Russians spent billions on lotteries

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Higher prices - more turnover

TV Lottery Prices, including "Russian Lotto" and "Housing Lottery" have been doubled since May 2016. At first, this negatively affected sales., after all, the jump was too sharp. Since we have no competition, то у игроков просто не осталось выбора — они могли либо покупать билеты по новой цене. Or don't buy ... Over time, the situation has leveled off - you can say, that the number of players remained the same. And the turnover has grown! Not twice of course, but also noticeable

"Housing lottery"

  • January June 2016, turnover 1,160 billion rubles
  • January June 2017, turnover 1,276 billion rubles
  • growth - 10%

The total increase in these two lotteries - 61% Almost the same, like Russian Post. Likely, it was about this, that the sales volume of "Housing Lottery" and "Russian Lotto" increased, compared to the corresponding period last year

Only this does not mean, that lotteries are selling more. No, it only says, that Russians began to earn more. For a monopoly, such a course of development is natural, all that was needed was to double prices.

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