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Charity project & quot; help and win" - Questions and answers

[edit] About the fund

Life Line started as a rescue program for sick children in 2004 year. IN 2008 the same name charitable foundation was registered. The founders of the fund are Oleg Sysuev, Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, Andrey Bilzho. The Foundation is managed by the Foundation Council, headed by the President of the Foundation, appointed by the Council. Supervision over the activities of the Foundation is entrusted to the Board of Trustees. Президент фонда — Фаина Захарова, Chairman of the Fund Council – Oleg Sysuev, Председатель Попечительского Совета — Юрий Кобаладзе.

Charitable Foundation for the Rescue of Seriously Ill Children "Life Line" provides targeted assistance to children up to 18 years, whose lives are at risk due to dangerous diseases. The fund finances high-tech operations, purchase of medical equipment, medical research.

Foundation programs - proton therapy, laser surgery, rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation after endoprosthetics, bone marrow transplant.

The Life Line Charitable Foundation supports the development of high technologies, which, thanks to his work, become available to every family in Russia. The Life Line Foundation helped to bring more 11 600 seriously ill children. The Foundation finances the treatment of children throughout Russia.

Faina Zakharova, President of the Foundation, at the ceremony of awarding the badge of honor "For Benefit".
Kremlin, 29 October 2013 of the year

Stable Prize

The prize is given to the participant with the smallest difference between the best and the worst results during the playing period in one of the games of the Project. The prize is drawn between the participants, who have played at least three games, with zero results taken into account. When, if the difference is the same for 2 and more participants, one of them wins, whose maximum result is higher. When, if this indicator is the same for the participants, the winner will be the one applying for the prize, who is higher in the overall game rating. If no participant plays more than 2 games, the prize joins the summer prize for this month.

Lucky Prize

The prize is given to the participant, the first three identical results (above the specified minimum) which, within the framework of the playing period, took the central place in order of priority among the similar results of all participants, the first three identical results of which were the same and above the specified minimum. In other words, now the winner will be the one, Who, showing three identical results above a given minimum, will be the average in the list of those who have achieved this. If there are two participants in the impromptu "center of the list", the winner of them will be the one, who got three identical results, eligible, before. When, if none of the participants achieved three identical non-zero results above the minimum during the playing period, the prize is given to the participant, achieved the three highest identical results during this period. If none of the participants during the playing period succeeds in achieving this achievement, the cash prize is added to the Opening of the Week nomination.

The minimum scores for each game are shown in the table below..




Minimum points




registration? Easy!

To take part in the games and compete for cash prizes, You need to register on the site. Для этого зайдите в раздел Регистрация, fill in all the fields provided and confirm your mobile phone number with a code, sent by SMS.

After registration in your personal account, you will be credited 500 game points. Participation in the games costs a certain number of points from the "Help and Win" project ("Locomotives"). You can choose one of the offered games:

  • Crossword puzzle - participation is worth 25 points
  • Sudoku - worth participating 20 points
  • Quizzes - worth it 25 points
  • "Locomotives" (three in a row) - participation is free

How we help ?

To take part in our project, you need to buy a charity card "Help and Win" from the long-distance train conductor (at a cost 100 rubles). You can buy it throughout Russia. Funds from the sale of postcards are donated to the Life Line fund, which pays for high-tech surgeries and rehabilitation measures, as well as the purchase of special medical equipment. The activities of the fund guarantee each individual child at least a significant improvement in the quality of life, как максимум – полное выздоровление.

Besides, the kit can be bought on our website or help the child online, using one of the available transfer methods.

Lightning Prize

Prize to the participant for the fastest passing of the game without errors. In the case of a quiz, the reward is given for the fastest complete completion of the game (all 10 questions). If the absolutely best result is achieved by several participants, the prize goes to the one of them, who reached it before others.

Fastest Completion - Completion in Fastest Time. It should be noted here, that the stopwatch in the game was created for the convenience of the participant and counts his time, spent on screen with the game, however, the time of the game will be taken, elapsed from the beginning of the game to its end (ie. if the participant went to other windows or to other tabs, the game time will continue to count down).

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