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Rules of the game

Players choose 7 balls with numbers from 45 submitted by, which are the main numbers. In addition, participants have the opportunity to choose up to 13 balls in one combination, which will significantly increase the chance to hit the jackpot, but at the same time, the cost of a ticket to participate in the lottery will also increase. To win the minimum prize, just guess everything 3 numbers plus 1 additional number. To win the main prize, participants need to guess everything 7 numbers.

Also besides 7 winning numbers, in the Australian lottery there are still 2 random lucky numbers, from the same lottery drum, as the main balls. The only difference is, that the lottery participant does not have the opportunity to choose these balls. They are random, and only small ones help to win, minor consolation prizes.

About Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is the first Australian game of the state level. Until February 26, 1994, the Australian state lotteries copied European games. This is the date when the first draw of Oz Lotto was held. The success of this game was so deafening that today we can present you a whole series of authentically Australian lotteries for every taste.

A variety of lotteries are held in Australia almost every day. As for Oz Lotto, this game is held once a week on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM local time.

The smallest Jackpot you can claim is A$ 2.000.000. The largest fixed Jackpot of the Australian national lottery was A$ 100.000.000. Four players matched all seven numbers of the game and shared the main prize.

The Oz Lotto game set includes only 45 numbers, which increases your chances to win!

The official Oz Lotto website can be viewed at this link.

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