Biggest us lottery win

Us residents refuse to take lottery winnings more often than Russian citizens

The story of a poor waitress

Most often, however, lottery winnings bring bad luck to their owner. So it turned out with a waitress from Las Vegas named Cynthia Jay.. She decided to stop by the casino after work.. She was not going to leave a lot of money in the vending machines - she had only 27 dollars. Cynthia decided to play a lottery called "The One-armed Bandit". Gradually lost one dollar after another and was about to leave. Suddenly, a loud sound was heard throughout the casino, which informed all visitors about winning the jackpot.

Amount, which Cynthia managed to win, amounted to about 35 million dollars. To make this money, working as a waitress, she would need 1165 years. However, the luck did not last long. Less than a few months after winning, how Cynthia got into a serious car accident. The poor girl ended up in a wheelchair. She later stated, that I would give all the money, just to walk and work as a waitress again.

Unclaimed winnings in Russia

About winnings, for which no one came, I can not hear anything. On the one hand, the lottery market itself in Russia is small, на фоне той же Америки просто микроскопический. On the other hand, most of the unclaimed winnings are amounts, not exceeding 200 rubles.

maybe, you will be surprised, but there are a lot of them in total. Согласно последнему отчету АО «Государственные спортивные лотереи» невостребованными числятся 512 million rubles. В одной только в лотерее «Русское лото» таких выигрышей — 289 385 620 rubles

Paragraph 7 annual financial statement - the amount of unclaimed winnings

In fairness it is worth clarifying, that the amount here is not for one year, but for two and a half. In Russia, a lottery winner can receive a prize within 3 years, if during this period he does not pick it up, то деньги перечисляются в государственный бюджет.

18 millions are still waiting for the winner?

Nevertheless, in a similar report of the State Housing Lottery, there was also a fairly large unclaimed win. А именно — в 179 тираже кто-то не забрал главный приз. If we compare two runs in a row, по основным параметрам таким как — № тиража / number of unclaimed tickets / sum

  • № 178 — 25 060 tickets - 1 514 100 rubles
  • № 179 — 26 350 tickets - 19 725 350 rubles

заметно серьезное отличие по сумме. With almost equal number of unclaimed tickets. IN 179 in circulation, someone just won a lot of money - 18 110 695 rubles.

As usual, про победителя ничего не известно, declared only, that he is from Ufa. Вот что писали в свое время на Столото:

"In the 179th draw of the Housing Lottery, which was broadcast 30 April, there was a real sensation! The largest super prize in the history of this lottery was drawn in the amount of 17 900 695 rubles! <…> Also add, what will he get extra 210 thousand rubles for winning the first round. Participant's total winnings, which the, by the way, bought my ticket in Ufa, will be 18 110 695 rubles! With which we congratulate him. How to claim a win? It is enough to come to the central office "

At least until July 2017 (when the report was published) that is more than a year, the winner of this draw did not collect his winnings. But, for some reason no one is looking for him. Do not want to search? Or, the winner took his money after the report was published?

In the history of Stoloto, there were examples when the winners, for inexplicable reasons, did not take their winnings for a long time.. for example, a certain resident of the Amur region won 94 382 263 ruble in September 2015, but took them only in January 2016. Almost five months have passed! I got busy with business, could not get out, or just temporarily the money was not needed? The answer is unknown, Alas

At all, for some reason, the organizer of the lottery in Russia does not want to show its big winners (apparently, not interested in such advertising), so were all these millionaires in principle, whether they received their money - we do not know for certain, все они известны только со слов пресс-службы Столото. Although there are almost two dozen of these lucky ones on the list, none of them showed themselves in any way after the received prize.

Winnings 2016 of the year

14 In October, a street cleaner from Brussels won the European EuroMillions lottery 168 million euros, what was the biggest win in the history of the kingdom.

15 October, a resident of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg won the maximum prize in the international lottery Eurojackpot in the amount of 90 million euros. Eurojackpot lottery popular among residents 17 European countries. To hit the jackpot, players need to guess five numbers from 50 and two more additional numbers out of ten.

12 August, a resident of Estonia won a record amount in the country's history during the Eurojackpot international lottery - 1,155 million euros. According to the state company Eesti Loto, this win is the largest in the history of lotteries in Estonia.

29 July, a resident of German Hesse won the Eurojackpot lottery 84,8 million euros. The lucky man managed to guess all the winning numbers

8 May Powerball winner ticket with jackpot in 429,6 million dollars was bought in the US state of New Jersey. The probability of winning is 1 of 292,2 million.

26 March, a resident of North Rhine-Westphalia won the Eurojackpot lottery 76,8 million euros.

5 In March, brothers James and Bob Stoklas from Pennsylvania, USA won Powerball more than 291 million dollars. However, the winnings were not quite evenly distributed.: lottery ticket brought to James 291,4 million, and Bob won 7 dollars.

