Scientists believe, that the luckiest people in the world follow this 4 basic principles

Scientists believe, that the luckiest people in the world follow this 4 basic principles


Representatives of the sign Aquarius are distinguished by unconventional thinking. These people see the world differently, perceive surrounding objects and events in a completely different way, like most other signs. Accordingly, Aquarius react to these events in a completely different way.. Because of this, the personalities of this sign are in a more advantageous position and more often achieve success..

People around them characterize Aquarius as "do not care", who do not worry in those cases, where others panic. It's just that Aquarians don't lose their minds in unforeseen situations., see perspective and know, where to panic, where is it pointless to waste energy. But these people grab onto ideas., which others have long given up on. Aquarians know, it might work! And if it happens, others say: "Here's the lucky one"!

short biography

Frane Selak was born in 1929 year on the territory of what was then Yugoslavia. The birth of the future lucky guy happened quite unexpectedly and in an unusual place. The birth took place… in a boat during one of the child's father's fishing trips, to which he often went. The baby was also born seven months old. The vacation at sea was immediately interrupted. The child's condition did not inspire optimism. The baby was born weak and was on the verge between life and death. Parents took the baby to the hospital, but they counted, that the boy cannot be saved. But the mother was not at all going to part with her newborn baby.. She wrapped him in a shirt and took him to church, sprinkled with holy water. Only after that, the child's state began to change in a positive direction.. In this way, the hand of the lady of luck already then touched the shoulder of the future unlucky lucky. Since childhood, Frané was fond of music, therefore, the choice of a future profession was, naturally, associated with this particular area of ​​art. He became a music teacher and children's choir director. However, fate has prepared him many deadly trials., who definitely didn't let him call his life boring.

Case Seven. Oh, this Skoda…

The last unpleasant incident in the life of the luckiest man in the world occurred in 1996 year. And again driving the ill-fated Skoda car. This time Frané toured the highlands, through a narrow gorge. Suddenly after turning, he saw with horror, that a UN peacekeeping force truck is rushing towards it at high speed. Turning sharply to the side, Selak broke through the fence with his car. The car hung on the edge of a cliff. Horvath jumped out of the car seconds before, how his car crashed to the bottom of the gorge, where it exploded. And this time it was all scared and scratched. Frane Selaku's life was saved by, that the seat belt was not fastened.

British, survivor of 16 disasters

Briton is also famous, As a person, умудрившийся попасть одновременно в две аварии: ещё в детстве он упал с телеги и его тут же переехал развозной фургон.

As a teenager, Джон упал с дерева и сломал руку, moreover, когда он ехал из больницы, автобус попал в аварию, и у Лайна снова оказалась сломана рука — уже в другом месте, и поговаривают, что случилось это в пятницу 13-го.

В 2006-м году англичанин в очередной раз приковал к себе внимание прессы, провалившись на работе в один из люков (он работник одного крупного промышленного предприятия). Journalists have counted, что Лайн за всю свою жизнь 16 раз попадал в различные смертельно опасные истории, среди которых обвал в шахте, удар молнии и три автомобильных катастрофы

Journalists have counted, что Лайн за всю свою жизнь 16 раз попадал в различные смертельно опасные истории, среди которых обвал в шахте, удар молнии и три автомобильных катастрофы.

Japanese, victim of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

6 августа 1945-го года Цутому Ямагучи находился в Хиросиме по делам, связанным с работой. Он собирался покинуть город и уже был в пути, when I suddenly remembered, that I forgot to put one seal, formally allowing him to travel. Ямагучи вернулся в офис, а затем снова поспешил прочь из Хиросимы. Когда он выходил из трамвая, примерно в трёх км от него взорвался «Малыш» — сброшенный американцами ядерный заряд.

При взрыве у Цутому лопнули барабанные перепонки, на некоторое время он практически полностью ослеп и получил серьёзные ожоги. Проведя ночь в бомбоубежище, японец уехал домой… в Нагасаки.

