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Free online lotteries for real money with withdrawal of money: instruction, how can you win

Free giveaways

I must say right away - money is not distributed, but you can sell those things, who will receive. For example, similar way you can get stickers, decoration, bags, cosmetics, clothes, footwear, keys to licensed programs and games. All this can then be sold if desired, albeit for symbolic money.

How to get it all for free? Many companies, mostly foreign, give gifts to their fans or active users. To receive, just leave a comment asking, write a letter, perform a simple action. Something new every time.

There are a lot of forums on the Internet, where they post instructions for obtaining such things. It is enough to enter into the search "freeloader forum" and you will find many similar sites.

Like all other articles on my site, this is just information for thought and should not be taken as an instruction for action. Frankly, you can really win money on the Internet without investments right now, but get very little money for it. Better take this time to make money on the Internet, to get a certain amount exactly.

How to win money online without investments right now

In everyday life, you can find many opportunities to try your luck - lotteries, casino, card clubs, etc.. But in all such areas, you must first invest something, and only then get the chance to win money. Not everyone is happy with this, that's why people go online - you can play here for free.

Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities, as we would like, but still much more, than in reality. Although you shouldn't forget about the reverse side of the Internet - there are many scammers. After all, hiding in an anonymous network is so easy to deceive gullible people, who are looking for a way to earn. Be vigilant and always try to understand why this site pays money?

Usually, all free money sites, work by selling advertising. You can't make much money on this, but for small payments the lucky ones will have enough. Therefore, if the amounts promise are not too large, and you are not required to provide personal information (eg, all data from the card), you can try your luck.

Online lotteries with a real chance to win large sums

Most often speaking about lotteries, they mean exactly the television draws. However, in addition to television lotteries, you can find many similar games on the Internet. The big plus of the latter is that, that to participate in them you don't even need to spend money on buying a ticket.

Social chance

Participation in a lottery with this name is one of the easiest chances to win.. To participate in it, you just need to register, select a sequence of numbers and press the "play" button.

The Social Chance Game

The amount of winning here depends on the number of digits, matched the selected. clear, that in "Social Chance" you won't be able to win much at once, but still, the amount of the winnings in it can be up to 10 thousand rubles, which is also very good.


Another lottery, participation in which you can take free. Naturally, after registration on the site. To participate in it, you must select several "rates", noting circles in the margin. Initially, you can bet on no more than three ticket fields, but doing a number of tasks, you can increase their number to 6 (there is also an opportunity to purchase GOLD, but you will have to pay for it).

The results of the draw are announced daily at the same time.

Playing at Lotzon.com

Beyond money, while playing you can accumulate points. In the future, it will be possible to purchase various gifts for accumulating points (often, these are phones, laptops, cameras, etc.).

Maximum winnings, declared on the site - 300 thousand rubles, however, so far, there are no comments from the lucky one, who managed to grab this jackpot. But winning a few thousand rubles is real.

Where do free lotteries get their money from??

Free online lotteries give everyone the opportunity to try their luck without any initial investment. On some services, you won't even find the function of transferring money to organizers. Only cash withdrawal in case of victory to your own account.

Naturally, the maximum amount of possible winnings here is not comparable to large lotteries, type "Russian Lotto". Beginners can count on amounts from a few kopecks to one hundred rubles daily. Experienced players are capable of lifting much more.

If you count, at the end of the month, a pretty solid amount comes out. As in all lotteries, in online draws there is an opportunity to hit the jackpot. Its amount varies from 10 thousand to 300 thousand rubles. Similar draws are held daily, which increases the chances of winning.

One of the most frequently asked questions: “Where does the money come from to pay winnings to users??». The answer won't surprise you - it's advertising. Advertisers give money to organizers. Participants in the draws must watch several required videos. All profits are shared between the organizers and the winners, plus a solid prize fund for the future is being formed.

List of the most reliable lotteries

You can simply score in any search engine the query "Free lottery". You will immediately see several dozen similar portals of the same direction. Some of them will be popular, with a lot of users, others - slightly promoted. We advise you to give preference to eminent services for a number of reasons:

  1. Famous lotteries often draw large sums of money with five zeros at the end.
  2. A service with a large number of followers is more credible.
  3. Little-known lotteries can instantly cease their activities, if it becomes unprofitable. In this case, all your savings will evaporate..

Besides, we advise you to read reviews about lotteries on sites in this area, eg, Otzovik. Real people share their winning stories, withdrawing money, time of cash crediting. The reviews describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each service, mentioning all the pitfalls. Visit several resources or thematic forums, making your own opinion about each portal of instant online lotteries.

