How much do lottery tickets cost

How much do foreign lottery tickets cost??

Where to buy tickets

This lottery is different in that, that tickets are sold not only in printed paper form, but also on electronic media. It is commercially viable, because. makes it possible to sell tickets remotely.

Electronic online tickets

There are the following options for purchasing electronic coupons:

  1. Online store for selling tickets on the official website of the distributor, in the role of which is the organization "Stoloto". Payment can be made using a bank card, issued by any bank in the country, on which the function of digital electronic signature “3D-Secure” for purchases on the Internet is connected.
  2. Mobile version of the site. If for some reason there are problems with access to the official website, to purchase electronic coupons, you can use its mobile version
  3. Official Stoloto mobile app. Owners of devices based on Android and iOS operating systems can install a client application from a distributor on their gadgets and purchase electronic tickets for the next draw using it.

Besides the carrier, on which it applies, the electronic coupon has no differences from the more familiar paper version for many.

Communication salons, Russian Post and other points of sale

If we talk about these same paper tickets, you can buy them:

  • In such communication salons, as "Messenger" or "Euroset";
  • In any of the branches of "Russian Post" and "Post-Bank";
  • In bookmaker offices, organizer's partners, eg, Baltbet, or lottery network "BaltLoto";
  • In the offices of the operator "Rostelecom";
  • In large stores or supermarkets of large retail chains "Pyaterochka", "Crossroads".

Besides, purchase at kiosks possible, selling lottery tickets simultaneously from various organizations. Such a small kiosk can be found in almost any area., especially in big cities.

Lottery machines

Special self-service terminals from "Stoloto" are also used to sell paper tickets.. They are often installed in large stores and various supermarkets..


Also, it is possible to buy a coupon using the SMS service. It is enough to send a short message with the text "RL" to the number 9999 from a SIM card of any Russian operator.

Where to buy lottery tickets

There are three main ways to buy Stoloto lottery coupons - online (via internet resources), through mobile communication (by sms), as well as in a variety of stationary (terrestrial) points of implementation. Let's take a closer look at all these methods.:

  • Buying tickets online. This can be done on the company's website, on the mobile site, which is intended to be visited from smartphones and tablets, via Android or iOS app. By registering on the site, you will be able to pay for the ticket purchase in one click, which is especially convenient then, when the closing time of sales approaches.
  • Buying a coupon via SMS. You just need to send a message with the name of the lottery to a special number (the detailed procedure is indicated on the page of each game on the operator's website).
  • Purchase in inpatient departments. These can be lottery machines and kiosks., branches of Russian Post, Rostelecom, Stoloto offices, branches of the bookmaker Baltbet, Balt Lotto points. A list of all land-based Stoloto coupon sales points is on the operator's website. For a more convenient search, go to the page of the lottery you are interested in and go to the section "Where to buy?».

How to play the lottery?

Each of the draws, passing weekly is carried out according to uniform rules.

All tickets are split into two cards, containing three lines with different numbers.

The draw is divided into three main rounds:

The winning tickets in the number one round are the tickets, Where 5 numbers, located in one line (regardless of its location) earlier than others will coincide with the numbers of those game kegs, which the host or his guests will pull out of the bag.
Then the fields come into play, into which lottery tickets are divided. To become the winner of the second round, any of these fields must be filled in with winning numbers (there are only two of them)

And it's important to do it earlier., than all other players, participating in the draw. There is also the drawing of the main prize of each of the draws - the jackpot.

That player can become its owner, who has everything 15 the first dropped kegs will be exactly the same, as well as located in the same field.
In the third and all other rounds, the rules are simplified as much as possible.. Here, we already need a match with the dropped kegs of all 30 numbers on the ticket. With each subsequent round, the number of winning tickets increases, and the amount of the win decreases. The earlier everything 30 numbers coincide with the numbers of the dropped kegs - the more the winning amount will be.

It should be noted, that the largest monetary and material gains (because the lottery is not only about money) can be obtained in the first and second round. Besides, those tickets, who became the winners of these parts can continue to fight in the drawing, but after winning the round number 3, the ticket no longer participates in the distribution of the prize pool.

Also, at the end of the draw, another consolation drawing is held. It's called "Kubyshka". It plays tickets, who did not become winners of the main draw. If they have all the numbers, who remained in the bag after graduation, and they are located in the same playing field, consolation cash prizes await their owners.

Is it possible to win?

Big Winning Chances, especially in the first two rounds, or even more so, the jackpot draw cannot be called large. Although, according to the results of almost every print run, the organizers report figures from about 30 to 50% winning tickets from the total number of sold, most of these statistics are related to wins in recent rounds, where the winning amount is 100-200 rubles and barely allows you to cover the cost of purchased tickets. It turns out, what even a purchase 10 tickets and justification of statistics in 40% a win with such small amounts of this very win is unlikely to cover even half of the money, spent on purchasing these tickets.

How to fill out a ticket?

Regardless of the carrier, any of the tickets contains two fields. Each of them contains 15 digits between 1 and 90. They are located in the cells in a completely random order.. Since. rules apply for the lottery, on which the old Russian game "Lotto" was held, here the participants themselves cannot initially choose the winning numbers. The player's task is reduced only to the choice of the ticket itself, and combinations of numbers are already pre-printed on the cards.

But, when buying electronic coupons, the organizer took care of those, who counts, that certain numbers can bring them good luck in a particular circulation. The organizer's website provides a special service "Favorite numbers". Its use makes it possible to independently select the necessary numbers and enter them into the card of the purchased electronic ticket. You can choose any number of eigenvalues. Someone contributes a favorite number, lucky (number on the jersey of your favorite football player, house number or numbers from phone number), and fills the rest randomly, and someone is trying to guess whole combinations of winning numbers. No restrictions in this regard, only your imagination and luck!

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