Через несколько дней Ямагучи сидел в кабинете своего начальника и рассказывал об ужасах, которые ему пришлось пережить во время бомбардировки Хиросимы. Как раз в это же время США сбросили вторую бомбу «Толстяк». Эпицентр также находился примерно в трёх км от здания, но на этот раз японец практически не пострадал.

Цутому Ямагучи скончался в родном Нагасаки от рака желудка в 2010-м году.

Lucky people see opportunities there, where others do not notice them

To discover this ability in lucky people, Weisman conducted a very simple and funny experiment.. He asked the participants to flip through the newspaper and find out, how many photos are printed in it. It was a simple and boring task for careful counting., which the, at first sight, had nothing to do with luck.

On that, to count the total of all photos, it took a group of unlucky people about two minutes ... lucky people did it in two seconds.


“Because, that on the second page of the newspaper was printed the message “Stop counting. In this newspaper 43 photos". This message was half a page, and it was printed in huge letters. It was impossible not to notice him, but unlucky people, usually, overlooked him, and the lucky ones noticed right away ", - Wiseman writes.

But that's not all.

To make the experiment even more interesting, about the middle of the newspaper another big message was posted. It said “Stop counting, tell the experimenter, what did you see this message, and get 250 dollars ". And again, no one from the group of unlucky people noticed him, because they were too keen on finding photos.

Ocean liner stewardess, survivor of the Britannic crash, "Olympic" and "Titanic"

For many, this remained an accident., successfully completed, но история Вайолет только начиналась.

Через год девушка поднялась на борт другого судна компании «White Star Line» ("Olympic" belonged to her), perhaps, самого знаменитого корабля в мире — «Титаника». О той печальной истории сейчас знает весь мир, а стюардесса Джессоп была в числе пассажиров, которым удалось выбраться с корабля на спасательной шлюпке.

Во время Первой Мировой войны Вайолет Джессоп служила стюардессой на плавучем госпитале «Британник» (по странному совпадению также принадлежавшем «White Star Line»). В Эгейском море, недалеко от острова Кеа, судно подорвалось на мине и моментально затонуло, since almost all portholes were open. Живучая стюардесса смогла выбраться из корабля и избежать смерти от винтов «Британника». После третьего крушения она ещё много лет работала стюардессой и умерла от сердечной недостаточности в 1971-м году.

Lightning rod man - it turns out there is such

8. Lightning rod man photo

They say, lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Lie! Roy Sullivan, caretaker (forester) Shenandoah National Park in Virginia (USA) got into the Guinness Book of Records after, how lightning hit him seven times.

No living thing can survive after electric shocks of this magnitude, and Roy survived. Roy was struck by lightning for the first time, when I was at the fire tower. As a result, his toenail came off.. After the second hit, when the poor man was driving in a thunderstorm on a mountain road, he was left without eyebrows and lost consciousness. The third time lightning overtook Sullivan on the lawn near his own house. The result was a paralyzed hand. After the fourth incident, Roy always took a bottle of water with him - his hair was burnt. For the fifth and sixth times he burned his hair again and suffered injuries of varying severity. Last, seventh, the incident happened on a fishing trip. The old man just wanted to fish, and got burns to the abdomen and chest. Hard!

Roy Sullivan dies at age 71 years - shot himself in the stomach because of unrequited love.

7. Sinister bullet

Luck is a changeable business. Today you can be on the verge of death and survive, and tomorrow - to die by an absurd accident. Henry believed, that he is lucky. No matter how ...

