Powerball draw results

Powerball: general information about the lottery

How to get your winnings?

Small winnings are credited to the participant's personal gaming account. He can spend this amount not buying lottery tickets through the intermediary's website or withdraw money to an electronic wallet or bank card.


Big wins (including the jackpot) issued only personally to the player upon presentation of a lottery ticket. To receive a big prize, the player will need to visit the USA. Together with the intermediary, the player goes to the Powerball lottery headquarters and after presenting the winning ticket, collects the prize.

Through an intermediary

With the help of an intermediary, players receive only small prizes in the form of credits to an account in their personal account. But what guarantees, that the middleman will not cheat on small and large winnings?

Only a positive reputation of an intermediary in the gambling market and his long work as an intermediary can act as a guarantee.. If the reseller site was created less than a year ago, then such a reseller may turn out to be a fraud. There are situations, when after a big win the player is simply blocked, and his prize is assigned by the intermediary. To avoid this scenario, you should be smart about choosing an intermediary for the game.

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