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Foreign lotteries, which Russians can play

There are many foreign lottery games, citizens of different countries are allowed to participate. Here are the most famous ones:


This lottery is one of the leaders in the world of games, which are distinguished among others by high reliability, general recognition and the size of the main prizes. It should be noted, that winnings from this lottery are tax-free. The value of the jackpot varies from 10 to 90 million euros. Eurojackpot has a positive trend in terms of the number of large cash prizes won by foreigners. Also, the reliability of the lottery organizer is confirmed by millions of participants not only in the homeland of the game, but also in many countries.


The famous lottery game, originally from sunny Spain, has long been loved by residents of many countries. Prize draws are held systematically every week. With special trepidation, millions of players around the world await the July and December draws. These two games stand out from the crowd with the largest jackpots. ElGordo tickets are initially marked with a specific number., which in the future can promise a big win. The big advantage of this lottery is that, that there are about a hundred main prizes. Moreover, each of them amounts to several million euros.


The history of the first draws begins with 2004 of the year. Over the years, this game has proven its impeccable reputation with numerous wins. An interesting fact, that this game appeared as a result of the unification of three European countries into a single "lottery union". The founders were the UK, France and Spain. The size of the jackpot sometimes reaches 190 million euros. It should be noted, what in case, if the lucky owner did not show up for 2 subsequent draws, the amount is distributed among the winners of the second category.

Is it safe? play foreign lotteries?

Deciding to take part in an overseas lottery, you should definitely pay attention to the following points

A reliable representative as a guarantor of a win


There are a great many foreign lotteries. For, to be extremely confident in the honesty of the organizer, you need to opt for "popular lotteries". By "nationality" is meant the active participation of the citizens of the founding country of the game in the lottery. If the lottery game is recognized at home and has been carried out for many years without any incidents, then you can safely purchase a ticket and wait for your finest hour. As known, the more participants in the game, the more impressive the jackpot.

The popularity of the lottery game


The scope of the law


At the moment, foreign lotteries are showing stunning results. More and more Russians prefer foreign games. This is not surprising, because multi-million dollar jackpots do not leave anyone indifferent. A resident of any country has a chance to win a foreign lottery and significantly improve his financial situation. One thing to remember is that you need to choose reliable lottery games.. In this case, your lucky ticket will not be forced to give!

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