Lottery history

The history of the origin and development of the lottery

Sportloto 6 of 45

From January 1986 of the year, to increase the probability of winning (on 30%) the numerical lottery "6 out of 49" has been replaced by the numerical lottery "6 out of 45"

Archive of draws of the lottery "6 out of 49", 1970 — 1985

1970 year (circulations 1-8)

1971 year (circulations 1-36)

1972 year (circulations 1-36)

1973 year (circulations 1-36)

1974 year (circulations 1-36)

1975 year, (circulations 1-50)

1976 year (circulations 1-52)

1977 year (circulations 1-52)

1977 year (Sportloto-2)

1978 year (circulations 1-52)

1978 year (Sportloto-2)

1979 year (circulations 1-52)

1979 year (Sportloto-2)

1980 year (circulations 1-52)

1981 year (circulations 1-52)

1982 year (circulations 1-52)

1983 year (circulations 1-52)

1984 year (circulations 1-52)

1985 year (circulations 1-52)

Archive of draws of the lottery "5 out of 36", 1976 — 1992

1976 year (circulations 1-20)

1977 year (circulations 1-53)

1978 year (circulations 1-52)

1979 year (circulations 1-52)

1980 year (circulations 1-52)

1981 year (circulations 1-52)

1982 year (circulations 1-52)

1983 year (circulations 1-53)

1984 year (circulations 1-52)

1985 year (circulations 1-52)

1986 year (circulations 1-52)

1987 year (circulations 1-52)

1988 year (circulations 1-52)

1989 year (circulations 1-53)

1990 year (circulations 1-52)

1991 year (circulations 1-52)

1992 year (circulations 1-52)

Archive of draws of the lottery "6 out of 45", 1986 — 1992

1986 year (circulations 1-52) 1990 year (circulations 1-52)
1987 year (circulations 1-52) 1991 year (circulations 1-52)
1988 year (circulations 1-52) 1992 year (circulations 1-52)
1989 year (circulations 1-53)

Lottery "5 out of 36" (1981-1992)

  • Максимум вариантов, принявших участие в одном тираже лотереи — 28 672 799 (1991, 15-and circulation)
  • Максимум выигрышей за 5 номеров в одном тираже «5 из 36» — 414 (1990, 17-and circulation).
  • In the same draw, the minimum winnings for 5 номеров — 1289 rubles. The fact, what's in the 17th draw 1990 the same combination (3, 5, 12, 16 and 30), as in the 28th edition 1988 of the year. Then 5 numbers guessed 22 option, the prize was 10 thousand rubles.
  • room 9 выпадал 5 time подряд с 29-го по 33-й тираж 1983 of the year.
  • room 10 выпадал 5 time подряд с 31-го по 35-й тираж 1985 of the year.
  • By 4 times подряд выпадали номера 32 (18-21 circulations 1981 of the year), 29 (from the 37th to the 40th edition 1983), 26 (47-50, 1986), 18 (10-13, 1988) and again 29 (32-35, 1989).
  • 4 consecutive numbers выпадали в 8-м тираже 1982 of the year (combination 9, 10, 11, 12, 32), in the 15th edition of 1984 (1, 14, 15, 16, 17) and in the 32nd edition of 1987 (4, 8, 9, 10, 11).

Лотерея «6 из 49» (1970-1985)

  • room 18 выпадал 5 time подряд с 51-го тиража 1977 years by 3rd edition 1978 of the year.
  • room 41 выпадал 5 time подряд с 45-го по 49-й тираж 1979 of the year.
  • room 30 выпадал 5 time подряд с 3-го по 7-й тираж 1981 of the year.
  • 4 consecutive numbers выпадали в 8-м тираже «Спортлото-2» 1975 of the year (combination 18, 31, 32, 33, 34, 45), in the 47th edition of "Sportloto-2" 1978 of the year (12, 16, 34, 35, 36, 37) and in the 16th edition 1980 of the year (15, 24, 34, 35, 36, 37).
  • Taking into account the preferential (the seventh) event 4 consecutive numbers выпадали в 35-м тираже «Спортлото-2» 1979 of the year (combination 2, 21, 23, 24, 38, 42 + 22).

