Russian post buy lottery ticket

How to get a win at Stoloto?

If a ticket was bought at a kiosk, at the post office of Russia, in the communication salon, etc..

To receive winnings up to 2000 rubles from tickets "Russian Lotto", purchased at points of sale are subject to such rules (depending on the amount of the win):

  • Winnings up to 1000 rub. you can get in any branch of the Russian Post.
  • Winnings up to 2000 rub. is paid by the "Balt-Lotto" lottery network. If you played in the office on
  • Tverskoy, 7 (Moscow, st. Tverskaya, 7, Central Telegraph building) - here you can get a prize.
  • Перевести на свой лицевой счет. To do this, you just need to send a set of documents by regular or express mail..

Вложите в конверт:

  1. statement;
  2. оригинал квитанции с уникальным ключом и номером квитанции;
  3. win code, который вы получили по СМС, и номер телефона, на который оформлен билет;
  4. a copy of your passport or other document, identity (2,3 pp. и страница с пропиской);
  5. Bank details.

Get winnings more 2000 rubles you can also, as in tickets, bought in other ways (read about it below).

What are these letters with a free ticket?

Define, in a real competition with real prizes, you are invited to participate, or in a fraudulent scheme for profit, simple enough. Primarily, state lotteries will not send mailings, if you yourself did not leave them your own contact details. If you receive suspicious letters with a flashy headline, they say you've already won a million, immediately send such a letter to spam. This also applies to the so-called GOSLOTO "5 out of 36" or "6 out of 45", which will be discussed further.

Letters from GOSLOTO and ROSLOTO are sent by scammers

  1. Man makes a choice, website starts ticket registration, and then offers to start the drawing itself.
  2. The player receives a notification that, that his ticket was registered, and also provides a list of rules for participation in the game and information about possible prizes.

  3. When all the "formalities" are completed, the site offers to go directly to the drawing. The process begins and ... This is where the principle of the work of scammers lies. The fact, that the site is not giving away a prize, a simulates a draw! I.e, a person sees only the animation of spinning drums, but really, Nothing happens. Any advanced user, programmer or human, versed in the work of sites, can open source and see, that only the timer is set on the page, which, after the time has elapsed, will simply show the player a text and a picture with a fixed amount. The winning amount is always the same - 155 000 rubles.

  4. You are contacted by the "online operator", notifying you of the need to enter your payment details to receive a prize. By the way, the login details button does not work, so I have to skip it.
  5. Further, the very essence of divorce is revealed.. The user is shown a message, which says, that legal entities are prohibited from transfers to amounts, over 15000 rubles. The user is offered to go through identification to confirm the identity. Everything would be fine, but for identification, payment is requested on 250 or 399 rubles. The message also says, that the payment will be returned to the owner's account immediately after processing.

  6. If a person agrees, he is redirected to one of the payment systems, payments in which are not tracked in any way. Scam victim contributes money, but the deception doesn't end there. Scammers get excited and offer their victim to make payments again and again, until she suspects something or until she simply runs out of money.

Where to buy Stoloto tickets

There are a number of ways to do this - the players independently choose, which option is more convenient for them:

At the lottery center

Tickets for any Gosloto draw can be purchased at the nearest branch of the company. Their addresses and work schedule are on the official website Also in the offices of the centers at any time you can check the coupons of previous draws and get winnings up to 600 000 rub.

Besides, Gosloto tickets are sold at ground points (lottery kiosks). Their locations are also indicated in the corresponding section of the Stoloto website.. Store receipts, issued together with coupons, to avoid controversial points when paying out winnings.

In partner networks

Stoloto cooperates with many companies, who also distribute lottery tickets at their affiliates. The list of partners includes the following networks:

  • Telephone operators (Beeline, Megaphone, Svyaznoy and Rostelecom).
  • Supermarkets (Fragrant World, Pyaterochka, Bristol, Crossroads and Verny).
  • BaltBet bookmaker offices.
  • Post offices throughout the Russian Federation.

On the Stoloto website

The most common way to buy Stoloto tickets is to register on the lottery supermarket website. To do this, you need to fill out a special form indicating personal data and confirm the phone number.

The first step in your personal account will be the selection of the lottery of interest. Some draws may have requirements, which users are required to follow (eg, in the lottery "6 out of 45" you must choose from 6 to 13 numbers - with each crossed out number, the probability of success increases).

Next, go to the section with payments and select a payment system, through which the balance was replenished. Similarly, you can purchase one, two, three and t. d. tickets of the same circulation - respectively, and the amount will be generated automatically depending on the number of generated coupons.

An example of buying tickets online on the official website of Stoloto

It remains to wait for the results of the drawing, you can check them in a separate section of Stoloto. Winnings up to 15 thousand rubles are credited to the client's gambling account a few minutes after the end of the draw.

Via mobile application Stoloto

By downloading the Stoloto mobile application for free, users can buy and check tickets online, regardless of its location. By logging into the program, customers on the main page will see a section with a list of conducted lotteries. By choosing a particular draw, you need to fulfill the required conditions and fix the coupon. Then you need to go to "For payment", choose a payment system, after which money will be debited from the account automatically.


Purchase of lottery tickets is available via SMS without registration on the official Stoloto website. It is enough to use the services of national mobile operators in Russia (MTS, Megaphone, Beeline, Tele 2). Send a message to the number 9999, in which you need to specify the lottery code, with designations (shown in the figure below).

Table with lottery codes for buying tickets by SMS

Semi-transparent numbers are examples. Each player can choose their own combinations, which will be present in lottery coupons.

In response, you will receive an SMS from Stoloto with a proposal to confirm the payment. The user is obliged to send another message, specifying the confirmation code. The purchased ticket will be displayed in the player's profile about an hour after the deal is made.

The money will be automatically debited from the phone account. Using SMS, you can pay with funds from your personal account on Stoloto. To do this, add the letter "c" to the message (without using quotes) and follow further instructions. Similar actions are performed if you want to pay for coupons from a Qiwi wallet, attached to the client's account - only the letter "k" is indicated in the SMS message instead of the letter "c".

Tariffication and commission for payment of lottery tickets via SMS

How long does such a divorce last?

It is worth starting with, that under the brand name GOSLOTO or ROSLOTO scammers have been conducting their fraudulent activities for many years. They don't even change their logo or brand, just change the ending, of which there were many: "4 out of 20", “6 out of 45” and so on. Despite, that in reality the ROSLOTO / GOSLOTO organization exists and is broadcast on television, it has nothing to do with sending emails.

Scammers just hide behind a famous brand, to "breed" naive people, those who want easy money. And there are a lot of such people, and there are such, who pays their winnings by 5-6 time, thinking that the payment failed.

Scammers run their scams on different sites, eg:, They also provide fake information about their own organization on their website.. As an example:

  • The license to conduct the drawings was issued by JSC GOSLOTO +;
  • Office location at address r. Moscow, etc. Michurinsky d. 40, 2 floor;
  • Support service at [email protected];
  • and other data, which make a person think about the formality of this whole company.

Attention! The above data is not real! Usually, scammers create only one-page websites. All headings, which exist on them, just don't open

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