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An honest review of the top lotteries in russia, in which you can really win good money

Winnings 2013 of the year

4 November it became known, that the record win in the Czech Republic in the Sportka game, analogue of the Russian lottery "Sportloto", made up 400 million Czech crowns (order 21 million dollars).

1 October, a resident of the American state of Maryland won the lottery 189 million dollars.

19 September a winning ticket to the major American Powerball lottery worth 399,4 million dollars sold at a gas station in the American state of South Carolina.

25 August media reported, what the Swiss won 93,6 million euros in the popular European lottery EuroMillions. This is the biggest win for Switzerland.

8 August, the organizers of the American Powerball lottery announced, that three tickets with lucky numbers were sold in the states of New Jersey and Minnesota, the winners will split the jackpot by 448 million dollars.

5 June Powerball lottery organizers announced the woman's name, won almost 600 million dollars in may. She was 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie from Florida. She bought a lottery ticket at a Zephyrhills supermarket in Florida, where all live 13 thousands of people. She had the option of choosing annual payments or a lump sum. Choosing the second, Mackenzie received only 370,8 million dollars instead 590,5 million, which were the nominal winnings. Mackenzie won the largest win in US history, received by one person.

1 June in the 585th draw of "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "the accumulated super prize, equal 121 a million 835 thousands 582 rubles, shared by two participants - a resident of Perm Valery (60 million 917 thousand 821 ruble) and a resident of Volgograd Olga (61 million 518 thousand 163 ruble).

28 May a UK resident won more than 81 million pounds (nearly 95 million euros). The anonymous winner immediately became the 908th richest Briton.

26 April media reported, that 44-year-old Pedro Quesada, a resident of the American state of New Jersey, won 221 million dollar Powerball lottery ticket. After paying all the necessary taxes, Qezada had about 152 million dollars.

6 April, two residents of Belgium won for two 26,5 million euros in the European EuroMillions lottery.

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