Based on all of the above criteria, we have compiled our own selection of the best online lotteries. It was not the easiest occupation.. Many services have a very dubious reputation, delaying payments, or even freezing player accounts. A number of major lotteries closed suddenly. Still others have a high withdrawal threshold. The result is a very meager selection., but all lotteries are checked, they are trusted. There were no serious violations in their work.

Social luck

Most Popular Free Lottery - Social Chance. Its participants have the opportunity to win up to 10000 rubles. Everyone gets a series of tries, which are reset every 24 o'clock. Immediately after registration, the user receives 6 free chances. You can increase the number of attempts. To do this, you need to fill out the profile in more detail, complete small daily tasks. Some users have up to 500 attempts per day.

The essence of this lottery is to match cards with numbers. There are only 6 pieces. For each match, the player receives a win. The more cards, the higher the total amount. Each additional match multiplies the winnings by 10.

The site has several important advantages:

  • Nice looking interface.
  • Fairly simple rules for the drawing.
  • Lightweight functionality, everything in sight.
  • There is an additional system of achievements. With its help, the player will be able to increase the chances of getting a prize..
  • Several bonus chances are given to the user every day.

The obvious disadvantages are a large number of minor wins. The minimum prize amount is only 1 penny for 1 guessed number. Moreover, the probability of obtaining 50%. To become the happy owner of the 1st ruble, you need to guess 3 numeric combinations. The winning percentage is 0,3%.


Another lottery with positive user reviews. Every day the system gives 6 attempts, which can be used in various draws. The player is required to indicate several numbers on the ticket in no particular order.

The total winning amount depends on the number of matches. Some players hit a big jackpot of several hundred thousand rubles. Naturally, the likelihood of such an outcome is incredibly small..

List of free online lotteries

For those, who is interested in this topic, I give a list of sites, giving the opportunity to play for free and try your luck at gambling. They fell into the category of a little less reliable, although I may be wrong in my conclusions.

The most popular lotteries at the moment:

LotoFun - the principle of the site is similar to the Social Chance service. Choosing rooms. If they match, we get a win. Winning rates depending on the guessed numbers.

Per day is given 4 attempts. Additionally, you can get several attempts over the limit. Withdrawal of funds is available when accumulating on the balance 16 rubles.

zemoney — 2 similar sites with the same game principles (built on one engine).

Depending on the drawn combination, we get our winnings.

Of the additional buns .... a lot of constantly running various competitions. Several dozen prizes. Usually 20-30. For the first places they give 100-200 rubles. And further downward: 80, 70, 50 ……..15, 10 rubles.

disadvantages. Sometimes ads are very annoying. Its a bit overkill on the site.

Lotzon is one of the oldest and largest sites. Gives 6 attempts per day to participate in the lottery. According to principle 6 of 49. Draws take place every day. The winnings are awarded in points. They can be exchanged for prizes, money certificates or spend on replenishing the balance of a mobile phone.

Additionally, you can play popular games with users (Sea battle, Fool and others). Making bets (money or points). Such is the "underground" casino. )))

24 bonus - spin the wheel of fortune. Making money. On the drum there are numbers from 1 to 9. The win is calculated from the rolled value. Minimum 1 penny, if one dropped out. Maximum - 25 rubles for nine.

Naturally, more units on the drum, and only one nines.

Before starting the wheel, you can try to guess, what will be the winning number. If you guess correctly, all the winnings are multiplied by 2 times. For every hundredth game win x10.

Small spoiler. IN 90% cases you will get a one or two. Therefore, when trying to guess the number to double the winnings, always bet on 1. Can't go wrong.

midasbox - treasure hunt. Choose a place on the map, where do you want to dig. Each treasure has its own value. You can find gold coins, which can be exchanged for real rubles and withdrawn.

Either sell the collected inventory on the market or "mold" valuable items from it.

The day is given 4 attempts. Before each attempt, you need to look already 4 advertising on 13 seconds!!! The idea of ​​the site is interesting, but this ad really pisses me off.

Boniki - a mixture of games with the possibility of a small income. Once in 30 minutes the user is given an attempt to shoot from a cannon at the dancing men - "boniks".

For each successful hit, a progressive cash reward is credited. With the advent of experience, it is almost always possible to earn a minimum 0,5-1 ruble. One lucky shot at a time 10 rubles. And there were several successful five-ruble attempts.

With every hundredth game, the winnings increase by 10 time!

There are many other similar services.. But honestly, по моему скромному мнению, this is a frank slag: ad-hung, with a bunch of different glitches and flaws. Immediately visible, что сайты делались на коленке горе-создателями, in order to quickly cut down the loot. And they don't care about visitors. Or rules that are not very comfortable to play.

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