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The meaning of the apartment number, car and phone in feng shui: what numbers will bring good luck. discussion on liveinternet

Short story

Chinese numbers from 1 to 10 являются основой одной из древнейших десятичных систем счисления, whose history has more than 3500 years. Эта система благополучно дожила до наших дней и жители Китая продолжают пользоваться ею и сегодня. The first tool, примененным китайцами для счета были палочки, laid out on a counting board or table. Therefore, the first characters, designating numbers, recorded by various combinations of simple vertical and horizontal elements.

Over time, the designation of the characters of Chinese numbers changed., until they acquired a modern look. Произошло это в конце правления династии Цинь приблизительно в III веке до н. eh.

Но уже с момента своего зарождения китайская счислительная система была очень логична и имела ярко выраженную алгоритмическую структуру — древние китайские ученые стремились привести ее к четкой последовательности определенных шагов и действий, as in numbers, and in operations with them. All these properties are inherent in the familiar system of Arabic numerals., used all over the world today, so the logic of constructing numbers in Chinese usually does not cause any problems.

Numeral 7 in the sights of China

In the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, you can find a group of stones called 'Seven Stars', which symbolize the seven peaks of Taishan - the sacred mountain in Taoism. Only there are not seven stones there now, but eight, addition made by emperors of the Qing dynasty.

The 7 plays an important role in the overthrow of the Ming dynasty. When the Manchus declared war on the Ming dynasty, their leaders Nurkhatsi expressed his claims in the form of ‘Seven Grievances’. This manifesto was the beginning of the war and the imminent end of the reign of the Ming emperors in the Forbidden City..

The Great Wall of China is also called the ‘wall of the seven imperial dynasties’, in order to emphasize its antiquity. It is rather a saying, than a historical fact. During the existence of the wall, China was split into small states several times., and dynasties can be counted from 7 to 15, it all depends on the counting method.

That's all, What do I know about Chinese beliefs about digital 7. Read other blog posts (links below).


Number (Eight, pinyin : ba ; Cantonese Yale : baat ) sounds like "發" ( pinyin : four ; Cantonese Yale : faat ; letters . : "prosper"). There is also a visual similarity between 88 и 囍 ( pinyin : shuāng x ; Cantonese Yale : willung reveal ; letters . : "Double joy"), popular decorative pattern, consisting of two stylized characters 喜 ( pinyin : ; Cantonese Yale : peek ; letters . : 'joy').

Number 8 is considered such a favorable number, that even if you assign it a number with several eights, this is considered very lucky.

  • IN 2014 year, the Australian Home Office renamed its previous (temporary) business skills visas, subclasses 160-165, into subclasses 188 and 888, both of which include eights.
  • IN 2003 year telephone number "+86 28 8888 8888Was sold by Sichuan Airlines for CN ¥ 2,33 million (near $ 280000 US dollars).
  • Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2008 years in Beijing began 8 August 2008 years in 8 minute and 8 seconds after 20:00 by local time ( UTC + 08 ).
  • China , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Macau , Malaysia , Philippines and Singapore use UTC time zone + 08: 00 .
  • At Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, everyone has 88 floors.
  • Minivans, which GM produces for the Chinese market, called Buick GL8 , but minivans, sold in other countries, this name was not.
  • Air Canada route from Shanghai to Toronto Flight AC88.
  • KLM route from Hong Kong to Amsterdam Flight KL888.
  • Etihad Airways route from Abu – Dhabi to Beijing , then further Nagoya is Flight EY888.
  • United Airlines route from Beijing to San – Francisco Flight UA888, route from Beijing to Newark Flight UA88, as well as the route from Chengdu to San – Francisco Flight UA8.
  • Airline route Air Astana » from Beijing to Almaty – flight KC888.
  • British Airways route from Chengdu to London Flight BA88.
  • One of the Cathay Pacific flight numbers from Hong Kong to Vancouver and New York – CX888.
  • Singapore Airlines reserves flight numbers, starting with a number 8, for flights to mainland China, Hong Kong (except SQ1 / 2 to and from San Francisco via Hong Kong) and Taiwan (i.e. a typical flight between Singapore and Hong Kong would be SQ856 / 861. ).
  • SriLankan Airlines reserves flight numbers, starting with a number 8, for flights to mainland China and Hong Kong.
  • US Treasury was sold 70000 dollar bills with serial numbers , which contain 4 eights.
  • Boeing delivered 8 888-th Boeing 737, which rolled off the assembly line of Xiamen Airlines . Самолет Next-Generation 737-800 has a special color, emphasizing the importance of the aircraft.
  • Breeder of rare dragon fish in Singapore ( asian arowanas , which are "lucky fish" and are a rare species, must have a microchip ), be sure to use numbers with a lot of eights in their microchip labels and, seem to be, Reserve certain numbers, especially rich in eights and sixes (eg, 702088880006688) for especially valuable items.
  • As part of the opening ceremony, the Commerce Bank branch in New York's Chinatown raffled off safe # 888.
  • "Favorable" numbering system was adopted by the developers 39 Conduit Road Hong Kong, where "88" stood on the top floor – Chinese for dual state. In Hong Kong already adopted, what ~ 4 floor does not exist; The Department of Construction does not have any numbering requirements, Besides, that it should be "done in a logical order". Total 43 intermediate floor numbers omitted from 39 Conduit Road: missed 14, 24, 34, 54, 64, all floors between 40 and 49; floor number after 68 – 88.
  • Similar to common Western practice of using "9" for prices, can often be seen, that the number "8" is used instead to achieve the same psychological effect . So, eg, prices are often found on the menu, such as 58, 88 dollars.

