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The hardest lottery in the world - timelottery

An upward trend in the number of foreign winners: how do americans feel about it

For compatriots who love foreign lotto, I have two news.

  • The first is good: American lotteries online can be purchased from any geographic location, where there is internet access. If you have a desire to play and win, then you can easily find the opportunity to buy a ticket.
  • The second is not very good: American players don't like foreign competition. Especially, that they often "take away" large sums of winnings from under the Americans' noses. The dislike has grown to such an extent, that American Aboriginal players began to complain about luckier foreigners to government officials.

Of course, this did not affect the degree of luck in any way, nor the possibility of purchasing tickets, but the fact remains. Before, how to play the american lottery, you must understand, that you are becoming a dangerous competitor for local players.

And this is good news - if Americans are seriously afraid of players from other countries, means statistics, celebrating an increase in the number of foreign winners, does not lie, means, each of us has a chance to win.

How to win the lottery - 5 working methods and technologies of winning

Ways and methods of winning the lottery, probably, as many, how many players themselves. Some cross out numbers, constituting their date of birth (experts advise against doing this), others are guided by purely random choice, still others adhere to the most complex mathematical strategies.

Nonetheless, there are methods, which really increase (although not by much) probability of winning. These methods are publicly available.: maybe one of them will help you become a millionaire today.

Method 1. Psychological

Let's conditionally call this method "Down with stereotypes!». The technology is based on the psychological approach described above. Choosing lucky numbers, conditionally divide them into 3 equal (or approximately equal) parts. The point is, that most players choose numbers from the first 60-75% proposed options. for example, in the lottery "6 out of 49" people are much more likely to choose numbers from 1 to 31.

There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon - a significant part of the lottery participants, when choosing numbers, are guided by dates familiar to them - birthdays, weddings, other memorable events, and since the number of days in months does not exceed 31, then numbers outside this value are encountered several times less often when filling out coupons. This can be used - if the numbers win, which come after 31, the amount of your profit will be higher due to fewer winning options.

Method 2. Lottery syndicate

Participation in the organization. Lottery syndicate - a group of players, purchasing tickets from a common bank and distributing the profit received according to the funds deposited. This system allows you to make numerous and large bets., at the same time, the investments of a particular participant remain within reasonable limits.

Syndicate allows coverage of more variations in such lotteries, like Gosloto 5 of 36 "or" 6 of 49 ".

If you play Russian Lotto or other lotteries, you can buy more tickets. Wherein, of course, need to agree in advance, that whatever ticket from the pool won, the winnings are distributed evenly among all participants.

Iron rules for syndicate lovers:

  • do not deposit funds for your friends;
  • do not borrow money for a bet (better skip the draw, for which you do not have enough funds);
  • do not involve group members forcibly or fraudulently;
  • do not invite pessimists and losers to the group.

And remember - a positive attitude: recipe for success. May the game be joy!

The most illustrative example of the effectiveness of this strategy is winning $315 million. seven employees of the Los Angeles hospital in 2005 year. There are other examples of the advantage of playing with the same pot.

Method 3. Multiplicity

The method is called "Multi-circulation". This is the easiest and most reliable way to stay in the long game with minimal effort..

You make several game combinations, of your favorite numbers, pay for the selected number of draws and wait for the results. You do not need to think about number combinations and "warm your head", developing new game strategies for each draw: you just have to wait, until your combination of numbers and the winning match.

Method 4. Distribution circulation

Be sure to participate in distribution draws, in which a large jackpot has accumulated.

The distribution actually increases the size of the win. People often become millionaires, who participate in such circulations. As for the jackpot, sometimes it reaches unimaginable sizes, while the likelihood of its "removal" remains the same. In other words, you can get much bigger winnings for the same money.

Method 5. Expanded rate

Expand bet play. An expanded rate is a rate, containing more than one number combination in the playing field. This technology is applicable in lotteries, where the player can choose his lucky numbers.

Naturally, the cost of the expanded rate is much higher, but the likelihood of winning and paying out on a winning combination increases.

