American draw

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General cleaning of the Internet

IN 1997 году пользователям интернета от имени Группы обслуживания сети при Массачусетском технологическом институте по электронной почте пришли письма о том, what with 31 марта по 2 апреля будет производиться «генеральная уборка». The authors recommended disconnecting all computers from the network.

As stated in the letter, large-scale preventive work was required to cleanse the Internet of electronic waste, which has accumulated over several years of work. Five powerful Japanese robots Toshiba ML-2274 were supposed to remove inactive email addresses, broken sites and web resources of hackers.

Subscribers of telephone exchanges were previously played in a similar way. They were asked to wrap phone tubes in plastic bags., to collect dust, which could get enough sleep during prevention.

Defective bras

1 April 1982 года в британской газете Daily Mail было опубликовано сообщение о продаже 10 thousand defective bras. The publication claimed, that for the supporting frame they used copper wire, which was supposed to go to the manufacture of a fire alarm. And copper, interacting with nylon and being heated by body heat, can produce static electricity. Owners of defective bras, in this way, interfered with the body- and radio stations.

Tell, that even experts believed this joke. for example, British Telecom chief engineer allegedly ordered, to check, do the employees of the company wear brass underwear.

Developing a successful draw

During the game, the team can detect, that one of the pass rallies against a certain defense works particularly well. To continue to use this rally, and also leave protection in the fools, the attack starts playing it from different formations, approximately keeping the passing routes.

As an example: attack line up three receivers, tight-end and ranninbeka. One receiver is on the left, runningback is also left behind the tackle. Tight-end is right, and two other receivers behind him. The receiver on the left runs into the field on 18 yards, and then performs squire-in. Tight end runs cross route in 7-8 yards from the scrum line. Runningback moves from backfield to the left.

Receiver, located in the slot on the right, just runs to the middle of the field. It serves as bait, pulling back the defenders. Quarterback Addressee - Left Receiver. If it's closed, then the quarterback tries to hit the tight end; in the worst case, he drops the ball on the runner.

In an adjusted variation of the same rally, the same receiver on the left is running an 18-yard square-in. The runningback on the left stands on the same side, but this time it moves along the line of scrum for 7-8 yards and turns to the quarterback. Thus, he reproduces the role of the tight end from the original rally.. And the tight end runs to the center this time. The receiver in the slot now shifts slightly to the right and runs between hash marks. In fact, this is the same prank. The main target of the attack remains the receiver on the left

And the rest of the receivers distract attention

Table of contents
Part 1: Introduction to American Football
Chapter 1: Greatest American Game
Chapter 2: Meet me at gridairon
Chapter 3: Rules and duties
Part 2: Forward, attack!
Chapter 4: The quarterback is the most valuable player in American football
Chapter 5: Pass game
Chapter 6: Portable game
Chapter 7: Line of attack
Chapter 8: Offensive play and strategy
Part 3: Harsh defense
Chapter 9: Giants from the line of defense
Chapter 10: The last stronghold of defense in the second line
Chapter 11: Defense tactics and strategy
Part 4: The rest of the team
Chapter 12: Special teams and ball hitting masters
Chapter 13: Trainers, general managers and other important persons
Part 5: Football for everyone
Chapter 14: Wheelchair quarterbacks and other awesome fans
Chapter 15: Youth leagues and school football
Chapter 16: Student football is the cradle of everything
Chapter 17: National Football League
Chapter 18: Fantasy football
Part 6: Top ten lists
Chapter 19: 10 greatest defenders of all time
Chapter 20: More 10 best offensive players
Chapter 21: 10 greatest trainers in history
Chapter 22: 10 best teams in history
Chapter 23: 10 hottest student confrontations
Part 7: Glossary

Scary hothead ice axes

IN 1985 году в апрельском номере Discover Magazine опубликовали статью об открытии нового вида млекопитающих, living in Antarctica. Biologist April Pazzo calls animals hot-headed ice axes: they melted the ice and attacked the penguins.

“They are disgusting: about six inches long, weigh a few ounces, имеют очень высокий уровень метаболизма — их температура тела составляет 110 degrees, live in labyrinths in ice. They radiate a huge amount of heat through the "plate" on the head ", - said the scientist.

Pazzo suggested, что именно эти ужасные животные могли стать причиной бесследного исчезновения исследователя Антарктиды Филиппа Пуассона в 1837 year. According to the Authors of Discover Magazine, this article has received the largest number of responses from readers in the history of the publication.

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