The meaning of numbers in Chinese numerology

Simplified decoding of numbers, used by the Chinese, similar to European interpretations. But they have their own minor differences.

Unit (One)

Стихия — дерево, beginning - masculine. Symbolizes creation, divine grace and doing something. Indicates powerful life energy, which energizes a person.

If an individual has one - the number of fate or life, then it is filled with very strong energy. But if you don't use it in time, the person can become very aggressive and over-stressed.

Couple (two)

Стихия — дерево, начало — женское. Symbolizes battle, strife and opposites. May in some situations indicate an alliance, duality.

The figure is charged with the energy of the planet of the moon. If the number of the individual's fate is two, then he is indecisive, often finds himself in difficult situations.

Threesome (three)

Стихия — огонь, beginning - masculine. The number indicates the trinity of the luminaries (stars, The sun, Moon). Three in the number of destiny indicates creativity, a person's ability to practice the occult.

Sometimes it's hard to predict, who will such a person become: destroyer or creator. It all depends on, what other numbers affect the fate of a person.

Four (four)

Стихия — огонь, начало — женское. Indicates four forces (sky, Earth, Moon, The sun). Always associated with development, growth (career). If in the day, month, году рождения присутствует четвёрка — человек будет очень известным, public.

The figure is stable, provides balance. If appears as a destiny number, indicates that, that a person will be able to reach heights in the chosen industry.

Five (Fives)

Стихия — земля, beginning - masculine. This number is unique for Chinese numerology., as symbolizes the alliance 5 elements, 5 elements, 5 human feelings.

The presence of a number in the date of birth indicates, that the person will be very happy. Creativity can symbolize the number., aspiration, excellence and search.

Six (six)

Стихия — вода, начало — женское. Indicates calmness, stability and pacification. Man, in whose date of birth there is a six, — ответственный, reliable and decisive. Sometimes the number, appearing in your life, may indicate change.

Seven (Seven)

Стихия — огонь, beginning - masculine. In China, it is considered an unlucky and even fatal number, may indicate lack of balance, wasted labor and breakdown.

If seven is a birth number, then this suggests, that it will be very difficult for a person to get it.

Eight (Eight)

Стихия — металл, начало — женское. The Chinese treat the eight with special respect, consider it the ideal number, symbolizing physical or spiritual death.

Man, in whose date of birth there is an eight, can be both a creator, and destroyer. People believe, that number helps to store energy, makes people more reasonable and rational.

Nine (nine)

Стихия — вода, beginning - masculine. Identified with the total, finale, the highest stage of development.

However, if the intended number is present in the date, month, году рождения человека — это указывает на то, that he can be a spiritual guide or a healer. The number allows you to control your emotions and fears..

