Euromillions results – find euromillions latest numbers

Euromillions results - find euromillions latest numbers

Result of the MyMillion raffle from 8:40 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday

In addition to the traditional Euromillions result, la Française des Jeux as well as all foreign countries have set up specific draws in the form of a raffle with prizes ranging from € 10 for the My Bonus draw in Belgium for example up to 1 million euros for the French My Million raffle (raffle launched in february 2014), like the Millionaire Maker in the UK, El Milion in Spain or the Portuguese Milhoes raffle. To earn the sum of 1 million d’euros, nothing's easier (On paper), you just need to get the same My Million code as the one that will be drawn in the draws on Tuesday and Friday. Here, the code consists of 2 letters and 7 chiffres qui font office de « code barre ». Around 20h, still in the premises of the FDJ, une grande « urne » informatisée qui regroupe l’ensemble des codes My Million générés pour un tirage en France sont mélangés et un programme tire au sort un code au hasard qui formera le code gagnant qui sera ensuite diffusé à 20h40 sur année, in addition to the earnings linked to the Euromillions, more than 130 people become millionaires for sure thanks to the My Million raffle. Learn more about the My Million game here

More questions regarding EuroMillions results ?

Whether you are a regular player or a casual player, you may have questions regarding the results of the European lottery. If this is the case and you cannot find an answer on our site, we invite you to let us know by contacting us by email via our contact form at the bottom of each page of the site, our team will take this question and answer you individually, or we will create a dedicated page if we find this Euromillions results question relevant to a large number of readers and other players., here's what you need to know about the European lottery. Comment jouer à l’Euromillions en ligne ? Our guide explains in detail how to tick your grid on step by step. Jusqu’à quelle heure puis-je jouer à l’Euromillions ? Every Tuesday and Friday evening, you have a deadline to tick your grid. A quelle a lieu le tirage de l’Euromillions ? Saviez-vous que les équipes de la FDJ organisent les premières répétitions du tirage dès 18h ? C’est le moment de découvrir ici l’envers du décor !

Broadcast schedule

Originally, only one Euromillions draw was made each week, Friday evenings. It was only since 10 May 2011 that players have seen a second European lottery draw appear each week, done this time on Tuesdays. Nowadays, there are still only two Euromillions draws each week, and the days have not been changed : Tuesdays and Fridays.

Because of its internationality, results and earnings reports are not necessarily disclosed at the same time. However one thing is certain : It is precisely at 8 p.m. that the betting is closed, in order to allow the various organizing companies to send their bets to la Française des jeux, company centralizing these, and carrying out the draw on its premises.

Each country therefore has its own process and schedule for the dissemination of results.. In Belgium for example, we can already discover the amount of the next pot even before the result is revealed, while the opposite is true for Ireland.

In France, the My Million game draw is made around 8:40 p.m. and broadcast on the TF1 channel since 2014 (formerly France 2). The Euromillions draw is broadcast between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. depending on the schedule of television programs.. The results are also published on the official website of the FDJ, and accessible flat on the TF1 channel platform. Find out more about the Euromillions My Million draw times

New EuroMillions rules 2020

In February 2020, the rules of the Euromillions lottery have been modified and validated by all the different European operators. If these rules do not change the odds of the Euromillions lottery, on the other hand, they modify the way in which the prizes are allocated and distributed.

The earnings of the middle ranks are lowered with the new Euromillions rules of 2020. The share of stakes distributed to the ranks 2 at 13 has been revised downwards for all ranks.

The share of bets in increasing the jackpot (rank n ° 1) has been strengthened, permettant aux cagnottes de grossir plus vite qu’auparavant.

The EuroMillions jackpot cap has been revised upwards for the first time since 2004. The maximum amount of the EuroMillions European lottery is set at 200 millions of euros. Once reached, it can be put into play 5 once in a row and in a subsequent series, the maximum ceiling will be extended by 10 millions of euros, up to the maximum 250 millions of euros (10 million euros in 10 millions of euros).

All changes to the Euromillions rules 2020.

