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How to check the results of green card dv-2021: instruction

Participation in the Green Card Lottery

Registration in the DV program is free. The US authorities strongly recommend filling out the visa lottery application yourself, without a "visa consultant","Visa agent" or other intermediary, who offers help. If someone helps you with participation in the green card lottery, You need to be personally present when submitting an application on your behalf, make sure that the visa application is filled out correctly, as well as get at your disposal the confirmation page of the application, containing your unique DV application confirmation number.

Official video about, how to take part in the drawing of the DV Green Card Lottery

Watch this video on YouTube

Attention! Call for applications for participation in DV-2019 is over 22 November 2017

Features of participation in DV-2019

Due to a technical problem, DV-2019 applications filed within 3 October to 10 October were erroneous and excluded from the system; they are not considered duplicate claims. FROM 18 October 2017 by 22 November 2017 a new period for accepting applications for participation in DV-2019 was held. Applications only, submitted during this period were accepted and considered for selection in the DV lottery.

Confirmation number DV-2019

After submitting a completed application, a confirmation appeared on the screen, containing your name and a unique confirmation number. You needed to save this confirmation, because. имея уникальный номер подачи вашей заявки позволяет вам узнать результаты участия в DV лотерее.

Check DV-2019 Results

DV-2019 participants will be able to check the results of their participation in the green card lottery and learn about the winnings at official website DV lottery starting at noon (EDT) 15 May 2018 of the year. Participants in the green card lottery are advised to save confirmation of their winnings until 30 september 2019 of the year.

To check your winnings in DV-2019, you will need the following data:

1.Confirmation Number (cm. above on the sample where to watch it)

2.Surname ( your surname in English as indicated in your application for participation in the green card lottery)

3. Your year of birth (yyyy)


If you won DV2019 on the screen you will receive a winning notification according to this sample. Print it and keep it until you get your DV visa

If you become the winner of the DV Green Card Lottery 2019, We recommend that you familiarize yourself with useful tips on how to obtain a DV immigrant visa based on winning a Green Card. You can get acquainted here ...


If, when checking the result of your participation in the Green Card Lottery, you did not see a notification about winning a green card, do not rush to get upset.

In- first, if you check the DV results in the first days from the date stipulated by the DV-2019 rules, namely with 15 May 2018, then the server will be overloaded and most likely may give an erroneous result.

And secondly, as the history of the green card lottery shows - it is quite possible to win in a later period. So don't forget to re-check your results after a few months..


No problem! Select the active link Forgot Confirmation Number - which translates as "Forgot the confirmation number". On the newly opened page, fill in the appropriate fields to verify the participant. This will allow you to get a confirmation number.

If you won DV-2019 and you need advice on the process of obtaining an immigrant visa based on winning the Green Card Lottery, call! Basic process consultation - FREE!

Errors when filling out the questionnaire

Here are the popular mistakes and their designation in Russian:

At least one data validation error occurred on this page. Please scroll down to see the specific error messages - some field is filled incorrectly. Scroll the page, to see the problematic question, it will be highlighted in red. Last / Family Name field must start with a letter and can only contain letters, apostrophe, hyphen, or space. Please modify before continuing. - First and last name must start with a letter and must contain only letters, apostrophe, space or hyphen.

First name must contain only letters, apostrophes, hyphens, and single spaces. - same, extra characters in the name.

Passport expiration cannot be more than 10 years into the future. - the validity period of the passport cannot be more 10 years. This mistake is often found among the citizens of Belarus.. You can specify the maximum possible date of validity from the date of submission of documents.

The following are not accepted: &, #, !, double quotes (» «), <, >. You must remove before continuing. - unsupported symbols found (&, #, !, double quotes (» «), <, >). Usually this error occurs when uploading a photo. Remove extra characters and Russian letters from the file name and try again. Names can not contain numbers or special characters. - the field must not contain numbers or special characters. Please fill in the field in English.

City/Town cannot contain invalid characters. - found unsupported characters in city name.

Unexpected Page Request - unexpected page request. Click Resume Entry, to come back.

Error establishing a secure connection
An error occurred while connecting to dvprogram.state.gov.
- a common error due to high server load. Press the back button and try sending the data again.

it happens, that the site is buggy and it is impossible to fill out the form to the end. Then you can try again. But when you get a unique number, you can no longer reapply this year. Duplicates are found and disqualified.

To increase your chances of winning, fill out the questionnaire for yourself and your spouse - this is not prohibited.

Even if you win the lottery, not the fact that you will get a turn for a visa interview or will not be refused an interview. Apply now, if you are determined to immigrate, not just try your luck. In case of victory, you will need to save up money for the move in a short time, consular fees and medical examination (more than 100 thousand. rubles of expenses even before departure). Without knowledge of the language and work, life in the United States will seem far from the American dream..

useful links (in English):Filling instructions (pdf)

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