Ten (ten)

Стихия — вода, начало — женское или мужское. This figure is truly unique., since it is often considered as two fives, while one endows one with the light energy of the Sun, а другую — таинственной энергетикой Луны.

Eleven (eleven)

The number is rarely used, the Chinese symbolize with life, which comes after death. Therefore, it is often associated with a point, after which something new begins, another life, other perspectives open.

Twelve (twelve)

Symbolizes order and harmony, isolation, salvation from something. Can speak of completeness, development, inner growth of a person.

Thirteen (thirteen)

In modern Chinese numerology, it is used extremely rarely. Can be interpreted in different ways. Most often, such a figure indicates the completion of some processes in human life..


There is a saying in China: "Good things come in pairs". And indeed:

  • Right and left;
  • Up and down;
  • Beginning and the end;
  • Good and evil;
  • Life and death.

You can go on endlessly. And all these opposites are united by the number two.

Two is the sign of the Earth, Moon, "Feminine" number.


Phonetically, Chinese pronunciation for three ("San") resembles "birth". Three is a symbol of the triad, eg "Yin-tzu-yang" (feminine - child - masculine). There are many set expressions in China, proverbs and sayings, using the number "three", eg: "San si er sin", what can be translated into Russian “measure seven times, one - cut off ".

Three is a masculine number, sun sign, sign of man.


The Chinese consider the number four to be unfortunate, since its sound in chinese ("You") similar to death. Therefore, in China, many buildings lack the fourth floor., and in the phone and car numbers the series is missing, starting with this number.

The ancient Chinese represented the earth as a square with four sides., and China was called the "Middle State", centrally located.

Four - a symbol of the Earth, "Feminine" number.


The number five in the minds of the Chinese people is closely related to the five primary elements.: water, Fire, Earth, wood and metal. This symbolism has been going on since ancient times, from Chinese emperors: the country's main gateway to the capital of China, Beijing city, the gate to the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square has five arches. Returning again to the writings of Lao Tzu, we will quote his statements about the number five: “Five colors delight the eyes, five sounds delight the ear, five tastes delight the human stomach ".

Five is the "masculine" number, symbolizing yang.


The number six is ​​considered by Chinese residents to be extremely favorable for business. This figure, according to their ideas, clearly describes all directions of the surrounding world: north, south, west, East, top, through. This figure, also, clearly describes six human emotions: love, joy, fun, anger, upstairs, hatred.

Six is ​​the "male" number in China, highly revered, "Happy".


For Chinese people, the number seven symbolizes unity. There are many wonderful fairy tales and legends in this country., in which this number sounds actively: "Meeting of lovers" (7-it numbers, in the 7th month), "Seven fairies". According to the Chinese view, on the seventh day, the soul of the deceased says goodbye to this world, and moves to another. By the way, this number is also unique, which is happy and auspicious not only in the minds of the people of China, but also in most western cultures.

Seven - "masculine", "Yang" number.


"Eight" - "Ba" in Chinese pronunciation sounds like a word, which means "prosperity" or "wealth". Needless to say, that the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire respect and value this figure. China remembers and observes the eight moral principles of Confucius, eight attributes of eight immortal Taoists

Eight - "female", Yin number. In spite of this, in mystical numerology, it is closely related to the life of a man, which, according to ancient beliefs, divided into 8-year segments.


The number nine in the minds of the Chinese is closely related to the emperors.: government officials took exams, according to the results of which they were divided into nine ranks, there were nine imperial awards for distinguished; the emperor's robes were often decorated with nine dragons (and, by the way, in Chinese mythology it was considered, that the dragon has nine children). The number nine in this country symbolizes harmony. In the "Book of Changes" the number 3 x 3 (that is nine) named happy. The state of China itself historically has nine regions. The capital of the empire Beijing was divided according to the philosophy of Feng Shui into nine parts.

Nine is the most significant "male" number.

And a few more words about the symbolism of number combinations.