Lottery "6 out of 45" (1986-1992)

  • Most options, who took part in one drawing of the lottery "Sportloto - 6 of 45 "- 3 million 449 thousand 315 (52-and circulation 1991 of the year)!
  • Maximum winnings for 5 rooms (at option price 30 kopecks) — 9 416 рублей в 34-м тираже 1986 of the year. This is bigger, than winning for everything 6 guessed numbers in the 31st draw 1990 of the year (9 057 rubles)!
  • room 12 выпадал 5 time подряд с 4-го по 8-й тираж 1989 of the year.
  • By 4 times подряд выпадали номера 7 (14-17 circulations 1986 of the year), 11 (from the 47th to the 50th edition 1987), again 7 (from the 48th to the 51st edition of the same 1987 of the year), 33 (8-11, 1989) and 8 (32-35, 1990).
  • 4 consecutive numbers выпадали в 16-м тираже 1987 of the year (combination 18, 33, 34, 35, 36, 43), in the 20th edition of the same 1987 (27,28,29,30,37,44) and in the 44th edition of 1992 (12, 21, 41, 42, 43, 44).

records were collected by Denis Denisenko ([email protected]) in 2008-2010 years. The original version of his page is no longer supported, information remained in the web archive

Where and when did the lottery appear?

The appearance of the first tickets and the lottery are inextricably linked. There are many versions of the origin of the lottery. According to the assumptions of some scientists, the appearance of jokes is associated with ancient Greece., but most of the history of occurrence is associated with Ancient China or Rome. Approximately at 100 year BC, when the Han dynasty was in power, a lottery was held in China, like the current Keno game. As a result, huge funds were received, launched on the Great Wall of China. The ancient Roman rulers Nero and Augustus loved to arrange lotteries during the holidays., where slaves and property were played. There were also free lotteries for plebeians. Interesting is the appearance of the word "lottery". Linguists suggest its origin from the Frankish "hlot", ie. lot. In English, consider, what is the word "lot", ie. "Share". maybe, it was Italian lotto, what does fate mean. Indeed, in essence, this game depends a lot on luck, peculiar to individuals, either from an unexpected twist of fate.

The emergence of the lottery in Europe

February 1466 r. is the date of birth of lottery games in Europe. At this time in g. Bruges (Belgium) the drawing took place, dedicated to the memory of the artist Jan Van Eyck. Its organizer was the artist's widow. Lottery funds donated to help those in need. Later lottery games, in which everyone took part, gained great popularity. All funds received were directed to the improvement of old and construction of new structures. To fill the state treasury, in 1520 year in France, a decree of King Francis was issued on the first lottery games in 5 large cities. IN 1530 r. Italian lottery was held in Florence, where the cash prizes were drawn for the first time. According to the decree from 1863 g., national lotteries are regularly held in Italy. But in France, the draws ceased to take place from the 1820s to 1933 r. To get out of the deep financial crisis with 1559 years there are lotteries in England. The funds received were used to repair ports, harbor, bridges and other structures were built. IN 1825 r. the British authorities refused to hold lottery games, because. it was demanded by the parliamentary opposition. Number lottery games were first held in Holland in 1726 year.

American lottery

IN 1612 r. the first lottery in America took place. The collected funds were used to equip the first colony, which was founded on the territory of today's USA. Lotteries evolved chaotically, corrupted, there have been numerous cases of fraud. US lotteries were prohibited by law in the 1870s. IN 1971 the first state. In the 1980s, the popular instant lottery series appeared today.. 1983—1990 г.г. — период расцвета государственных лотерей в разных странах, including in America.

The emergence of lotteries in Russia

During the reign of Peter the Great, watchmaker J. Gassenus organized a lottery for the first time, into the state established by her decree Catherine II in 1782 year. State lotteries were also drawn in 1892 and 1914 years. In the first case, the funds were sent to help victims of crop failure, во втором — от войны. IN 1918 r. the Soviet government banned lotteries, as she considered them a relic of the past. IN 1921 r. financial instability and crop failures caused, that lotteries have been restored. In the following decades, many cash lotteries appeared.. IN 1970 r. appeared the sports-number lottery "Sportloto". Its format was based on the oldest number lottery "keno". Half of the proceeds went to support Soviet sports. Of 49 the player had to guess the numbers 6. Serial numbers have been assigned 49 sports. After the success of this lottery in 1976 r. game appeared 5 of 36, the proceeds from which were directed to the needs of the 1980 Olympics, а в 1986-м — 6 of 45, replaced 6 of 49. Today there are many different very attractive lotteries. To protect your rights, it is better to choose state lotteries.