27 February resident of Novosibirsk, participant of "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ", became the owner of a record in the history of lotteries in Russia, the super prize "Gosloto" 358 million 358 thousand 466 rubles. He took part in three draws. His lucky bet, which the winner made in one of the city's lottery kiosks, cost 1800 rubles. The record fell on the 1885th circulation.

15 February, UK national operator Camelot confirmed, that the United Kingdom filed won almost 25 million pounds sterling in the largest European lottery Euromillions.

12 February a bunch of friends from Dublin shared the EuroMillions jackpot by 132 million euros with a French resident. The winners received 66 million euros.

13 января американская лотерея Powerball разыграла самый большой джек-пот в мире. The winning amount was 1,6 billion dollars. It was won by three tickets, the owners of which divided the winnings among themselves. Chances of winning each ticket, participating in the drawing, were 1 on 292 million. Florida couple is one of three winners. We are talking about 70-year-old Maureen Smith and 55-year-old David Kaltschmidt. They agreed with the organizers of the lottery about a lump sum payment in 327 million dollars. John and Liza Robertson from Tennessee took a similar strategy. Another winning ticket was sold in California, but who bought it, unknown.

What lottery really to win - what the statistics say

We looked at this issue from the perspective of probability theory. But you need to understand, that it works with a very large sample, about a million outcomes.

No other company has had such a large number of draws yet., therefore, lotteries are more interesting to consider from a statistical point of view.

The slogan

Under the brand name "Gosloto" 4 state lotteries, we will consider the most popular - "5 out of 36". Held daily 5 draws, and the total number of copies exceeded 8100.

The statistics are quite interesting:

  1. Number of participants. Participates in each drawing from 10000 to 20000 tickets. At the same time, the largest number of participants falls on the evening draws.
  2. Drawn amounts. If we talk about circulation, in which there is no jackpot, then payouts range from 300 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles.
  3. Jackpot. The super prize is drawn on average every hundredth draw. That is, every 20 days another millionaire appears.

Russian lotto

One of the most popular and oldest lotteries in Russia. Draws are held once a week on Sundays.

The site provides the following statistics:

  1. Number of participants. In the regular draw, from 2 500 000 to 3 500 000 tickets. In special, when remains 2 barrel, from 7 000 000. The first of January 2018 the record was set: in the drawing took over 45 000 000 participants.
  2. Drawn amounts. On a typical day, played out 100 000 000 — 120 000 000 rubles. For special editions, the amount is doubled. The record belongs to the January edition - 2 125 000 150 rubles.
  3. Fallen barrels. Most often numbers remain in the bag 83, 76, 78, 70, 37.

Winning chance. This indicator depends on the missing numbers. There are no official statistics on the site. But by simple mathematical calculations, the following result will be obtained: 4 barrel - 20%, 3 — 30%, 2 — 40%.

Housing lottery

The name speaks for itself. All big prizes are real estate (country houses, cottages, apartments). The rules are exactly the same, as in "Russian Lotto". Only a lottery drum is used instead of a bag of barrels. Draw takes place once a week on Sunday.

The statistics for the draws are as follows:

  1. Number of participants. It is lower, than in the more popular "Russian Lotto". For standard - up to a million, for special draws - up to 2,5 million.
  2. Drawn amounts. In the standard draw, the draw is up to 80 million rubles. The record belongs to the January special edition, during which more than 310 000 000 rubles.
  3. Non-falling balls. Balls numbered are the least likely to take part in the game. 18, 72, 11, 70, 37.

Golden Key

In the past, one of the most popular representatives, and the main competitor of "Russian Lotto". IN 2015 ceased to exist, for unknown reasons. We wanted to compare the statistics of the "Golden Key" with existing counterparts, but there is no information.

The only thing, what we managed to find was a loud mention of, that during its existence it was played 2000 prizes worth more than 1 million each.


Sportloto is the oldest representative on this list. Draws are held every 15 minutes. Sportloto does not boast of large amounts paid. The maximum possible amount is 10 000 000 rubles. Biggest win, found by me in the archive - 63 000 rubles.

Winnings 2012 of the year

28 November, the organizers of the American Powerball lottery announced, that two residents of the USA, who bought winning tickets, will share one of the largest jackpots in the history of the lottery in size 580 million dollars.

14 November, a resident of France won one of the largest jackpots in the history of the country - 169,8 million euros in the pan-European Euro Millions lottery.

6 November the largest jackpot in Australia was shared by four winners. The winning amount of the OZ lotto was 112 million Australian dollars.

18 September in the 477th draw of "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "the accumulated super prize at expanded rates, equal 152 millions 723 thousands 884 rubles, shared by four participants.