It all started in 1883 year, when Mr. Seiland broke off relations with his beloved. The girl's heart was so deeply hurt, that she broke down and committed suicide. Her brother blamed the incident on Henry and vowed to kill him., whatever it costs him. Watching the victim at the house, the avenger shot at Zeyland, he fell to the ground unconscious. Brother decided, that the mission was completed and committed suicide with a shot from the same pistol. If he knew, how wrong - the bullet only slightly touched the head, leaving a scratch on the face, and stuck in a tree behind. From then on, Henry considered himself lucky.. Until one tragic day, when I decided to cut down that very tree, in which the bullet is stuck. The barrel was very durable. Seiland did not come up with a better idea, how to destroy it with dynamite. Installed checkers, he blew them up and died - under the action of the explosion, the bullet was freed from the wooden fetters and hit the poor man right in the head.

Lucky names

How else to attract luck, unless you give your pet the name of one of the luckiest people in the history of mankind:

  • Adolf Sachs - inventor of the saxophone; man, so many times life has been on the verge of death, which is hard to count.
  • Yorgos Kentrotas and Olivier Voutier are the lucky ones, that they found a statue of Venus de Milo.
  • Deikovs - the surname of three brothers, found 6 kg of ancient artifacts made of pure gold.
  • Juliana Cap - Girl, who managed to survive one of 92 aircraft passengers, collapsed in the jungle in 1971 year.
  • Kevin Hiller is a storekeeper, discovers the largest gold bar in the world, valued at more than $1 million.
  • Bill Morgan is the one, to whom twice: came out of a state of clinical death and won $250 000.

In the photo - Sachs:

  • Michael Sparks - Human, accidentally bought a copy of the US Declaration of Independence 1823 year, which he was able to sell for $500 000.
  • Andrew Jackson - American President, lucky enough to survive a failed assassination attempt: the criminal's two pistols misfired.
  • Frane Selak is a Croatian, to whom 7 miraculously managed to avoid death.
  • Timothy Dexter is one of the most successful American entrepreneurs of the 18th century.
  • Elmer Sherwin is the lucky one, who hit the jackpot at the casino in Las Vegas first in $4,6 million, and then in $21 million.
  • Jean Bernadotte - son of a French lawyer, completely noble, которому в результате череды случайностей удалось стать шведским и норвежским королем, Charles III and XIV Johan.

Lucky Timothy:

  • Joan Ginter is a mathematician, who managed to win the lottery $20,4 million.
  • Orlando Bloom - actor, that experienced a large number of injuries and fractures, but it feels great.
  • Roy Sullivan - Human, who survived after 7 lightning strikes for 35 years.
  • Nichiren - Buddhist monk, sentenced to death; a sunbeam saved him from death, blinded the executioner - others perceived this as the highest sign, execution was replaced by exile.

Orlando Cat:

  • Robert Hamilton - Human, who got two millionth prize in the lottery at once.
  • Theodore Roosevelt - President of the United States, who was saved by a 50-page speech manuscript - hit by a bullet from a criminal, the attempted politician.
  • David Gonzalez - Human, who found the first comic with Superman during the repair, sold to him for $100 000.
  • Lana Paulson - woman, finding her lost ring later 16 лет после пропажи.

Lucky Roosevelt:

Richard Lustig writes books about, how to win the lottery

Richard Lustig demonstrates his book (left) and a photo, on which he keeps a huge check, Won in the Fantasy Lottery 5

Everyone knows, that the only sure way to win the lottery is to be born lucky. Florida resident Richard Lustig is one of the few, who has a different opinion. Lustig states, that he knows a special system, allowing you to win any lottery. And that would sound very unlikely, if not for the following evidence. FROM 1993 by 2010 year Lustig became the winner of the lottery 7 time. The last ticket brought him a little over a million dollars, excluding taxes.. Twice he won trips with a total value of 8,5 one thousand dollars, and his biggest win in January 2002 year was 842 thousand. Lustig even published a book "How to Increase Your Chance of Winning the Lottery". Apparently, income from lotteries was not enough for him, once he decided to earn extra money by writing.

