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American Mega Millions Lottery Review (Mega Millions)


Options The values
rules 5 of 70 + PB 1 of 25
Participants USA
Draw time W. 20:00
Fri. 20:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Tickets for this lottery are purchased in Oregon, New Jersey or New York.
Lottery winnings are subject to withholding tax.
Oregon Lottery Holds 38% (federal and state tax) with winnings, the amount of which exceeds $600.
New Jersey Lottery Holds 38% (federal and state tax) from all winnings, the amount of which exceeds $600.
New York Lottery Holds 44,17% (federal tax, state and municipal tax) from all winnings, the amount of which exceeds $600.
Prize Increase Ratio Increase your secondary prizes in 2,3,4 or 5 times depending on the "Megaplier" number

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 5+PB 1:302 575 350
2 Prize 5 1:12 607 306
3 Prize 4+PB 1:931 001
4 Prize 4 1:38 792
5 Prize 3+PB 1:14 547
6 Prize 3 1:606
7 Prize 2+PB 1:693
8 Prize 1+PB 1:89
9 Prize 0+PB 1:37

The American lottery "Megamillions" exists since 1996 of the year, but before that it had a different name "Biggame" (translated as "The Big Game"). It got its current name in the middle 2002 of the year. The smallest jackpot is twelve million, but since the fund is often transferred from one circulation to another, then in case of winning, the most successful player can get several hundred million dollars in winnings. It is the size of the main prize that is the reason for the incredible popularity of this game..

Megamillions game rules

The player must choose five main balls (number range - 1-75) and one additional or "mega ball" (range of numbers 1-15). Also, players in some states can choose another ball, which is called "Megaplier", and if the number was guessed, the size of the prize grows significantly. Exists 5 main categories, the biggest of them is the jackpot (to get it you need to guess 5 numbers of the main balls of the draw and the number of the "mega-ball"), the smallest is a consolation prize (anyone gets it, who guessed at least one number).

Two lottery drums are used for the drawing: mixed in one 56 main balls, 5 of which drops with random numbers, and in the other - "mega-balls" in the amount 46 pieces.

All states (excluding California) each consolation category has a standard win rate. Why "excluding California"? The thing is, that in California itself, the size of the winnings actually depends on the percentage of sales. The player who wins the jackpot can either pick it up immediately (but at the same time he does not receive the entire amount), or get your prize in parts according to the following scheme – for every million won, the player is paid 38 and a half thousand dollars a year.

What can you win in the game "Megamillions"?

Smallest jackpot, possible in this game, is equal 12 million dollars. If after the end of the drawing there is more than one ticket holder with a winning combination, the reward is divided between these lucky ones..

It happens, that none of the players guesses any number 5 main balls, no "mega-ball" numbers. How to be in this case? In this case, the rules of the game provide for the possibility of transferring the entire amount of the jackpot to the fund, which will be drawn in the next draw.

And now some records from the game "Megamillions". Who won the highest amount? The largest amount in America was won by three (!) players. They divided among themselves just an astronomical amount - 656 million dollars!!! But sometimes people literally dig up treasures alone.. It happened, eg, with the player, who was able to buy a winning ticket in New York and receive as a reward 319 000 000 dollars. This momentous event happened 25 Martha 2011 of the year.

What are the prize categories, and what are the chances of winning?

As, according to the rules, players need to guess the numbers of five balls from the range "1-75" and one ball from the range "1-15", then the probability of a player winning in one of the prize categories is 6,8%

"Megaplier" - what is it?

Do not forget about such an element as well., like a ball called "Megaplier". This is the name of a special ball, which can increase the winnings of especially lucky Megamillions lottery players.

As mentioned above, this ball is played in all states, except California. By the rules of the game, the ball is chosen from the numbers "2", "3" or "4" and gives a strong increase in the player's monetary reward. For clarity, let's give an example: if you managed to guess four numbers of the main balls and the number of the additional ball "Megaplier", then in this case the size of your winnings may grow, eg, from one and a half hundred dollars to six hundred dollars.

Mega Millions Results FAQ

  1. When are the Mega Millions results up?

    You can find the latest Mega Millions results online soon after the draw takes place. You can see them live on TV on Tuesday and Friday evening at 23:00 EST or you can find them online.

  2. Where can you find the latest Mega Millions results?

    The latest winning numbers are posted on the official site of the Mega Millions lottery soon after the draw, but also on our platform.

  3. Do you have to match all the Mega Millions numbers to win something?

    No, you don’t. Matching all the Mega Millions numbers will score you the jackpot, but guessing some of the main numbers and Mega Ball could get you one of the secondary prizes in the game. Take a look at the Mega Millions prize breakdown to see if you qualify for any of them.

