Online lottery ticket service for the biggest jackpots in the world

How to play lotto online?

The higher the lottery jackpot, the more chances

It's not a secret to anybody, that the value of the game increases, when the jackpot rises. In this way, if you are stuck waiting, until the jackpot rises again in our country, we have to wait. Of course, playing a small jackpot is also interesting, but still it is more excitement to play big jackpots. Not only will you enjoy more, imagining winning one of those huge prizes, which we see, what others get, but the odds are much higher in our favor with big jackpots.

It takes time, so that the jackpot grows to a monumental size, what are they doing for a long time, and that means, that a significant amount of time has passed and no one has won the jackpot. As time goes by, all these small jackpots, who did not win, accumulate.

I'm sure, that I shouldn't go into details about, how much better to play lotto with big jackpots. therefore, the more we have access to these big lotto jackpots, all the better. therefore, when there is such a service on the Internet, it's good, since you have access to all lotteries.

We now have access to all the big lotteries, including US Powerball and Mega Millions lottery, Canadian lotto 6/49, Spanish El Gordo, SuperEna Italy, EuroMillions jackpot, Eurojackpot, и многое, much more.

therefore, naturally, I am very happy about it, as i know, that you are the same, and that's why I want to share with you about it. Even if you are just a random lotto player, why don't you stop limiting yourself, when you can broaden your horizons and include the whole world through this great online lotto service? Again, they provide us with all this for a small fee, but they will not deduct anything from your winnings.

Safe online payments

This exciting new service provides several convenient payment options via 100% secure payment system. RedFoxLotto make money, pay a small amount to purchase and process tickets, same, they visit the physical lotto stands. Since we cannot be in that country and buy a ticket, we can enjoy the convenience of this service and buy tickets online right at home.

After you have booked your ticket online, they will email them to you, and you will see your name right on the ticket. They will also provide free assistance, so that you can collect your winnings, since you don't live in the country, where is the lottery. You have no reason to worry.

Online Gold Cup for Users

Registration and login

It takes less than a minute to create a new account. In the pop-up window, you need to fill in the standard fields:

  • enter email address;
  • come up with a password;
  • check the box next to I agree;
  • click the Register button.

After successful registration, a message appears on the screen stating, that the player can withdraw his starting bonus and replenish the deposit. Here you can choose one of the labels to choose from Top up or I don't want a bonus. You can also just hide the window, by clicking on the cross.

To return to the UNL Gold Cup, you should press Login and fill in the same fields, as when registering an account. You can also get to the site through social networks.

Financial Operations Gold Cup

Any registered casino user can get into this section of the site. To do this, just click on one of the buttons, located under the information about the current balance. You can also call the context menu under the avatar and click on the inscription Profile.

A rather extensive section will appear in front of the visitor of the online club, which presents such main points:

  • Profile;
  • personal information;
  • Cashier;
  • Safety;
  • Bonuses;
  • Loyalty program;
  • Posts.

All information about deposits is contained in the Cashier tab. There are three sections here: input, conclusion, transactions. Each user has several options for replenishing the balance:

  • using bank cards Mastercard and Visa;
  • mobile operators Kyivstar;
  • electronic payment systems Advcash, Masterpass, iPay;
  • payment via terminals.

The user of the Gold Cup lottery can choose the amount of the deposit from the list or enter his own version. The range of replenishment of the gaming account from 50 to 10 000 UAH.

You can withdraw money only to that card, from which the funds were credited to the deposit. The site administration guarantees, that the money will be transferred to the specified account from five minutes to a day. The output range is from 300 to 14 000 hryvnia.

On the Transactions tab, each user can view the history of financial transactions. Here is information about the current balance, condition and amount of the operation, as well as the date of its commission.

Profile and personal information

After completing the registration procedure on the website of the national lottery Gold Cup, each user has a nickname and ID. Information about them is contained in the section Profile. Each player can supplement the data with a mobile phone number.

Also, each player must fill in the fields with personal information.:

  • passport data;
  • floor;
  • residence address.

This will be needed in the future to withdraw funds won. Email address and phone number must also be verified to verify your account.

Lottery evolution

Historically,, that the first lotteries were held in China, and even then, these lotteries were mainly used to fund government projects. Even the Great Wall of China could be one such project.. In ancient Rome, lotteries were held during events for wealthy citizens, the proceeds from which were sent to repair work in the city. In January 1449 the war between Milan and Venice was funded by the lottery.

For centuries, lotteries have mostly been sanctioned and run by states and governments to raise funds. In a way, these lotteries served as a form of voluntary taxation of the masses.. In this regard, the percentage of revenue from ticket sales compared to prize payments has been and remains quite low..

The biggest payday days ever.

Below is a list of the biggest jackpots, conquered over the past few years. Not surprising, that they all happened in the USA. The big Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries in the US regularly bring in huge payouts. So no wonder, that most online purchases at are for Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

  1. 1568 million dollars, Powerball jackpot won 13 january 2016 of the year. This jackpot has been split between 3 winners.
  2. $1537 million, Mega Millions jackpot won by one winner 23 October 2018 of the year.
  3. 768 million dollars, won Powerball 27 Martha 2019 of the year.
  4. 758 million dollars, won on Powerball by one winner in August 2017 of the year.
  5. 687 million dollars, which will be distributed between the two winners “Powerball” 27 October 2018 of the year.
  6. 656 million dollars, jackpot “Megamillions”, split among three winners in March 2016 of the year.

Now is your chance to win one of these lotteries – just click here and get ready to experience the best, what the world has to offer, and, more importantly, significantly increase your chances of getting wealth!