11 August UK resident wins Euromillions pan-European lottery jackpot, which made 148 million pounds (190 million euros).

14 June, a resident of China won the lottery 90 million dollars - the largest prize in the history of the Chinese lottery.

31 one of the largest Mega Millions jackpots in the 656 million dollars, it was divided by three people from the states of Illinois, Kansas and Missouri.

7 In March, 81-year-old resident of the American state of Rhode Island Louise White won the popular Powerball lottery in the USA 210 million dollars, the night before the draw, she put the winning ticket in the Bible and slept with her.

29 February, a resident of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik hit the jackpot in 13,4 million kuna (near 2,3 million dollars) after, as 30 years, I bought lottery tickets weekly and marked the same numbers in them.

15 February, local media reported, that a resident of the Chinese province of Sichuan won the lottery almost 42 million dollars. Fuli Tsaipiao Chinese Lottery Center reported, that the owner of the prize in 200 million yuan (41,3 million dollars) in the lottery "Two-color ball" became a resident of Chengdu, the administrative center of Sichuan province. The lucky winner of the prize had to pay tax in the amount of 50 million yuan (7,9 million dollars), more 10 million yuan (1,6 million dollars) he volunteered for charity.

27 January, the largest lottery prize in Slovenian history was drawn in 4,872 million euros. Lucky person guessed the combination of seven numbers and an additional digit. The ticket was paid in the city of Maribor.

The most winning lotteries

Who is interested in winning, уповает не только на удачу, but also measures the risks, seeks to participate in the lottery, в которой шанс победить высок

Important, so that the draw is carried out without deception and in accordance with the law

In Russia

Today Stoloto is recognized as the most honest and largest distributor of state lotteries in Russia..

Worth noting, that there are no win-win lotteries.

The most popular and winning in the country according to statistics on 2018 perform for a year:

  • Russian lotto. Most Russians consider this lottery the fairest. It dates back to 1994 years and managed to establish itself throughout the country among the older and younger generations. Достоинства лотереи в понятныхправилах и проведении розыгрыша в прямом эфире.

  • The slogan. No less popular lottery, the meaning of which is to cross out a certain number of numbers in the ticket field. There are varieties "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 "and" Gosloto "4 out of 20". You can get a win, by guessing at least two numbers: the more, all the better. Most Russians win here.

  • Housing lottery. Ranks high among Russians. Разыгрывается в ней преимущественно недвижимость — квартиры и загородные дома, but a cash prize is also possible. Каждый билет включает 2 поля с уже выбранными 15 numbers from the range 1 to 90, so you don't have to guess anything, it remains only to wait for the draw.

  • Golden horseshoe. The game resembles the Housing Lottery and the Russian Lotto. The only difference is, what is it before 87 course, which allows a lot of people to win. You can get an apartment in each draw, car and various cash prizes. Draws are held live.

  • Sportloto 6 of 49. This lottery originated in the days of the USSR and, slightly transformed, reached our days. The aim of the game is, to guess from 3 to 6 numbers in one field of the ticket. Depending on the number of guessed numbers, the gain increases.

In the world

The percentage of players in Russia is much less (Total 1-2%), than in America and Europe. So, trying their luck in France 70% residents of the country, and in the USA the share is 63%.

  • Oregon Megabucks Lottery. Participants have to guess 6 numbers from 48. The minimum jackpot is 1 million dollars if no one hits the jackpot, then its amount is added to the next print run.

  • Powerball. To win this lottery you need to guess 5 balls from 69 and 1 additional, called powerball. The game provides 9 categories, where you can get a prize. The smallest win is possible when guessing the additional Powerball, the probability of such a victory is 1 to 24,5. Испытать удачу может житель Соединённых Штатов и любой иностранный гражданин. The last big win was registered in this American lottery.

  • Megamillions. American lottery,won annually by a large number of people, known with 1996 year and rules similar to the previously mentioned Powerball, за исключением диапазона выбора шаров — здесь он увеличивается до 70. The likelihood of getting the largest and smallest prize, respectively, decreases. The ticket costs 5$.

  • EuroMillions Spanish Lottery,where to participate you need to choose 5 numbers from 50 and 2 lucky stars from 11. If at least two balls are matched, then you can already count on getting a prize. This pan-European lottery is more winning and has a high chance of winning - 1 to 13. Выгоднее лотереи в данной географической области не найти.

  • EuroJackpot European lottery jackpot reaches 48 million euros, цена билета — 5,7$. The rules do not differ from the previous ones, only the range of values ​​allowed for the selection varies. The chance of winning is 1 to 42.

  • Monday Lotto. The Australian lottery stands out for, that local winnings are not taxed. For, to win the jackpot (1 million dollars) need to guess 6 balls from 45, probability of victory -1 to 8 145 060, вероятность минимального выигрыша — 1:144.

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