Rules of the game

As with most lotteries, the odds of winning in Megamillions determines the number of matched numbers.

The algorithm is simple: the player must guess the numbers in two categories: main (5 of 75) and additional (1 of 15)

AND, what is important to know for every person hoping to win, - the chance of winning depends to a large extent on the matched additional number

But it's not just about the Jackpot that Mega Million players dream about - the lottery organizers have taken care of, so that each of the participants, claiming more modest prizes, got a real chance to increase your winnings several times. true, not free of charge - plus another dollar for the "MegaPlier" function, and all your winnings (if they are not jackpot) may increase in 2-5 time.

More specifically, the rules can be studied on the website, which allows you to play lottery Mega Million in Russia.

When the draws take place?

Lottery is a serious game and Americans treat it accordingly. Airtime, allocated for broadcast Megamillions, cannot be changed: two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, regardless of holidays.

What jackpot?

The minimum lottery jackpot never falls below the 15 million dollars and increases after each print run, which resisted, on 5 million.

How the fund is distributed?

If you are interested, how much money goes to players (and you, including), I can provide information from a reliable source, on what principles and how the organizers distribute the proceeds for the purchase of tickets.

The Mega Million lottery in the USA is one of the most popular projects, citizens of the country know, that even in case, when their bet failed, the money paid for it will still be useful - it will be spent on the improvement of some city.

  • 35% от общей суммы организаторы отдают в правительства штатов-участников лотереи, and they use them at their own discretion, but for the good of society, not personal gain.
  • 50% - these are prizes of all categories for the lottery winners.
  • 15% - salary for ticket distributors.

If some winnings remain unclaimed for a long time, he also goes to governments. We're not talking about small amounts right now, but about the main prizes. Apparently, поэтому власть с таким уважением относится к организаторам и поддерживает распространение билетов Мегамиллионов в стране.

Is it realistic to win the American lottery?

You can mentally collect diamond dust all your life, like the heroes of Ilf and Petrov, but you can set a goal, arm yourself with faith and - hit the Jackpot in dollars.

Эзотерики утверждают, that faith is the key to winning big, mathematicians say, that logic and sober calculation are more important, and the organizers of the Mega Million lottery advise to simply purchase tickets for the raffles.

If these tips aren't enough for you, then keep another one: study the statistics carefully, practice a balanced approach to the game process (don't get addicted to the lottery) and at least superficially study the theory of probability. And - yes - do not turn off confidence in victory in yourself under any circumstances.

Everyone has a chance to win the American lottery, equally, like the chances of winning any other lottery. Just train yourself to think about big money., don't be afraid of millions, start to feel like a rich person right here and now. These are proven methods, they will definitely give a positive result. Mega Millions obeys only the confident and stubborn (in a good way).

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Find the Best Game Format for You on theLotter

Is this your first time buying a ticket in the US Mega Millions or are you a regular? Do you want to stick to the traditional format or do you want to try out something new that will boost your winning odds? Follow the questions below to find the ideal lottery format for you!

  1. Is it better to buy an individual ticket or go for a syndicate?

    If you want to share a larger number of Mega Millions tickets with more players, you should definitely join a syndicate. If you want a one-time-entry, keep on reading! If you want both, then the Bundle pack is the way to go!

  2. How many Mega Millions tickets do you have to buy?
  3. Do you have to multiply your prizes?

    You don’t have to, but checking the Megaplier box will add the multiplier feature to your ticket. This means any secondary prizes you win will be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, or 5.

  4. Do you want to play with your lucky numbers or random ones?

    On theLotter, you get to choose your own numbers. You can enter the game with a random combination of numbers with Quick Pick, you can select your numbers manually, or you can even try a systematic from to play with every possible combination of your lucky numbers. It’s all up to you!

  5. Can I buy tickets for more than one draw?

    On theLotter, you also have the option to subscribe to the Mega Millions lottery. This means that you will participate in consecutive draws with every 10th ticket free. theLotter also offers the option of buying a Multi-Draw pack, an entry to a set amount of consecutive draws, and receive a discount. The discount is greater for larger Multi-draws.

5 Draws 10 Draws 15 Draws 25 Draws 52 Draws
15% 20% 21.5% 22.5% 25%

Record Jackpots

Biggest Mega Millions lottery jackpot, declared at the level $640 million (in case of annual payments) at the time of the draw or $462 million (cash), was played 30 Martha 2012 of the year. Initial estimate of Friday's print run (after circulation 27 Martha, whose jackpot has stopped at $363 million in successive payments) was equal $476 millions (later the jackpot rose to $500 million and up again $540 million). Rapid ticket sales pushed the jackpot up to $656 million in annual payments and $474 million in cash. Mega Millions Lottery Draw Costs, following the previous jackpot win 24 january 2012 of the year, are estimated at least in $1,5 billion. In total, they claimed their rights to win 3 lottery ticket buyer (one from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland.

