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Top 7 lotteries in russia where you can really win big money

The main types of Russian lotteries and tips for choosing the best

In most cases, the best lotteries in Russia are divided into two main types:

  • Draw - held at a clearly specified time and day between all players, who bought a ticket between the last and the current draw. The prize fund of the draw is formed, based on the volume of tickets sold, as well as the results of previous draws. The winning combination of numbers and symbols is determined by one type of equipment and is controlled by the authorities, aimed at protecting against fraud.
  • Instant - lottery, which is drawn without reference to the circulation. Understand, winning ticket or not, you can immediately after its purchase and "printing". Most often, after erasing the protective layer of paint, a set of symbols is opened to the player, determining the amount of winnings or lack thereof.

These types of lottery tickets in Russia do not compete with each other. Each has its own audience, which chooses them for their unique characteristics:

  • circulation draws with a solid prize fund, often allow you to independently determine the set of symbols and numbers for the game, but they give much less chances of winning and make you wait a long time for the next draw;
  • instant ones make it possible to play anytime and anywhere, give a good chance of winning, but rarely please with really significant wins.
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