28: "Double prosperity"

38: Triple prosperity, a symbol of great luck in material terms

167, 169, 1679: in hong kong, due to the similarity of pronunciation with an indecent phrase, these combinations of numbers are extremely offensive (in the Cantonese dialect)

250: in chinese, "250" can mean "idiot", if read in a certain sense

5354: «Nor alive, not dead ", on the brink of death; a combination of numbers also has a similar meaning 9413

1314: union symbol, "one life, one death ", "Only death will part us"

521: "I love you"

748: this combination of numbers can be translated into Russian as "I saw you in a coffin".

any combination of numbers 5 in Chinese internet slang means sadness, weep.

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Chinese magic numbers

Number two: luck in love

Two is a number, symbolizing the unification of yin and yang energies. When these two opposite energies are balanced, understanding is achieved. In this way, the second number means union, which creates harmony. In accordance with this philosophy, the Chinese decorate the wedding with such paired items., like candles, pillows, rings, gifts and other attributes. According to legend, this custom brings good luck.

In feng shui practice, placing paired objects or paintings attracts luck, which number two can bring you. To ensure happiness in marriage, couples are advised to place two tangerines in the master bedroom. For couple, striving to have children, number two plays an important role in feng shui applications.

A couple of pictures of pomegranates, which are considered lucky fruits, bring good luck to family people, trying to conceive.

Another successful object for a married couple is the dragon.. It is recommended to install statues or hang two dragon paintings at the head of the bed, to activate prolongation.

Sights of China - where you can meet 8

The Chinese believe in the magic of numbers, but, Fortunately, temples are not built for them. Although, if you remember the nine, then the Forbidden City itself in Beijing can be considered the temple of this figure, there the nine is found everywhere - from rivets on the gate to the number of animal figures on the roof. Similarly, in the Temple of Heaven, the nine is present everywhere..

A famous building can be found in China, dedicated to digital 8. It is located in Shanghai Pudong District. This is Jin Mao skyscraper (golden prosperity tower). It has an octagonal base, the basis of the structure - eight pillars, in a buiding 88 floors and so on.

Another interesting mention of the figure eight is in the Summer Palace in Beijing.. Here is the famous bridge with 17 arches. Number 17 Is the amount 8 and 9. This is exactly what the architects intended - to combine in one place the two most successful numbers in Chinese numerology..

Figures in negotiations with the Chinese

Business people from China, who in their lives are guided by the principles of feng shui, are very meticulous about the choice of numbers and any numbers.

This applies to phone numbers, company addresses, dates of meetings ... This behavior is mainly due to the phonetic nature of the Chinese language. Therefore, superstition is deeply rooted in Chinese society..

  • Did you know, what does every number mean in china?
  • What is the significance of numbers in negotiations with the Chinese?
  • What numbers bring happiness in China?

Correct answers to these questions can make negotiations with Chinese partners successful or vice versa., so think for yourself:))

But this is just one nuance, but there are many nuances - details are of interest?! - here you can find detailed information.

Lucky numbers 8, 6 and 9

Eight (Eight BA) - number 8 considered very happy, because 八 BA pronounced 发 is similar to FA , which means 发财 fācái- grow rich.

The number eight is symmetrical, which means perfect balance.

For this reason, this is the favorite number of businessmen, who care about, so that it appears in the address, food prices, and sometimes even in the name of the company.

  • Phone numbers, containing a string from 8 or 9 digits, могут достигать астрономических цен. Рекордсменами являются торги по телефонному номеру «18888888888», which was sold in China for 120 million yuan (24 million dollars).
  • Even the Beijing Olympics 2008 year began on 8 August in 20:08!
  • It is also worth noting, what residual prices around the world look like 0,99 - in China 0,98.

Six (Six ) - pronounced as "ú liú" , what does "flow" mean, "to swim". He must guess, that all things will be successful.

Nine (Jiǔ jiǔ ) - sounds like another Chinese word: Hisashi jiǔ, which means long, long-lived.

Currently, nine are also a symbol of eternal love., therefore a suitable wedding anniversary gift is 99 or 999 roses.

Two (Two èr) - symbolizes the community. It has to do with the partner sector.

  • For this reason, foreign delegations must consist of at least two participants.
  • Coming alone in the eyes of the Chinese means lack of support.