Second highest jackpot by size $636 million has been raffled 17 December 2013 of the year. The winnings were shared by the holders of two tickets, from California and Georgia.

The third largest jackpot in $390 million was raffled off in a circulation of 6 Martha 2007 of the year. 2 player, one from Georgia and one from New Jersey, shared among themselves the record win at that time. Both winners chose to pay in cash, sharing among themselves $233 million.

4th largest annual jackpot ($380 million) and the second largest jackpot cash ($240 million), was played 4 january 2011 of the year. Two ticket holders, one of the Post Falls, Idaho, and one from Ifrat, Washington State, guessed all six numbers, received by $190 million each (annual payments). Both players also decided to collect their winnings in cash.

Mega Millions lottery results - what to look out for

To find out, have you become a winner, you need to understand the lottery results correctly. That's all, what you need to know about the number verification process:

  • Check 5 main numbers in the corresponding section - their range: from 1 to 70.
  • Check the Mega Ball "Mega Ball" in the "Extra Numbers" section - its range: from 1 to 25.
  • Always check the complete prize breakdown table. Even if you didn't manage to guess everything 5 main numbers and number "Mega Ball", you, perhaps, managed to win a prize in one of the minor categories
  • Major and Mega Ball numbers are selected from different ranges and are not interchangeable. for example, if "Mega Ball" appears in the draw 10, and on your ticket such a number is present among the main numbers, it will not be considered a coincidence.
  • Make sure, that you are checking the results of the correct circulation. For your ticket to be valid, the date printed on it must coincide with the date of the circulation.

$536 million - 8 july 2016

Giant Summer Jackpot 2016 was ripped off by one ticket, bought at a gas station, family from Indiana. They bought a drawing ticket on their way to the sports camp, in which their children participated. This small stop changed their lives, making them millionaires.

It turned out, they forgot about, that bought tickets. They checked the numbers only later., when accidentally stumbled upon them. To their great surprise, one ticket brought them $536 million. The family decided not to disclose their identity, and took the prize through the Warren D trust, LLC. They also took all the money in one payment., and, after taxes, became richer by $271 million.

How to Buy Mega Millions Online

Estimate Cost : 15 USD

Time Needed : 0 days 0 hours 10 minutes

Just as if you were standing face to face with a ticket seller, when you buy Mega Millions tickets online, you have to choose your numbers according to the rules of the game. Only instead of doing this in a lottery retail outlet, on theLotter you pick your numbers in an online play grid.

  1. Choose ticket type

    When buying Mega Millions tickets online, you can choose between different types of tickets: standard (individual ticket), syndicate shares or bundles.

  2. Pick your numbers

    Whether you buy Mega Millions online or offline, you have 2 options when it comes to choosing your numbers. You can either pick your own numbers manually or use the automated Quick Pick to receive a computer-generated set of random numbers. Both options have their merits.Players have also had success with their own numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, or other lucky numbers. Some people use hot and cold numbers to make their choice. On the other hand, Quick Pick can be just as lucky and has a better chance of being a unique entry, meaning a jackpot winner with a Quick Pick entry is less likely to have to share their winnings. Either way, it is all in Lady Luck’s hands!

  3. Choose Mega Ball

    The Mega Ball number is selected from a different barrel. It ranges from 1 to 25. Just like with the main numbers, you can go with a personal preference or leave it all in Lady Luck’s hands by clicking the Quick Pick button.

  4. Add Megaplier and choose number of draws

    Before you hit the “Play” button, you have the option of adding Megaplier to your Mega Millions ticket. Although it’s optional, this multiplier can make the difference between a random prize and a life-changing one. You can also choose to purchase tickets for several draws by opting for a Multi-Draw or a Subscription. They both come with discounts!

  5. Create an account

    If you don’t already have an account on the site, you will be prompted to create one by entering your personal details. Once you did that, you can finalize your ticket’s purchase.

  6. Enter payment details

    Last part of the ticket purchase process is adding a payment method. There is a generous range to choose from, depending on your country of residence.

The Advantages of Buying Mega Millions Tickets Online

Not only is it convenient to buy Mega Millions tickets online, but it also brings some amazing advantages. theLotter offers some attractive game formats that can increase your odds of winning the lottery.

