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The jubilee drawing of the Russian Lotto was organized on the project in honor of the 25th anniversary of the victories of the participants. The rally was broadcast in a simplified form due to an unstable Internet connection. In fact, we were shown the animation, trying to convince the reality of what is happening. We have already tested similar projects more than once., they turned out to be fraudulent.

Comments were posted below on the page, identical we saw on other scams. It is unlikely that the Russian Lotto project was significantly different from them.. You could see a slight difference in the design and content of the site, but the essence remains the same.

The broadcast of the Russian Lotto draw has ended. Our ticket had 4 guessed numbers and winning combination, what brought us a win 187900 rubles. It remained to contact the prize distribution center and withdraw money.

We were redirected to a page with winnings options. You could use an online transfer to a bank card or wallet. The waiting time was no more than 10 minutes, payment of duty was required. You could also receive money through a transfer by Russian Post for 3-7 days, the shipping cost was 1275 rubles. Winnings over 500000 rubles could be obtained at the prize distribution center. Our prize was less, and this option was not available. It was all beyond logic.

We indicated an arbitrary set of numbers as the card number and clicked "Pay the fee and withdraw the winnings". It was clear, that we will not be allowed to withdraw money, since they only exist on the screen. But solely for the purpose of testing the Russian Lotto project, we decided to conduct an experiment and make a payment.

After the payment was made, instead of the promised payment, we were told only about the readiness of the amount to be sent. Below we were given a choice of paid translation options. A quick money transfer allowed you to instantly receive all the money in full and cost 1020 rubles. Translation in the next order cost 720 rubles and was sent in parts during the day. We saw the chat of Russian lotto participants again, but real people in it did not communicate. This is how the scammers tried to create the desired impression on the visitors., to inspire confidence and lure money.

We did not pay. We saw nothing new in the Russian Lotto project. It was a scam site, created in the same image and likeness with other scams. He does not pay money.

Results of the Russian Lotto project:

· Выплаты призов проект не производит;

· Совершать оплаты и надеяться на выигрыш здесь бессмысленно.

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