Personal meaning of fate in Feng Shui - Gua number

On the numerology of the East, each person has an individual, special number - Gua number. Knowledge is associated with it, necessary for life in harmony and peace. Knowing the meanings of numbers, including personal Gua, will bring awareness of the right direction for self-development and knowledge, help you find a vocation and a place in life.

Based on the provisions of eastern numerology, it can be argued, that the Gua number affects some aspects of a person's horoscope:

  • helps to find inner balance, helps to come to a state of harmony;
  • affects the knowledge of the inner world and the laws of the universe;
  • helps to determine the right directions for spiritual development;
  • the number allows you to come to balance in all areas of life, helps to find good luck, luck and support of forces from above;
  • affects the climate in the family, relationships with other people;
  • helps to love and accept people.


Into the unlucky aura of numbers 11 people began to believe relatively recently. First, our observant contemporaries tracked the fatal correlation in the tragic destruction of the New York Twin Towers, which by themselves towered over the city, forming a number 11.

A notorious disaster has happened 11 september, and the planes made a deadly dive in 11:09 in the morning. If you add up this time and this date, then we again get two ominous ones. Conspiracy theorists have another compelling argument against this number.. for example, if you add up the numbers in the date of the assassination of President Kennedy (5 june 1968), also turns out 11.


  • 28, 38: Like eight means prosperity, twenty eight makes up the equation, to ‘double the prosperity’, 38 which is one of the most successful, often called the 'triple prosperity'.
  • 167, 169, 1679: There are seven in Hong Kong (Seven) and nine (nine) and have a similar pronunciation to and, respectively, two of the "five most offensive words" in Cantonese are male. Six in Cantonese also has a similar pronunciation to an impolite word, which is used, to count the number of cylindrical objects. therefore, 167, 169, 1679 and other creative combinations (such as the infamous on-9-9 taboo) are dirty jokes in Hong Kong culture.
  • 250: In Mandarin, 250 can mean "abnormal", if read in a certain way. Two hundred and five (èr bǎi wǔ), literally being the right way to read 250 in an informal conversation, commonly used, to offend someone, whom the speaker considers extremely stupid. Alternative ways, such as 兩百 五 (lǐang bǎi wǔ) и two hundred and fifty (èr bǎi wǔ shí) don't matter. There are several different versions of the origin of use 250 as an insult, and it's unclear, which is correct.
  • 5354: «Non Birth or Death» (m saang m sei in Cantonese) looks like "not alive, not dead". It often refers to something, what's half dead or near death. Also in Cantonese it means inappropriate look.
  • 1314: "一生一世" It's like "one life, one whole life "in both Mandarin and Cantonese, and is often used romantically, akin 'for better, for the worst, for the richer, for the poorer, in illness and in health, until death makes us a part "in English.
  • 768: «Seven Six Eight» (jyutping: cat luk baat), rhymes with the phrase "一路 發" (jyutping: jat lou faat) in the Cantonese dialect, which means "state completely". Alternatively, 168 "一 六八" is sometimes used for the same term in Mandarin.
  • 7456: In Mandarin, 7456 (qī sì wǔ liù) sounds slightly like "氣死 我 了" (qì-sǐ wǒ – the, "Make me angry", "To piss me away"), and is sometimes used in internet slang.
  • 9413: «Nine Deadly Life» (gau sei yat saang in Cantonese dialect) - nine die to one alive, meaning a 90% chance of, to be dead and only a 10% chance of being, to be alive, or survivors of such situations (deliverance only by fluke).
  • 521/5211314: In Mandarin it is declared wu er yi, it seems like wo ai ni. What does, that I love you. 1314: also sounds like forever Cantonese. sung yut yut sei., which means one life one death in literal terms. therefore 5 211 314 средств я люблю Вас навсегда.
  • 748: "七 四八" In Mandarin, this number is pronounced "qī sì bā". If these numbers are announced in certain tones, it has a meaning, which roughly translates into: "Why don't you go, die?"" 去死 吧 "This combination is more commonly used as an insult to others., or rather an indirect threat of death. Young people can tease each other as a joke, говоря «Go to death!». Depending on the mood of the place and the way of saying this sentence, this can confer values ​​ranging from joke to insult or provocation.. On the other hand, any 3 numbers digits, which end 48, are like "rich for X live times" (Shifa) (eg, 748 richly during 7 live times "), thus generally considered to be successful, from 448 and 548 exception, since they – also homophones "死 先 發" (Rich in death) и «Hmm shampoo» (no need / not, going to be rich).
  • Any number of repetitions 5 from: «» (wǔ) sounds like onomatopoeia for shouting and is sometimes used in internet slang.