Case two: plane

Another unpleasant incident in the life of a Croatian music teacher was an incident on an airplane in 1963 year. What happened then? Jet airliner Douglas DC 8 made a flight from Zagreb to Rijeka. Frane, not indifferent to the fair sex, decided to have an affair with a flight attendant, unfastening the seat belt. Suddenly, the cabin was depressurized and the plane door opened. It turned out, due to dense fog Douglas DC 8 accidentally hit the ledge of the mountain, because of what the door of the salon and opened. Some passengers were sucked out, including that stewardess, whom the music teacher wanted to get to know better. He fell out of the plane and Lovelace Selak. 19 people became victims of this tragic incident. Fana was miraculously lucky to fall on a large haystack, he got off with fright and abrasions. Lucky for the stewardess: she fell on the deciduous part of the tree. true, I didn't manage to get to know the girl better. But he remained safe and sound. This amazing case was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

TOP-5: The only person who didn't win the lottery

An ordinary resident of a small Greek town somehow distinguished himself from all the other residents of his city. The name of this person is Kostis Mitsotakis, by his occupation he is a director.

The incident occurred in the village of Sodeto. There was a lottery draw, where the prize pool was a record high amount of money. And this man became the only inhabitant of the town, who didn't win a single cent. And all because of that, that his house was not accidentally noticed by those, who sold the lottery tickets.

They did not notice the only house in the city. As a result, all other residents (70 families) became the owners of a part of the winnings, since all purchased tickets turned out to be winning. Such a sad and curious incident happened to a man.

Lucky people practice "counterfactual thinking"

Counterfactual thinking is thinking, counterintuitive. Psychologists often use this term, when they talk about our ability to imagine something, what could have happened instead, what happened.

In the case of lucky people, this term means, that when some trouble happens to them, they interpret the event as, that in their view of the world there is, what are they lucky.

In one psychological experiment, Weisman asked subjects to imagine, that they got into one of the situations he described, and watched their reaction.

So, once he asked them to introduce, that they were injured during a bank robbery.

What do you think, how lucky and unlucky people react to such an event? Here's what the researcher says:

- Usually, unlucky people said, what, if they got into such bindings, they would consider, that they were very unlucky, once they ended up in a bank during a robbery. Lucky people believed, what if in such a situation they would just get off with injury, they would consider themselves lucky, because the alternative could be much worse.

Frane Selak escaped death seven times

First time Selak, Croatian music teacher, was in mortal danger in 33 of the year: a train, which the man was riding, in an accident fell into an icy river. Seventeen passengers died, Selak escaped with bruises, abrasions and got hypothermia. A year later, Frane got into a plane crash.. Passengers had no chance of escape when the plane crashed, but there was a fatal accident: in the liner the door opened by itself, and the man fell out of the burning plane.

He pleased in a haystack and thus survived. After that the fate of the whole 3 haven't tested a man for a year. And then Frane went on a trip - and the bus with tourists fell into the river. Miraculously Selak survived. Then there was a burning car, scalp burn, Traffic accident and car accident - but the Croat miraculously survived. Selak considers his last luck to be winning the lottery - the man got almost 600 thousand. pounds!

Lucky Zodiac Signs


Sagittarius are versatile and extremely addicting personalities. maybe, so they always end up in the right place, when you really need it. Everyone, close acquaintance with Sagittarius, will confirm, that this person has a real flair for successful ventures.

Worth saying, that luck largely depends on the character of Sagittarius. This is a selfless person, loving risk and never giving up in the face of difficulties. Sagittarius are more likely than others to agree to risky operations, the price for which could be as complete collapse, and instant enrichment. The personalities of this sign know for sure - the stronger the self-confidence, the more chances of catching the bird of luck by the tail!

Woman, struck by five hurricanes

American Melanie Martinez knows them, like the back of your hand: Betsy, Juan, George, Катрина и Исаак. Это не имена друзей, а названия ураганов, которые последовательно разрушали дома Мелани в хронологическом порядке: в 1965-м году по штату Луизиана, где Мартинез живёт до сих пор, walked Betsy, в 1985-м это был ураган «Хуан», в 1998-м настал черёд «Джорджа», а печально известная «Катрина» свирепствовала в 2005-м.

