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10. PowerBall Lottery - 315 USD million, 2013 year

Money is not a guarantee of happiness and success, especially "easy" money. And this story is a vivid proof of that.. On Christmas Eve, American Jack Whittaker made an incredible amount - 315 million US dollars. But after that his life and the life of his entire family went awry.. It all started with, that Jack was robbed several times. But this is nothing, compared to that, that the corpse of a little boy was found in his house, died of drug overdose. The winner himself turned out to be a cruel criminal. At the trial, his wife confessed, what if not for this lottery, their life would have turned out differently.


This jackpot is a little bit out of the total unclaimed winnings. Strictly speaking - he didn't even exist. It has one thing in common with the rest of the examples - the alleged winner was unknown..

21 May 2010 of the year, in the Corner Store (St. John's, Canada) one of the buyers has issued a ticket for the next Lotto Max Atlantic lottery draw. The seller made a mistake when placing a bid, as a result of which the cost of the ticket was $ 27 instead $ 12. The buyer did not want to pay more and demanded to cancel the ticket

The most interesting thing happened later. In the night draw, the same numbers fell, which were marked in the wrong ticket. Since no one else has marked them, the buyer could become the sole owner of the jackpot in the amount of $ 30 million. If I hadn't canceled the ticket ... (a source)

Representative Atlantic Lottery Corp. in St. John's, said, that the incident is unusual - “this was great news for us. As far as we know, such a big win, on canceled ticket, has never happened before "

maybe, the buyer who refused to pay found out more, that was one step away from the jackpot - St. John's is a small town, and this news was actively discussed there. But no one ever confessed to this oversight, the jackpot remained intact. AND, afterwards, already got someone else


IN 2009 in the UK National Lottery for a long time (from March to September) nobody came for one of the winnings. The amount is not the largest, but worthy - £ 2 255 485. Finally, предполагаемый победитель все же явился – 51-летний Эдди Путман предъявил билет и получил деньги. Sam Putman, true, was not a law-abiding citizen, he had previously been convicted of violence and fraud. But, in this case, the police did not have any evidence against him. Maybe he just played the lottery and won, the same happens too?

But, the story was continued in 2015, when Jyle Nibs, Camelot Group employee (lottery organizer) committed suicide. Nibs worked in the fraud prevention department. AND, as an employee of this level, knew perfectly the inner kitchen and the weak points of the system.

Shortly before his death, Putman accused Nibs of blackmail (якобы тот требовал с него 400 000 pounds) and damage to the BMW car. Therefore, Jyle Nibs was under police surveillance, and his suicide was the beginning of the investigation.

It turned out, that these two were in cahoots. Nibs, as a lottery employee knew perfectly well about the existence of unclaimed winnings and the possibility of getting it. And Putman just acted as the ticket holder.

As one of the Camelot Group employees said on this occasion, “You cannot manage the lottery, but you can fake a ticket. And nothing prevents you from doing it again "

Police do not disclose, how exactly the ticket was forged, perhaps, it was printed by Nibs himself (it seems like he could do it), maybe, Putman was also engaged in forgery - all, what was required for this was to buy a ticket there, where the real one was designed and "modify" it a little

Эдвард Путман во время суда в 2012

The partners agreed to split the jackpot in half. But Putman just threw Nibs, taking all the money for myself. The latter was furious - such a perfect fraud scheme and such a shameful result. And you won't go to the police, then you must reveal your role in this story.

It's hard to say now, what exactly triggered Nibs' suicide. There is a version, that the security service was digging under it and the fraud scheme was about to be revealed. And he didn't want to go to jail. Generally, with the help of his death, Nibs decided to get his former companion. He left many messages and letters to friends, where the fraud scheme was revealed. Police, investigating, happily grabbed the materials provided and, looks like Putman will sit down again soon.