Winning - travel around the world

Its useful to note, that the main prize of the lottery was really unusual, It's a joke - travel around the world by route: Moscow - Berlin - Paris - Le Havre - New York - Chicago - Tokyo - Vladivostok - Moscow. In this case, the winner was provided with payment of all travel expenses (air payment, land and sea routes, per diem, equipment, payment for the services of translators and guides, foreign passports and visas).

Travel routes - winnings in the 1st All-Union Aviation Lottery

In addition, the winner was given a train ticket from the place of residence to Moscow and back., and also - reimbursement of your earnings while traveling. Conditions, what to say, fabulous!

The winner of the prize could also replace the trip with the amount indicated on the ticket, eg, the round-the-world voyage was estimated at 4 383 ruble. For comparison, in 1927-28 years, the average monthly earnings of workers in the Moscow province amounted to 75,08 rubles.

Simple Soviet bookkeeper

The main prize - a trip around the world - was won by Alexander Kazarinov, a 27-year-old accountant at the Mayak match factory from Rybinsk. He didn't make a decision right away, what to choose, that's what the magazine "Ogonyok" wrote about it

Kazarinov, by purchasing a ticket for the Osoviachim lottery ,almost forgot about him and almost lost. He did not dream of traveling around the world and lived his usual work life., Suddenly, one truly beautiful May day, fate was pleased to turn his quiet life in peaceful Rybinsk.

The phone rings in the factory office. Kazarinov fits

- I'm listening ...

- Someone should have a ticket at your factory. 09121, series 78, world travel winner.

Alexander Kazarinov, illustration in the magazine "Ogonyok"

Kazarinov shudders. His ticket, it seems, ends in 21 ... But he forgot, where is he ... Looking in the table, in different papers - no ticket! Finally, ticket found. No doubt! Series 78, № 09121. Beads of sweat appear on Kazarinov's forehead ... Congratulations to Kazarinov. His head is spinning. What to do? What to choose?

Should I get four and a half thousand rubles and continue my education at the Polytechnic Institute?, or embark on a dizzying trip around the world? Didn't sleep all night. I thought. Consulted with a sixty-year-old mother

The question was of enormous importance ... "


20 October 1973 the second game appeared - Sportloto-2, the circulation of which took place after the main. Card "Sportloto-2", cost 60 kopecks, since she took part in two draws at once, held in one day, тем самым повышались и шансы на выигрыш. А розыгрыши стали проводить при помощи лототрона, который сконструировали и построили главный инженер Вяйно Паасик и слесарь Калью Турья из СКБ Акакдемии Наук Эстонской ССР. Созданный ими прибор механически перемешивал и автоматически извлекал выигрышные шары.

FROM 10 january 1974 Years of the Sportloto lottery draws began in Moscow, at the studio of the Central Television and broadcast on the first program and systems "Vostok" and "Orbit", а миллионы поклонников лотереи получили возможность видеть проведение тиражей по телевизору. В качестве музыкального сопровождения использовались мелодия Гершона Кингсли «Воздушная кукуруза» в исполнении ансамбля под управлением Мещерина.

Sportloto 5 of 36

14 August 1976 the first draw of the new sports-number lottery with the formula "5 out of 36", dubbed "Saturday Sportloto". The cards from this lottery took part in the draw, which consisted of two draws, held weekly on Saturdays.

Lottery announcement 5 of 36 (first name "Saturday Sportloto") in the newspaper "Soviet Sport"

New circulation machines were put into operation - pneumotrons, in which the balls were mixed with a jet of compressed air. "Saturday Sport Lotto" was intended to finance the XXII Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 year. 36 Olympic sports were assigned conditional sports numbers.

Card "Saturday Sportloto", part "A". 13 and 14 circulation, 1970 year

Additional ball and other innovations

IN 1977 year, (from 37 circulation) in order to increase the popularity of the lottery "6 out of 49", an additional bonus ball has been drawn in it, increased the likelihood of winning the lottery. In August 1978 all numerical lotteries were transferred to non-redemption cards. The maximum winnings have been increased from 5 000 to 10 000 rubles. Draws of lotteries "6 out of 49" and "5 out of 36" (former "Saturday Sports Lottery") began to be held every Saturday, the drawing was held using a pneumotron.