Internet use

The words "five" and "me" sound very similar. The word "five" reads like "woo", and the word "I" as "woo". For this reason, the top five is often used on the Internet..

The phrase "7456" is close in pronunciation to the phrase "Pisses me off to death". The number "581" is similar to the phrase "I want to be rich". The phrase “7758258” means “Kiss me now and love me after”. Interesting fact, that in the city of Chelyabinsk there is a sauna with exactly this phone number. Interesting, they use this analogy to appeal to Chinese customers? Although, perhaps, that people there really wash, I have not checked.

A group of fives simulates crying or longing. it happens, that Chinese chat rooms on the Internet are all digits. On Chinese keyboards, dialing numbers several times faster, than hieroglyphs, hence such a love for numbers on the Internet.

Read about the meaning of the remaining numbers in China in the blog entries. (links below).

Unlucky number in China

Real photo in an elevator in Hong Kong. Which floor number is missing?

If we talk about Chinese numerology, it is worth noting, that odd numbers are considered less lucky, than even. No wonder, as they are identified with dead energy.

Исключение — цифра 4, since it sounds the same as the hieroglyph "death". The Chinese are so afraid of this figure., that they don't even burn with desire becomes the owners of apartments under this number. And it will sound scary., who wants to pronounce: "I live in a deadly apartment".

The number is also considered negative 14, which has very poor energy. In some cases, the number is also called negative. 13, since the sum of its digits is four.

The Chinese school of numerology is considered the oldest theoretical system. Using ancient knowledge, you can analyze the life of any person.

What are Chinese Lucky Numbers?

Многие из нас во всем мире слышали и верили в удачливые цифры. Numbers, which mean prosperity, удачу и благоприятные обстоятельства в нашей жизни. it, certainly, a famous tradition in Chinese culture, look at numbers and decide, whether they are favorable or unfavorable (what does happy or unlucky mean). Китайские «Счастливые числа» решаются, based on the sound of the word and no matter, Does he rhyme with a positive word in the Chinese dictionary.

In one culture, certain numbers may be considered lucky., in others - vice versa, unhappy. According to Chinese belief, each number has its own individual meaning, influence and power.

Чётные числа считаются в Китае более счастливыми, than odd, поскольку чётные числа ассоциируются с энергией живых, а нечётные — энергией умерших. Exception - four («4»): хоть это и чётное число, but it, like in Japan (cm. above), consonant with the hieroglyph "death". A typical Chinese would hardly want to become the owner of apartment number 4, phone number, оканчивающегося на четвёрку, or car, whose number contains a digit 4. The Chinese in every possible way avoid the four.

Number 14 also considered negative in terms of energy, and 13, since the sum of its digits is reduced to the number four: 1 + 3 = 4. In many business centers, Chinese-owned, who practice Taoism, в лифтах, usually, no corresponding floors; чаще всего они заменены следующими по счёту цифрами. В Гонконге введено за правило пропускать вообще все негативные номера этажей.

In China, unlike Japan, if they give a gift in the form of cash, then they usually try to give an even amount, because. an odd amount of money is associated with a donation for a funeral.

In Russia, eg, it is customary to bring an even number of flowers to funerals and commemorations (usually, carnation); and a living person is given a bouquet of an odd amount. Чётное количество цветов в России — это, kind, wish the deceased an easy "life" in the afterlife.

The values ​​of each of the numbers from 1 to 9 in China:

"1" - masculinity, a new beginning, loneliness.

"2" - symbolizes pairs, considered a lucky number. The Chinese even have an expression: «Всё хорошее удваивается». Two is an unambiguously positive number for the Chinese.

"3" - associated with birth. Overall a favorable figure.