Pros of foreign lotteries

One of the main advantages of participating in a foreign lottery is having a chance to win a huge jackpot, which is calculated in millions of dollars or euros. Besides, foreign counterparts of domestic lottery games have impressive secondary prizes.

The advantages of overseas drawings include:

  1. Simplicity of rules. The Russian player will not find anything new and unusual in them..
  2. In most cases, there is no tax on winnings, or is insignificant. Exceptions are some North American draws and some European games. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a citizen will need to pay a tax fee according to the laws of the Russian Federation.
  3. Sufficiently democratic cost of foreign draws pendants. Most foreign tickets cost more than domestic tickets., but at the same time, the prizes received cannot be compared.
  4. Russian players have the opportunity to participate in foreign contests online, without leaving your own home, and in some cases it is possible to play directly from a mobile phone on the lottery website or using a downloaded mobile application.

One of the methods to increase the chances of winning is by joining a syndicate, which is a group of people, uniting in order to purchase the largest possible number of tickets. In this case, the winnings for all tickets are summed up and divided by the number of participants in the syndicate..

This approach allows, spending a few dollars, earn a decent amount of money under a good set of circumstances.

The most honest lotteries in Russia

The slogan “6 out of 45” Is a daily Russian lottery. It raffles prizes every day from 11 morning to midnight. It works like this. Each participant must indicate 6 numbers ranging from one to forty-five. These 6 numbers represent one winning combination. This will cost 100 rubles. In this case, you can specify more numbers, if you pay in excess of the basic cost. The prize fund is distributed according to the following principle:

  • They, who guessed 2 numbers - get the ticket price back.
  • They, who guessed 3 numbers - get 18 %.
  • 4 numbers - get 8 %.
  • 5 — 16 %.
  • 6 — 58 %.

Moreover, to all guessing 6 numbers, a super prize of 10 million rubles.

“Housing lottery” - in this lottery, in addition to cash prizes, real estate is drawn. Actually, therefore she is in great demand, than analogues. One ticket will cost only 100 rubles. The ticket structure is as follows: it has two fields. Each has 15 digits. The one wins, who will match 10 digits from both lines. Super Prize Draws are held on a weekly basis. Every weekend.

“Bingo-75” - another popular lottery, in which there are several options to earn a large prize at once. As with other lotteries, the ticket price is 100 rubles. Combinations are formed automatically, so you don't have to choose anything.

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“Russian lotto” - perhaps, the most famous lottery in Russia. It has been going on for 24 years. Each draw is broadcast on Sundays at 2 noon. The minimum winnings are constantly changing. The maximum super prize also varies.

“KENO-Sportloto” - specific lottery, in which you need to specify from 1 to 10 numbers ranging from 1 to 80. In this case, you can win without even specifying a single correct answer.. The bottom line is, what exists 10 winning options. In four of them you can get 50 rubles, without even guessing a single number.

How to play


The Bilety Loto website contains more than 50 international lotteries from different countries, including games with the biggest jackpot: EuroMillions Superdraw (Spain), Mega Millions and Powerball (USA), EuroMillions and others.

Choose the best lottery on Bilety Loto and place your bets! →

After, how the lottery will be chosen, you need to make a standard bet - select the numbers you like in the fields provided. The number of selected numbers depends on the specific lottery, as well as the minimum number of fields (from 2 to 6). for example, in the EuroMillions Superdraw you have to choose 5 of 50 numbers at the top of the field, and 2 of 12 - at the bottom, and you can bet at least on 3 fields and maximum on 25 fields. The more fields, the more expensive the ticket.

At the standard rate, you can fill out a systematic form. Only one field is filled, choose as many numbers as possible, than at the classic rate. The chances of winning are increased, since all possible combinations on new fields are automatically generated from the selected numbers.

Systematic bet is not available in all lotteries.


Syndicate is a great way to win the lottery. To create a syndicate, a group of people pool their funds and buy a large number of tickets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Syndicate benefits

  • More tickets for less cost;
  • More chances to hit the jackpot;
  • Communication with like-minded people.