How to play Euromillions My Million

To try your luck in the European lottery, several solutions are available to the player. The first being of course the best known : go to an official point of sale to check off his ticket (s), then have them registered in exchange for 2,5 euros per grid. The player also has the option, if he has no inspiration, or simply if he wants to let chance decide until the end, de demander à jouer des grilles dites « flash ». The computer will then select 7 random numbers for each grid. Authorized points of sale are often tobacco shops, but you will also find them at the reception of some shopping malls for example.

The second solution for playing Euromillions is more recent, but attracts more and more players : this is the online game. Simple and secure, this one is reassuring. Indeed, once the somewhat prohibitive step of registration has been completed (using proof of identity and your RIB), online gambling offers many advantages : the first of course being to be sure not to lose your grid once it is played. Another advantage being that of being able to set up recurring bets, so you don't miss a draw by distraction, or to be notified on his email in case of winning. If this second solution interests you, we invite you to read how to play Euromillions My Million on the internet, our complete guide explaining all the advantages of this method, and assisting you in your registration process.

After the Euromillions draw : bet on Parions Sport Live streaming

It's 9:30 p.m. and you haven't won the Euromillions jackpot for the day ? Moreover, these 50 latest Euromillions draws have not been satisfactory ? Try your luck by betting now with the Parions Sport Live offer, an interactive and fun offer to bet during your favorite competitions and experience your favorite sports even more intensely.

Concretely, how Parions Sport Live works ?

If you have become accustomed to betting online or via Loto Foot grids long before a match, this notion of live betting during a match must seem a little crazy and complex, but it is not. Before Parions Sport, many other bookmakers had launched live betting offers but with the matches being streamed, Parions Sport Live goes further. With the live bet, you can follow a soccer match that you want to watch already and bet on it from your smartphone throughout the 90 minutes (if it is a football match, for example). Unlike classic bets, the categories of sports bets offered during lives relate to the facts of the game. So, bet on possible player injuries, the next goalscorer, the next team that will get a corner, a free kick or the next person to receive a yellow or red card by judging yourself, during the match streaming the referee's mood.

A new dimension in sports betting is born with Parions Sport Live and punters looking for an even stronger feeling will find something to suit them while you, simple footix, you could also get caught up in the game at major international competitions (Champions League, World Cup or Euro). Constantly evolving and constantly growing for several years, sports betting is one of the most exciting gambling games and the one that involves the players the most, like Tiercé / PMU and above all, unlike lottery-type games of chance such as Euromillions.

Bet Sport Live : many sports available

Even more than football, tennis fans, the rugby, basketball or ice hockey will find their account by being able to play directly live during matches. Whether you are at home streaming the matches directly from the Parions Sport website on your sofa or at the bar betting live on your smartphone while a match is being broadcast on the big screen, the live offer has more than ever an immersive dimension rarely equaled.

Find out more about Bet Sport Live with the full Fantasy League review.

Bet in streaming to wait for the result of the Euromillions

Every Tuesday and Friday evening, the result of the Euromillions lottery is expected around 9:30 p.m. on Often, at this time, the football matches are at half-time and you may have gotten into the habit of viewing the results during the break in 15 imposed minutes. From now on, combine the useful with the pleasant by betting throughout the match without missing the streaming of your match and by also finding the Euromillions results live.

Exciting And Interesting EuroMillions Stories

  • Aaron Smith and his family. This winner and his family discovered the EuroMillions lottery game and pretended to have won the jackpot over Christmas. They had not realized that their mock-up celebration ignited the power of positive thinking and they had a million-pound ticket yet to be claimed.
  • Derek Ladner. This Lotto jackpot winner from Cornwall, always had a tendency of playing the same numbers every time. At one time, he couldn’t remember whether he had placed a bet or not and went ahead to place another ticket just in case. It turned out that he had placed two bets with the same numbers and won two shares of the jackpot, thus pocketing £958,284.
  • James Wilson. Next time you are cleaning your house, be sure to check what you are disposing off. This winner thought he had found some old tickets in his house that he was about to burn but found out that one of them was a EuroMillions ticket worth £51,232.90 won six months ago but yet to be claimed. It was only 34 hours left for the winner to claim the winnings after which the prize would have been used to support projects of the National Lottery.