В 2012-м году историей американки заинтересовалось известное американское реалити-шоу «Hideous Houses» (TV channel A&E), which highlighted $20 тыс на ремонт, но судьбу обмануть не удалось: всего через несколько месяцев после окончания строительных работ «в гости» к Мелани заглянул ураган первой категории «Исаак».

Woman refuses to leave her home, как она заявила в одном из интервью: «Я здесь родилась. This is my house".

Lucky people practice "counterfactual thinking"

Counterfactual thinking is thinking, counterintuitive. Psychologists often use this term, when they talk about our ability to imagine something, what could have happened instead, what happened.

In the case of lucky people, this term means, that when some trouble happens to them, they interpret the event as, that in their view of the world there is, what are they lucky.

In one psychological experiment, Weisman asked subjects to imagine, that they got into one of the situations he described, and watched their reaction.

So, once he asked them to introduce, that they were injured during a bank robbery.

What do you think, how lucky and unlucky people react to such an event? Here's what the researcher says:

"Usually, unlucky people said, what, if they got into such bindings, they would consider, that they were very unlucky, once they ended up in a bank during a robbery. Lucky people believed, what if in such a situation they would just get off with injury, they would consider themselves lucky, because the alternative could be much worse.

As one member of the lucky group commented, “I would consider, that i'm lucky, because I could have been killed. I could also sell the rights to my story to the newspapers and make some money. ".

Перевод статьи People who are always lucky follow these 4 basic principles, according to science via Клубер

TOP-3: Man, attracting lightning

If bad cases happened to the previous participants of this top once, then with the owner of the middle position as much as seven times. That is how many lightning strikes he received in his life and survived all of them.. The name of this "lucky" Roy Sullivan.

The first time it happened to him was in the observation tower., at work. He received subsequent discharges in various places and under various circumstances.. Lightning struck him once even in the middle of the building.. And one more time, together with Sullivan, his wife got a shake. They then, just together on a wire of steel they hung the washed things.

After the first cases, the man became circumspect and started taking a bottle of water with him everywhere. He did this in order to quickly extinguish the fire on himself., if necessary. Since I was convinced, that clouds are always gathering over him, wherever he goes.

His prejudices can be justified and even understood. After all, according to science, chance of being struck by lightning is 3000 to 1. А семь ударов — это уже необъяснимый феномен. The most curious thing is, that Roy died of suicide. He committed suicide at an advanced age because of unrequited love.


Cancers can be called the most unlucky among all zodiac signs.. They are rather shy individuals., who hide in their shell even from luck attacking them! Just take a look at Cancers. They regularly receive interesting offers, concerning new work, dating or a pleasant stay. But the eternal doubts of Cancers make them refuse such offers and close the door., leading to happiness.

In fact, Cancers are no more and no less lucky., than the personalities of other zodiac signs. They just need to relax and stop thinking bad things., start believing in yourself and, opening your soul, let the knocking luck into her!

Unlucky zodiac signs


Taurus is called one of the most unlucky personalities. maybe, everything would be different, but after all, the Taurus themselves are sure, that luck bypasses them. The representatives of this sign have enormous potential.. They are distinctive and independent, they are used to achieving everything on their own and can boast of incredible tenacity. But at the same time, a rare Taurus achieves something meaningful in life.!

They are always missing something, sometimes fearlessness, sometimes quick decision making, but anyway, the discrepancy between the potential and the position in the world deprives Taurus of peace and suggests thoughts, that fatal bad luck is to blame. maybe, these people just need to think less about the bad.

TOP-2: A woman on a ship - unfortunately, especially if this woman is Violetta Jessop

Woman, which appeared on this stage of the rating, confirms the saying about, that women bring misfortune to ships. She already managed to make sure of this in full. The fact, that she stayed on the last flights at the Olympic, British and Titanic. And she safely survived all three of the greatest shipwrecks. Hugh Williams who is three times.

