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How to buy a lottery ticket online

Benefits of foreign lotteries.

Let's start with the key advantage of many foreign lotteries:

lotteries are held either by the state itself, or the state exercises the strictest control over lotteries.

- A striking example is American Powerball lotteries, Megamillions, Superlotto Plus.

Many of them are run by specific states, that is, the organizer of the lottery is the state represented by the state.

clear, that the state thereby achieves several goals at once, namely: high confidence in such a lottery on the part of the population, full control over the lottery and ticket distribution, full confidence that, that the remaining funds after the payment of all winnings will go to the treasury and in the future will be used for the social needs of the state or country, but will not be transferred to a bank account in some offshore.

That is why state foreign lotteries are an example of the maximum trust in them from the population..

By the way, the organizer of the Russian lottery "Gosloto" is by no means the state, and firm (more about it - here), which exists under the state law on the conduct of lotteries.

Yet again, this does not mean at all, that Gosloto will deceive you, but this lottery is not a state one in our understanding.

First advantage, rather obvious - this is the size of jackpots in foreign lotteries.
Almost sure, that you are interested in foreign lotteries precisely because, what did you hear about, how another lucky guy won a mind-blowing jackpot. Or they saw the amount of the jackpot not yet won and became interested in foreign lotteries.

Yes, yes, there is nothing surprising in this - the more prosperous the country is, the larger the winnings in local lotteries with a rather ridiculous cost of one combination in the ticket. The jackpot is not taken out of nowhere and is formed, of course, exclusively thanks to the participants, buying tickets. The richer the country, the more tickets are bought.

The second advantage of foreign lotteries is that winnings in some of them are not taxed by the state, in which these lotteries are held.
Yes, this does not apply to American lotteries, but applies, eg, to the Australian lotteries.
More about taxes and countries, where lottery winnings are tax-free, can be viewed here.

Third, not so obvious advantage of popular foreign lotteries is fair play. I am not at all going to oppose the same Russian lotteries to foreign.
I will never tell, that Russian lotteries are dishonest. I only affirm, that foreign lotteries are fair.
There are two reasons for this..

The first is that popular foreign lotteries are very tightly controlled by the state..
Special committees closely monitor the prevention of any fraud during the lottery.

The second reason is that there is no evidence, that foreign lotteries are unfair.

For all the time of their existence, there was not a single case, so that someone does not get their huge jackpot in a foreign lottery.

There was not a single case, when the organizers of these lotteries were caught cheating. Over the years, a total of billions of tickets have been bought in foreign lotteries.

And there were no cases of cheating players by the organizers.

Fourth advantage (perhaps the most important thing) - no one will ever know in your city, that you became the owner of a large win in a foreign lottery.
I guess, what explosions of delight a person experiences, who won the Russian lottery with ten million rubles.
But something tells me, that after being intoxicated by such unexpected happiness, a person begins to seriously worry about, that sooner or later all and sundry will find out about his win. And only because, that envious people will always be found and whisper in everyone's ear about your winnings. This is not possible in a foreign lottery. Here is the unwillingness to spoil the image on the part of lottery organizers, and just age-old traditions of respect for other people's capital. So your millions, even potential, better get in a foreign lottery.
You will sleep well and you, and your not so lucky friends, friends and just neighbors.

The fifth advantage of foreign lotteries over Russian ones is the winning currency.
Whoever and what would not tell me about the Russian ruble, whoever claims what, but I remember well, where and how quickly the national currency rolled into the next financial crisis.
In foreign lotteries, you can choose the one, the currency of which you like the most is the British pound sterling, dollars, euro…
Anyway, and it is better to fix your winnings in a reliable currency, than wake up on another black Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday, …) and sad to realize, that some of your winnings have already disappeared into nowhere.

Benefits of online shopping in Stoloto

There are several ways to get a ticket: buy in your city at one of the official points of sale, online via the Stoloto website or mobile application and by SMS.

Let's analyze, what are the benefits of buying tickets online:

1. Save time. No need to look for points of sale, stand in line. The ticket can be purchased at a convenient time of the day from anywhere in the world. You can play through the smartphone application and pay for tickets by SMS through a short number. The site works without breaks and days off.

2. Simple registration. It gives the opportunity to participate in the bonus program, save points and buy tickets for them for free. After registration, the participant can be the first to quickly get acquainted with special promotions, as information about them will come by e-mail.

3. Large selection of all valid lotteries in one place. There is an opportunity to buy a ticket for a promotion with a discount, and this is cheaper than shopping at retail outlets. You can take your time, familiarize yourself with each game before purchasing.

4. Many ways to pay for your purchase: by credit card, through e-wallets, from mobile phone number, via Sberbank-online and Alfa-Bank, accumulated bonuses and from your personal wallet in your profile.

5. Automatic ticket verification and notification of the participant about the win. All tickets after purchase are displayed in your personal account. The winnings go directly to your personal account.

6. Purchase security. E-ticket cannot be lost, it will not be stolen, since all information is securely stored in your personal account.

7. An electronic ticket can be presented to a friend using a special option on the website.

8. The site stores the results of all lotteries. For online tickets, the data is always available in your personal account. Using this function you can analyze, determine your lucky numbers, view statistics on your games.

Among the negative aspects of buying lotteries via the Internet, regular participants name the following:

1. The simplicity and convenience of buying add to the. A gambler can easily lose control of the situation and spend more than the planned amount of money.

2. Internet connection may fail during checkout.

3. Technical problems with the withdrawal of winnings from a personal wallet on the site to a bank card.

4. Fees for payment and withdrawal of funds.

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