This is not the only case, when the unclaimed winnings are fraudulent. The most famous happened in the USA, and this story began as usual

Winnings in the USA

$ 425 million

California retiree Raymond Buxton also tempted fate with the Powerball lottery. And won in the end 425 million. He declared his rights to the money two months after the announcement of the number of the lucky ticket. According to Buxton, all this time he tried to believe in his luck and endlessly rechecked the numbers. According to the rules, winnings can be obtained in different ways, самый выгодный — частями в течение 20 years, then the deductions will be the lowest. Raymond did not want to wait and demanded money immediately, lump sum. As a result, "everything" fell into his account 242 million, of which Buxton had to pay tax.

$ 429 million

Another pensioner, from new jersey, became the winner of the lottery with a prize fund in 429 million dollars. Verney, she is not alone, and together with their seven daughters. One of them admitted, that their family is in shock from what happened. This did not stop women from exercising sanity and demanding payments., what is called, in place. Having received 284 million, they paid off mortgages and loans, taken for education. And surely there is something left for a rainy day.

$ 447 million

Ticket, who changed his life, lottery winner, held in the USA in June 2017, купил в небольшом магазине — в «нагрузку» к пиву. What brought him a win 447 million. The lucky guy refused to give his name to the press, as well as share further plans for life. By the way, lucky not for him alone: lottery organizers decided to encourage the store, sold a lucky ticket, and backed his owners with a million dollar check.

$ 487 million

New Hampshire Spouses in July 2016 of the year won nearly half a billion dollars in the Powerball lottery. Of this money 140 millions ate all kinds of tax deductions and contributions, but the received was more than enough for everything. However, the lucky ones did not become greedy and donated part of the winnings to charity projects.

$ 590 million

In May 2013 Gloria Mackenzie, Zephyrhills resident, bought a lottery ticket at the checkout of one of the supermarkets. A month later it turned out, that the ticket brought her a fantastic win in 590 million. 84-summer Gloria, judging, that it makes no sense to receive this amount in installments for many years, preferred a lump sum. As a result, I lost almost half of my money, 220 million, and still went down in history as the owner of the largest "solo" in American history (inherited by one person, not spouses) winnings. However, Mackenzie did not last long in record holders: four years later the record was broken.

$ 758,7 million

Powerball lottery draw on the night of 23 on 24 August 2017 года вызвал ажиотаж среди жителей Штатов — за процессом наблюдало два миллиона человек. Betting, to put it mildly, were high: there was more at stake 750 million. The chance to win was 1 to 292 millions. Massachusetts nurse Mavis Wonzik got this chance.. How exactly did she manage the incredible winnings, unknown. It is only known, that immediately after confirming her victory in the lottery, she quit.

$ 1,5 billion

The record jackpot in history was drawn in 2016 году — сумма превысила полтора миллиарда (!) dollars. There were several winners, so the money was divided among three. None of the winners wanted to receive their share gradually, agreeing to seriously lose in payments. As a result, each lucky person was credited with 327 million. Which is also not bad.

$ 1,5 billion

Another one and a half billion win, but this time alone, happened in 2018 year. The jackpot was hit by a resident of South Carolina, who was silent for four months after the announcement of the lottery results. In February of this year, the winner's lawyer came for money, completed all paperwork and transfer of winnings to the account of his client.

State taxes

In addition to federal taxes, your winnings may also be subject to local taxes

Important to remember, what tax, charged from your prize, depends not only on the state, but also on your individual circumstances

В следующей таблице показана ставка удержания для каждой участвующей юрисдикции, and also the threshold, when prizes start to be taxed at the state level.

State income tax Jurisdiction
No tax on state winnings California, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, US Virgin Islands, Washington State, Wyoming
2.9% North Dakota
0.03 New Jersey
3.07% Pennsylvania
3.4% Indiana
3.75% Illinois
0.04 Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia
4.25% Michigan
0.05 Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska
5.75% North Carolina
5.99% Rhode Island
0.06 Georgia, Kentucky, New Mexico, Vermont
6.5% West Virginia
6.6% Delaware
6.9% Montana
6.99% Connecticut
0.07 Arkansas, South Carolina
7.25% Minnesota
7.4% Idaho
7.75% Wisconsin
0.08 Oregon
8.5% Washington
8.75% Maryland
8.82% New York
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