In January 1981 there was another change in the conditions of the game, whose goal is to make it more fun, offer members more options for filling tickets. The "Sportloto" circulation was not carried out out of four, and from two draws: one for "6 of 49", another for "5 out of 36". The ticket itself has changed too, one more field was added in it, so that you can participate in two options (combinations)

Sportloto form 5 of 36, on 2 option

Taking into account the many wishes of the players, who asked to return to the old, mechanical method of mixing balls, from 1 january 1982 circulation machines were replaced. Draws started on two new lottery drums, producing the simultaneous extraction of five or six balls with winning numbers. In January 1985 they have been improved, and began to extract the balls not all together, but in turn.

Round the world voyage

Alexander Kazarinov chose a trip, and made the right decision! Voyage, started at the Moscow airport, lasted 71 day, кругосветку активно освещали многие советские газеты и журналы.

По итогам поездки победитель опубликовал в рыбинской газете “Рабочий и пахарь” свои мемуары:

“Osoaviakhim took off my old trousers and shirt, giving me a new European suit, then they put me on a plane of the German company "Derulyuft", and already in Konigsberg an interpreter was assigned to me ".

He didn’t like Koenigsberg, Too cramped and old!». But Berlin and especially the German match factory made an indelible impression on the accountant from Rybinsk: “This is a factory! There is complete order inside the workshops, new equipment, cars, packing delighted me!».

In Paris, Kazarinov was in the same group with two American women: “One is the wife of a millionaire banker, and the other - a major engineer ... When they found out, that I'm from Russia, American women have veins with fear, should be, shook ".

From Europe, on the motor ship "Albert Ballive" Kazarinov sailed to America. US immigration authorities initially did not allow him to land in New York. He was detained aboard a motor ship and placed in a barracks for illegal migrants on Ellis Island.

After several hours in a cell and interrogation by the authorities, interested in, is Kazarinov going to overthrow the US government, the traveler has received permission to enter the country.

“Tell your comrades in the USSR, that i feel great,- Kazarinov asked the TASS correspondent in New York. "Traveling gives me great pleasure.". By the way, to your next destination - Chicago, Alexander went by train in a first class carriage, like a real millionaire. It was compensation from the Americans for the inconvenience caused..

California became the final destination in the USA, from where the ocean liner delivered it to the Japanese port of Yokohama.

“Many spies met us at the pier. And one in civilian clothes even asked in Russian: "You are the one, who won the trip from the Bolsheviks? I suppose, happy, what finally broke out!». And I answered him with a fig: "It is for you!».

A trip around the world has become fateful for a simple bookkeeper. After returning to his homeland, Kazarinov moved from Rybinsk to Moscow, where he became a staff lecturer at Osoaviakhim. Now he began to travel around Russia - he traveled to cities with stories about life abroad..

Money instead of a trip

Not all winners chose travel as a prize. There were those, who preferred to take the winnings in money. One of them is an unknown resident of Samara, on the ticket of which the flight on the route Moscow - Paris - Moscow fell.

The winner who won the trip on the route Moscow - Paris - Moscow decided to get it in money

Ticket owner, refused to give his last name, received the cost of the flight - 1 425 rubles. The note also mentions three smaller winning tickets (circular flights over cities), true, and in these cases the winners decided to take money.

Dream of flying

Another interesting case is associated with one of the issues of the Osoaviakhim lottery, when choosing a win (flight by plane) literally determined the fate

"Sergey Anokhin, born in 1910 year, after graduating from seven-year school, he worked as a tracklayer on the railway. The path to heaven began with a lucky chance: at the end of the 20s of the last century, Sergei's older brother won skis in the Osoaviakhim lottery and asked his brother to pick them up at the committee of this organization. When the next day Sergey came there, it turned out, that there is another option for the lottery prize - flight (as a passenger) on a light plane over Moscow. Without hesitation, Sergey exchanged the won skis for him. This is how he first lifted off the ground.

Returning from flight, Sergey understood: to fly is his calling. As the writer Yaroslav Golovanov later put it, “This is how the biggest prize in the history of all our lotteries took place: Soviet aviation won Sergei Anokhin ".

Results of the first draw

All income, from the lottery, entered the USSR Defense and Aviation-Chemical Construction Fund. On funds, received by the Society, produced 35 combat aircraft and 30 tanks MS-1

The lottery's success was so obvious, that soon the second edition was carried out, it took place in may 1928 in Kharkov. Total passed 15 circulations of Osoviahim, the last one took place in 1941 year. During this time, the state budget received more than 800 million rubles.

After the war, the lottery continued on almost the same principles., but under a different name, ее проводит преемник Осоавиахиама — общество «ДОСААФ»

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