  • Syndicates – Buy a share in a Mega Millions syndicate and you’ll be in the game with a large number of ticket without making a huge investment. How? The tickets belong to the entire group and every member purchases shares. Then, the winnings generated by the tickets are shared between the syndicate members according to the shares they have purchased. It’s an instant boost to your chances of winning the Mega Millions!
  • Bundles – with theLotter, you don’t even have to decide between an individual Mega Millions ticket and a share in a syndicate. You can get them both at a special price with the Bundle package! Expand your game online to win more!
  • Systematic Forms – you can buy US Mega Millions tickets with every possible combination of 6-11 of your lucky numbers. This way, if even some of your numbers come up, you will have them on a lot of tickets and win more! It’s like having your very own multiplier and you can get it on theLotter!
  • Multi-Draws and Subscriptions – if you are a Mega Millions regular, theLotter can buy your tickets for you, even for the upcoming draws. Try the Multi-Draw pack to get into the next draws and it will get you a discount. Or you can set up a subscription and get every 10th Mega Millions ticket free of charge.

How are the draws held?

Two lottery machines are used in the Mega Millions draw. Model, выбранная организаторами Мега Миллионов — Критерион II (Criterion II), manufactured by Smartplay International (Smartplay International), located in Edgewater Park, state of new jersey. The balls are mixed by two counter-rotating blades. 5 white balls one by one fall into the hole under the stirring drum. Beginning with 19 October 2013 of the year participates in the drawing 75 white balls in the first apparatus and 15 Mega Balls, painted gold, in the second apparatus.

States, participating in the drawing now and in the future

Jurisdiction Join Date
Arizona 18 April 2010
Arkansas 31 january 2010
California 22 june 2005
Connecticut 31 january 2010
Colorado 16 May 2010
Delaware 31 january 2010
Columbia region 31 january 2010
Florida 15 May 2013
Georgia 1996
Idaho 31 january 2010
Illinois 1996
Indiana 31 january 2010
Iowa 31 january 2010
Kansas 31 january 2010
Kentucky 31 january 2010
Louisiana 16 November 2011
Maine 9 May 2010
Maryland 1996
Massachusetts 1996
Michigan 1996
Minnesota 31 january 2010
Missouri 31 january 2010
Montana 1 Martha 2010
Nebraska 20 Martha 2010
New Hampshire 31 january 2010
New Jersey 1999
New Mexico 31 january 2010
New York 2002
North Carolina 31 january 2010
North Dakota 31 january 2010
Ohio 2002
Oklahoma 31 january 2010
Oregon 28 Martha 2010
Pennsylvania 31 january 2010
Rhode Island 31 january 2010
South Carolina 31 january 2010
South Dakota 16 May 2010
Tennessee 31 january 2010
Texas 2003
US Virgin Islands 4 October 2010
Vermont 31 january 2010
Virginia 1996
Washington 2002
West Virginia 31 january 2010
Wisconsin ?
Wyoming No data

States of alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah do not currently host lotteries in their territories due to legislation or constitutional mandate. Puerto Rico hosts lottery draws on its territory, however does not participate in the Mega Millions lottery and, according to data received in October 2013 of the year, does not plan to join the draw. 14 Martha 2013 of the year Wyoming became 44 staff, established a lottery, however, tickets are not sold on its territory.

How to play from Russia

Winning a big jackpot is everyone's dream, who buys the lottery ticket. The main question, exciting those, who liked the lottery Megamillions: how to play from Russia, is it easy to buy a ticket and how to increase the chances of winning.

Certain foreign lotteries block access to their sites for residents of other countries. for example, Powerball site blocked in Russia. There is no such restriction in the Megamillions draw yet. The founders don't mind giving everyone a chance to win, even though, that the Americans themselves are not happy with this.

But buying a lottery ticket in Megamillions is a little more difficult., than in other draws. There is no official resource in Russian. The Megamillions website is only available in the national lottery language. Ways to purchase a ticket, giving hope of owning millions, not so much, namely:

Buy a ticket with an intermediary

Platform, providing intermediary services, should choose carefully, so as not to stumble upon scammers, who take money, but they don't send a scanned ticket. Мы рекомендуем для этого нашего горячо любимого партнера – Lotto Agent. It is always advisable to read reviews before buying a ticket, and also carefully study all the rules. But in this case you can be sure, in Agent Lotto everything is more honest than honest.

Buy a ticket in America

This option is only suitable for those, who often visits this country rather far from Russia. For the rest, it is not advisable. Better to find a decent site, which provides intermediary services.

To buy a ticket through such a web resource, you need to do the following course of action:

  • register on the Lotto Agent website (Agent Lotto) →
  • choose lottery;
  • decide on the numbers;
  • pay for a ticket.
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