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John and Lisa Robinson, ordinary American family, lived in a typical panel house, which are full all over America. The couple's old house was not bad: its market value $ 150 000, but he did not cause much enthusiasm among the winners - just now the neighbors were decent.

The Robinsons had four cars, but all of them are used and sometimes even rusty: two practical Honda Civic, to go to work, and two old pickup trucks: John was very fond of fishing and did not want to spoil good cars on bad roads.

The Robinsons weren't retired: Lisa worked in the doctor's waiting room, and John, former aircraft mechanic, worked in the sorting department at a parts plant - a Powerball winner had to defend 12-hour shifts, which greatly affected his health.

Of course, The Robinsons wanted to retire early, but circumstances did not allow: eg, shortly before winning the lottery, couple made major repairs in the house, after which the water heater deteriorated, there was a big leak, and the house had to be restored again.

The neighbors tell, that the Robinsons are generous people. At Christmas, the couple buy toys and clothes for the poor. Loved ones say, that Lisa and John are simple, humble and practical people, real hard workers, they do not like too much attention, but, if needed, will always come to the rescue and help out.


On the eve of the sensational Powerball draw, which passed 13 january, Lisa called her husband and asked him to buy a lottery ticket. John answered, that he is coming home from work and feeling bad, but Lisa was persistent, so the man had to stop by the supermarket, where did he buy 4 lottery ticket ...

The Robinsons did not apply for a prize to the organizers of Powerball for several months - they wanted to think over their future fate without unnecessary noise and panic. Im, like any other people, who could be in their place, it was psychologically difficult to accept the fact, that they are rich now.

At the awards ceremony, Lisa and John told reporters, that they are not going to change life dramatically. The couple were sure, that they will continue to live in the old house and even go to work, but six months later the Robinsons decided to change their mind ...

Lisa and John retired and bought themselves a luxurious mansion for almost 10 million dollars. Huge house with a pier, private cinema and gym located in a remote area. A mansion on the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded by dense forest. All the land around the new Robinsons home now belongs to them too.

Lisa and John agreed to a photo shoot of their new home. You can also admire the photos of the home of the Powerball winners.

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18 November 2019

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