EuroMillions: Requirements To Participate and Betting Responsibly

For you to play the EuroMillions Lotto, you must be over 18 years of age. The guiding principle of the Lottery encourages people to play responsible other than indulging in it so much. The game is designed in a way that it has tools developed to put you in control of your playing behavior. We don’t want you to spend more money on the game than what you can afford. So, when you want to make a limit of the amount you want to spend in a specific period, you may request to take a break or simply step back to keep an eye on things. There are numerous features of the website that are designed to help you maintain control of your waging behavior. Multilotto is always there to help our customers.

EuroMillions: Game Is Accredited By GamCare

Euro Lotto results are analysed by a number of reviewers such as GamCare. This is the leading provider of various services to problem gamblers. It provides you with online help and face-to-face counseling at no cost throughout Britain. As the leading national centre for information, GamCare provides advice and practical help to companies and individuals in the negative social impacts of gambling. In addition, it also provides certification and awards for UK Lotteries acknowledging the achievements and implementation of GamCare Player Protection Code. EuroMillions is accredited for being the best lottery in Europe.

The EuroMillions jackpot continues growing if no one wins when the draw is made and the prize can increase up to €190 million. When the ultimate prize reaches this level, it has to be capped. Any additional money to the jackpot in the jackpot prize is rolled over to increase the reward money at the next highest tier of winners. The reason for capping the EuroMillions jackpot is to protect you from over-indulging in wagering or the betting company accumulating too much prize money.

EuroMillions: And The Jackpots Drawing

The EuroMillions draw history for the last 180 days can be obtained from the Multilotto website as listed from the most recent to the oldest. You can also search the draw results based on date, jackpot amount, ball numbers or lucky stars. When you click to your favourite draw, you can find further information about the draw details and prize breakdown for other categories.

Why You Should Play EuroMillions At Multilotto

When you play EuroMillions lotto, you stand a chance to win the lucrative progressive jackpot after only investing as low as 3.50 euros per ticket. The EuroMillions jackpot underwent a massive revamp extending the odds to 1 in 140 million by adding an extra Lucky Star number. The jackpot on offer is also significantly bigger than those offered by UK Lotto and the new format is expected to be more inclusive of numerous reward opportunities in future. You have a higher chance of winning the ultimate jackpot prize of landing on any of the 13 prizes in other tiers. However, making a choice of the best lottery to play depends on you but if you would love winning a headline-grabbing jackpot prize, then EuroMillions is your game of choice based on Euromillions draw history.

When you compare the EuroMillions results and those of UK Lotto, there are astounding differences between the two options. However, based on their historical performance, trend and results, the UK Lotto was started in 1994 and has had a dramatic increase in the odds of winning and the ticket price from changed from £1 to £2 leading to public backlash. However, EuroMillions was established in 2004 as a multinational lottery has had a relatively steady growth in lottery and the ultimate jackpot prize thus winning the public loyalty.

Visualization of Euromillions numbers and stars

To highlight the output of certain numbers or stars in the results of 50 last prints, select them from the following table, then validate. (See also the Euromillions research on all the draws, the search for winning combinations).

Exemple de mise en évidence : all number outputs
in their twenties and star 2, out of the stars 10 or 11, all numbers ending in 3.

The selection of numbers and
stars requires a browser
recent internet with javascript enabled.

See as well :
Results month by month,
checking numbers,
the record jackpots.

The different EuroMillions results follow one another but are not alike, or almost not. You should know that there are more than 139 million different combinations at Euromillions (cf. see the odds at EuroMillions), so you have every chance of never seeing the same winning combination twice in your life (although it can obviously happen). Our summary of 50 last draws is here to give you an overview of the best-shaped numbers in an instant T.

Obviously, chance cannot be controlled and the laws of luck are impenetrable, even more so when it is a lottery with as many combinations as the Euromillions. We hope that this information will be useful to you and will allow you to feed your statistics files. This unique vision that you have on the progression of 50 last prints (either the prints of 6 last months), our team is proud to be able to share it with you for free and updated with each draw.

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