"4" is the most unlucky, negative number for Chinese (the reason is discussed above).

«5» — символизирует 5 elements: wood, Fire, land, metal and water, которые имеют отношение к «небесным стволам» китайского циклического календаря. That is why the top five («5») - positive figure, though odd.

"6" - the Chinese associate with happiness and business, revered as a very lucky number.

"7" - associated with a sense of unity, but odd, и поэтому рассматривается китайцами и как счастливое, and as an unlucky number; а вот японцы семёрку любят гораздо больше.

«8». Восьмёрка — наиболее счастливое число для всех китайцев. Sounds, как «богатство» и «процветание». Chinese people are often willing to pay huge sums of money for a phone number., car number or apartment number, in which there is a digit 8 (and 9). Besides, the shape of the figure eight resembles an infinity sign, и поэтому у китайцев восьмёрка ассоциируется с никогда не заканчивающимся потоком денег, that go to a business or person, whichever, where this number is used.

Case in point: summer olympic games 2008 years in Beijing were declared open 08.08.08 in 08:08.08 (PM). Six eights! The Chinese believed, that it will bring good luck to their national team (так и произошло: China had the most gold medals and, Consequently, 1-е место в неофициальном командном зачёте).

"9" - associated with immortality, longevity, happiness; also a very lucky number. Самой счастливой комбинацией считается 98.

This knowledge can be quite applied., eg, при построении и ведении бизнеса с китайцами. It is worth trying to offer them a service with 8, but not 4 in accounts; in hotels to offer the Chinese rooms with an eight in the room. They will be very happy about it.!

  • Chinese lucky number 1
  • Chinese lucky number 2
  • Chinese lucky number 3
  • Chinese lucky number 6
  • Chinese lucky number 7
  • Chinese lucky number 8
  • Chinese lucky number 9

The magic of lucky numbers

Then, that numbers have a magical effect, proven by numerology and ancient teachings. One of them is feng shui. It claims, that numbers and their combinations are powerful, with their help, you can attract energy or push it away.

When planning a serious business (creating your own business, buying a car or even changing your phone number) should remember, that the undertaking will be successful, if there are lucky numbers in feng shui. These include combinations of the so-called white, positive numbers:

  • 1 - refers to auspicious signs, lucky, symbol of unity, start;
  • 3 - a figure of growth and prosperity, attracts success and gives spiritual strength;
  • 5 - is neutral, identified with the symbol of balance, because it enhances the meanings of adjacent numbers;
  • 6 - according to feng shui, it accompanies material, money well-being and abundance: well, when the six comes across in the number of the property and other items;
  • 7 - symbol of permanence, stable states, in him the Taoist teaching sees energy, amplifying the previous number;
  • 8 - a sign of abundance, development and success started, attracts a solid income to the house;
  • 9 - a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment, nine favors creative people, whose goal is spirituality; promotes a long healthy life.

Knowing this, a person can influence energy, including good feng shui numbers in your environment.

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In numerology, each number means something special and each individual has his own number. To understand, how to determine the lucky number by date of birth, you need to calculate the sum of the numbers in it. It may be hard to believe, but it really brings good luck. Think of it as a coincidence - everyone's choice, but, once faced with the magic of numbers, you will want to know your lucky meanings.

Many people who believe in signs believe, that on Friday the 13th you need to be especially careful, do not plan any important business or meetings, and it is better - generally less often to leave the house. 13-th number is not the only reason to be on your guard. Every culture has numbers, who are interpreted as happy and unhappy. Let's figure it out, what other numbers can be called unlucky and what danger do they conceal in themselves.

In China, the number 250 considered an insult. In Chinese, it is pronounced "eh bai wu", which means "dumbass, fool". There is another version of this number's bad reputation.. In ancient China, the measure of value was 1000 coins. They asked for the goods of not the highest quality 500 coins, and substandard goods were evaluated in 250 coins.

In the photo - a nonexistent bill in 250 yuan. It depicts the grandson of Mao Zedong. Although he does not shine with talents, but became what became the youngest general in the Chinese army. Its only plus is tongue-tied, making Mao Xinyu a target for the wit of Chinese bloggers.

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