It all started with that, that the young girl Violetta Jessop got a job on the largest cruise ship "Olympic", she was a maid. On her first flight, she became an eyewitness, how the liner went down, after collision with cruiser.

She was among the saved, and with her the captain of the sunken ship. After that, the two of them got a job on the Titanic, for the same positions, previously held. This time, the largest ship hit an iceberg and also sank..

This time the captain did not leave his ship. But the maid was back in the lifeboat. A little later, during the First World War, a woman got a job on a large hospital ship "Britannica". And very soon the ship ran into a mine hidden under water. He sank very quickly and almost dragged the boat with the rescued people behind him. But, Violetta was not taken aback and jumped out of the boat. So she was saved again.

Soon she was picked up by a passing ship. This incident did not affect the interests of the favorite shipwreck.. She continued to work for the rest of her life as an attendant on a wide variety of ships.. She died of heart problems in old age.


Many consider Pisces to be weak and defenseless personalities.. However, life shows, that these are the real lucky ones, to which fame and fortune comes effortlessly. How, without strength of character, they achieve it?

Worth saying, that Pisces are real pretenders. They have incredible artistry., thanks to which they are able to get used to literally any role. With this quality they achieve everything, what do they want. In addition, Pisces has developed sensitivity at the extreme level.. They sense the mood of others, and some can even read minds! These superpowers, which Pisces skillfully use, surrounding and mistaken for banal luck.

Lucky people never miss a chance to socialize

They are not afraid of meeting new people., because they know: new people are always new opportunities, and new opportunities are good.

Weisman recalls one experiment participant, decided, that he should break the habit of hanging out with the same people at parties, meetings and others. Having made a decision, he did the following: before, how to go to the event, he chose a certain color, and after that he spoke only with people in clothes of this color, even if they were completely unfamiliar to him!

Lucky people, usually, are extroverts, and enjoy connecting with others and making new connections. Being surrounded by other people, they do not limit their social circle to just people, whom they know. They are ready to chat with anyone..

TOP-1: Hurricane woman

And the top losers in life is a woman, which attracts hurricanes. The fact, that during her life she was left without a roof over her head several times due to the most powerful hurricanes. After, how Melanie Martinez lost her fifth home to the disaster, she was titled "the most unlucky woman in the United States".

A large number of fellow citizens are watching her life, who sincerely sympathize with her

After, how hurricanes tore four of her roofs, a solid television show drew attention to her trouble. The owners of this program took pity on the victim and built a new home for her at their own expense.

But Melanie did not have time to rejoice for long. In just three months, after moving into a brand new house, его отобрал сильный ураган Исаак. Even though the woman was genuinely upset, but this did not surprise her at all. She is already used to this and takes it for granted..

Personal life

As mentioned above, Frane Selak has never been indifferent to the fairer sex. What is the case on the plane, which only miraculously ended well for him. Apart from his many intrigues, he was married four times, but all marriages after a while ended in divorces. Last, 5-th marriage, was concluded already in old age, some time after that biggest cash win, and the man is still happy. His chosen one is called Katarina. She is younger than Franya by 20 years. The Croatian pensioner himself considers his wife the greatest success in his life..

Case four. Is the car safer?

After 3 from previous unpleasant incidents Frane Selak decided not to risk anymore and got behind the wheel of his own Skoda car, considering, that it will be safer on its own. You think, this time carried? Not at all. IN 1970 year, driving by car turned into another unpleasant incident. On the track, his car suddenly began to smoke, and then completely caught fire. Frane, without delay, immediately jumped out of the car. After a few seconds he watched, how his car's gas tank explodes. And once again I managed to get off with a few abrasions and a slight shock. The surprised friend of Fran, who learned about this incident, could not stay away and uttered a rather memorable phrase: “You or the unluckiest, or the luckiest person in the world!”

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