The most win-win lottery in russia

The most winning lotteries in russia (list, statistics 2018-2019 of the year, player reviews)

Expert Tips for Winning the Lottery

Lottery winning tips vary widely. Here, like in a casino - there is no clear line between science, logic and validity and some theories, guesses and psychics. All official, statistically proven methods of, how you can logically increase your chances of winning the lottery, we gave in the previous paragraph.

There is only one left, mathematician-confirmed oddity: соседние числа встречаются с завидной регулярностью в любом виде лотерей. Вопреки мнению большинства опытных игроков, who have spent more than one year studying lotteries, this fact is still quite strange.

Indeed, according to the theory of probability, although the probability of getting any number is, then in the programmed determination of the payoff, the car is less likely to 2 consecutive numbers with all the variety of options. And if the lottery is played the old fashioned way - with a lot of balls, then everything is even stranger here - there are a lot of combinations, and for example in the lottery 6 of 45 the probability of getting two numbers in a row is less than a few hundred, if not a thousand times. But nonetheless, several numbers in a row do not come up in every drawing, but nonetheless, often enough, much more often than any other combination. This is why lottery tickets with multiple numbers in a row still have a good chance of winning..

Completely scientific methods are over, and believe that, what will happen next is not at all necessary. But if you want to improve your chances, and be able to win a little more than 1 to a million, then you should grab all possible ways to "improve your luck".

so, the most common way to "attract luck" in the lottery is to use your date of birth and your name. Let's explain now. Most "magic" and "psychic" forums agree, what can you win, if you put on your date of birth, and if numbers 6, then also on the numbers of the initials alphabetically.

Also, day matters, where you buy a lottery ticket. Better to win, if it coincides with your birthday, or will be one of the favorable - Saturday or Sunday, or the first half of Monday and Tuesday.

Also, people often, choosing certain numbers, draw figures on the ticket. Each of them chooses his own figure, which will bring him good luck.

And the last of these methods is transurfing.. According to this method, any event in a person's life is possible and it is enough for him to simply take it from various options of the universe. I.e, translating into ordinary language, you just have to accept that, that there is a possibility not to win, realize, that she is not that important, and then calmly come and win. This does not mean, what you gotta want with all your might, it's enough to see yourself at the end of the road - with money, calmly keep this picture in your head and win, without thinking about, where to spend money, what to invest in and so on.

The lottery game has even more ambiguity, than a casino game. That is why each player has their own rituals, strategies and other "happy" actions, which are guaranteed to help him win a prize. Create your strategy, get rituals and a talisman, and then in your head you will have a better chance of winning. And if we cannot influence the lottery mechanism, then at least increasing your luck would be a great option.

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