Join syndicates and improve your chances of winning! →

How Bilety Loto Syndicate Works

Bilety Loto pre-purchases the required number of tickets and fills in the numbers. You only need to select a game, syndicate type and number of shares. There is no need to collect syndicate members - they will be matched automatically.


The winnings will be divided between the syndicate participants in proportion to their contribution: the cost of tickets is divided into equal parts - shares. Each participant can buy one or more shares.

Introduce, that the number of fields is divided by 10 parts: that one, who bought only one share - will receive 1/10 winnings, and the player, who acquired, eg, 5 shares - will take half of the prize.

Syndicate types

  • Random numbers. The numbers are already randomly selected;
  • Systematic. From randomly selected 7-14 numbers are generated all possible combinations;
  • Winning additional number. There are additional numbers for the full range, coincidence of at least one additional number is guaranteed;
  • Number match. Each field has a variable number, covering the whole range of numbers, the rest of the numbers are randomly selected. Guaranteed to match at least one number.


Combo bet is a universal package, including an individual rate and shares for participation in a syndicate. The combo package always comes with a discount. Up to three packages are opened for purchase for a new draw for each lottery. Each combo must include an individual bet and at least one stake in the syndicate.


Multi-ticket applies to classic rate, syndicate, combo bets and placed immediately on 5, 10, 25 or 52 runs in a row. Thanks to the multi-subscription, the player saves up to 25% from the standard ticket price. By default, the initially selected numbers take part in the draws, but they can be changed.

For multi-subscription, the option to automatically renew the package is available.

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Lotto Agent: real state lottery of rich countries with money withdrawal

Сегодняшний обзор посвящен старым-добрым всем известным гослотереям. Only it will not be about Gosloto or some other domestic game, but about the legendary lotteries, which are played out in the richest countries in the world, such as the USA, Australia, Canada, England and so on.

Here are some examples of jackpots, which can be won, playing the US state lottery, such as MEGA Millions and Powerball: largest MEGA Millions jackpot in the amount of $ 1,537 billion was won 23 October 2018. Maximum Powerball Jackpot won has reached $ 1 600 000 000 in 2016 year. Several dozen of these lotteries are being drawn right now., or even a million dollars. You can join, having internet access, computer or smartphone.

Кто такие Lotto Agent?

Это сервис, which enables people from completely different countries to take part in the most devastating lotteries in the world, which previously had access from strength to 15% population of the Earth. The guys are working with 2012 years and are licensed. Today they are one of the three oldest and most reliable lottery services., represented in Russia. Online Lotto Agent Now 25 lotteries from the USA, Of Canada, Europe, Latin America and Australia

Very important: the service deals only with state lotteries with a snow-white reputation

What services does Lotto Agent provide?

In the broadest sense, Lotto Agent buys lottery tickets on behalf of its users. Here is a complete list of services:

Buying a lottery ticket on your behalf. Here are just some of the lotteries, which are on the site: American MEGA Millions and Powerball, Spanish El Gordo and Bonoloto, Italian SuperEnalotto, European EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and UK Lotto, Australian Powerball Australia and Oz Lotto and so on. These are the most demanded lotteries in the world.

  1. Scan the ticket and upload a copy to your personal account.
  2. Notification of the results of draws by e-mail.
  3. Uploading video draws.
  4. Accrual and withdrawal of winnings or assistance in obtaining it.
  5. Organization and running of lottery syndicates (this is when many participants are thrown off for a small amount of money, jointly buy a huge number of lottery tickets, and then divide the winnings).

Why you need to play with Lotto Agent?

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support.
  • No commissions on winnings.
  • Beautiful site, responsive mobile version and handy Android app.
  • Lots of shares, gifts and bonuses. This is the second ticket as a gift, and a cash bonus for an invited friend, and endless discounts / contests / goodies / promotional codes.
  • Powerful syndicates, who have already taken big prizes by storm several times.
  • The site is completely open and public, you can speak openly about its work on a third-party reputable service with reviews Trustpilot.
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