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Russia lotto holds an anniversary draw of cash prizes | stop cheating

Lotto Russia

Described sites:

  • air-news1.ru;
  • delway.ru.

In the age of information technology, there is nothing surprising about
buying lottery tickets online, where will the draw itself take place. Lotto
Russia gives out free tickets in honor of its 25th anniversary, offering the lucky ones
real prizes. Джек пот составляет 125 850 640 rubles, so
if not everyone wants to try their luck, then many.

The ticket is assigned to us immediately upon entering the site. The rally itself also starts instantly. Nothing strange so far - we can assume, that the system stores the results of past users, so there won't be two identical tickets. The truth is confusing about the size of possible winnings. Anniversary is not a reason to give so much money, it won't pay off - tickets are free.

They did not particularly think about the oddities. There were enough of them in other similar scams.: MegaLotto, Super Lotto - Superloto, Russian Lotto. The list goes on, but the projects are not fundamentally different. Divorce Lotto Russia fit perfectly into their company.

  • Russian Lotto company or a lottery with that name
    does not exist;
  • All tickets are winning. Prize amount
    is the same. Even the numbers dropped on them do not differ;
  • Chat messages are always the same. Them
  • It is impossible to contact company representatives;
  • No real license numbers, although they
    must be on the site, holding draws.

Read reviews of similar projects, To make sure, as Lotto
Russian scam. Don't be fooled.

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How to find a draw and win

Подпишитесь на официальные страницы компаний, services you often use, и следите за обновлениями — так вы будете бороться за действительно нужные призы. Остальные розыгрыши можно найти по тегам «Бесплатно», «Конкурсы Москва» или «Бесплатно за репост».

If you want to win something specific, search all groups, where is it played: «Роллы за репост», «Роллы розыгрыш» и т. P. The secret of frequent victories is simple: repost those draws, в которых мало участников.

Here's what else every social media user needs to know:

  1. Какой пароль не взломают мошенники.
  2. Почему истории «богачей с Кипра» — бред.
  3. Почему нельзя отмечать коллег на фото.

Anniversary drawing

Judging by the number of scams, built on the "lottery"
subject, they are good for deceiving people. Therefore, we recommend carefully
take a closer look at all the offers to win something on one of the sites. Real
draws are always done in favor of the organizer (paid tickets, advertising
sponsors, paid services). And even more so a lottery cannot be
win-win, otherwise it loses its meaning.

Scam Lotto Russia is designed for gambling, gullible,
loving money. Think with your head, when you are announced the winner and offered
large sum. Remember, that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And in
the case with such sites there is no cheese in a mousetrap at all. Numbers on the screen to money
have no relationship!

What the final check of the Lotto Russia scam showed:

  • When entering the site automatically started
    draw. You don't need to enter any data or select something;
  • The result is always the same: gain in size 187 900
    rubles for 4 guessed numbers and combination "square";
  • We activate the issue of winnings. Rogue this time
    dispensed with fake chats with support operators. We were immediately asked
    pay a fee. You can choose between 2 options for receiving a prize, but both

You can lose in the Russian Lotto scam from 450 to 1350 rubles
already on the first paid service. Several more will follow.. That's just in
you never get money in the final. Bypass the site.

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