Bonus program Gold Lotto

For players, looking for the best no deposit casino bonuses, take a closer look at our online club. We offer several types of bonuses, available immediately after registering an account. First of all, new users will receive a welcome package, includes gifts for the first five deposits. The scheme for calculating casino bonuses is as follows:
• первое пополнение баланса от 250 hryvnia will give the player +150% from the sum, but not more 7 500 hryvnia;
• второй депозит на такую же сумму принесет дополнительные 125%, which cannot be higher 13 750 hryvnia;
• бонус на третий депозит от 250 hryvnia is 100%, its maximum size is 15 000 hryvnia.
• четвертое пополнение от 500 hryvnia makes it possible to receive as a gift +75% of the amount and 100 free spins in the top slots for the following 5 days;
• для получения бонуса 50% for the fifth deposit, you need to top up your account in the amount of 500 hryvnia, at the same time, the size of the incentive cannot be more 7 500 hryvnia.

All the above bonuses for registration in a casino must be wagered. The first three gifts are equipped with a wager x35, and on the fourth and fifth - x30. By activating the welcome package, new clients of our online club can receive up to 55 000 hryvnia right at the start.

Another type of bonus at Golden Gold casino for registered users is weekly cashback. Active players can expect regular refunds up to 20%. The size of the gift directly depends on the level of experience: the higher the status, the more the amount to return and the less wagering. So, eg, the client at the starting step A beginner can get 2% cashback with a wager x20. Experienced status gives you the opportunity to pick up a cashback bonus every week 12%, which must be played 10 time. But the highest Legend level, among other privileges, allows you to activate the largest cashback at the Golden Gold casino - 20 % with wager x1. Total in the online club loyalty program 9 steps. Status depends on the amount of XP, domestic currency, which the player receives for bets on money. The first level Newbie is assigned to the user immediately after registration.

In Ukraine casinos, giving money for registration a lot, however, not everyone gives no deposit bonuses, how does Golden Gold on Telegram. All subscribers of our channel in the messenger, following the news, can count on nice gifts. From time to time, posts with secret links are published there., by going through which you can pick up free spins. Secret promotional codes are also posted on the online casino channel, draw announcements and special offers for followers only.

More recently, the Gold Rush promotion was held on the Gold Lotto website, at the end of which were played: real gold bar, iPhone 11 Pro, electric scooter and other nice gifts. The prize fund was 700 000 hryvnia. The winners were determined by the number of collected coins at the rates, successful completion of special tasks and successful participation in tournaments. The first eight lucky winners won the main prizes, the rest of the participants took other gifts from 75 played out.

In the section of the Arena website, in addition to casino promotions, various Gold Lotto tournaments are also presented. Competitions are held regularly, conditions for participation are simple, and as a gift we play money or free spins. Depending on the competition, the winners are selected according to the maximum multiplier, by maximum winnings or by the amount of winnings. The number of prizes can reach 200, and the amount of the fund is more 100 000 hryvnia. Often, tournaments are held on slots from a particular provider, it can also be a whole series of competitions, длящаяся более одного месяца.
Such a competition from the manufacturer Booongo was held on our website in 8 stages. Money Chase is 40 day tournaments with a prize pool 8 400 000 hryvnia. In addition to the prize of the day, players could also claim gifts for the maximum number of points at the end of each stage. This gambling race GoldLoto left no one indifferent.

We win, Is it so?

On the online lotto site, you can even pick up your winnings at the main office with a ceremonial presentation, everything is as it should be. But the catch is, что сумма выигрыша меньше 500 000 rubles, so fig you, not a grand presentation of a cash prize. Receive it on a card or by postal order.

It's a separate story about getting winning money in Online Lotto.. Winnings are taxed on any game, and the participant receives a ready-made amount minus tax fees. In Online Lotto, such a system will not work. Here, be so kind as to turn out your pockets and give your own money to the scammer.

If suddenly there is a club, who believes in this lotto and is going to collect the winnings, let it prepare for disappointment. Postal order commission is from 750 rubles and above, and on the card from 99 rubles and above. Even the animals in the circus will laugh at such a proposal. Of course, the fool will choose the cheaper way, namely, withdrawal to the card. Yes, not everything is so rosy here, as it seems at first glance.

To allegedly withdraw money to the card, you need to enter your data. You don't even have to stop at this moment. Write any letters and numbers, who come to hand, the program will still prepare money for withdrawal. Even if you write "to grandpa's village". And when the process of preparing the withdrawal of money ends, dear dumbass, would you be so kind as to give the scammer money supposedly for a commission in the amount 590 rubles.

Even if that person is found, who believes in this nonsense Online Lotto and pays the commission, he will not receive any winnings. You think, on the Online Lotto website they just give out money in millions? The hat is everything. A bunch of scammers hung video, uploaded to the site, drew large sums for divorce suckers and successfully collects money.

Online lotto

Lotto rules are familiar to everyone. Online lotto is the same, only on the monitor screen. You need to follow the named numbers and look for matches in yourself.

Лохотрон Онлайн лото располагается по адресу, which can change at any time. Therefore, remember everything visually and watch the video at the end of the article.. It is there that I will show everything as it is. do not miss!

After the opening of the online broadcast, the real draw begins. A previously recorded video has been inserted into the Online Lotto website. Although people are assured, what is this live broadcast. The video does not last long with the participation of the naughty presenter. Ticket with numbers on the screen in front of the user, and balls fall on the video.

And the recording was made with the following psychological pressure. On the online lotto ticket, numbers are already marked in green in advance, which will fall. And so, in order, balls with these numbers fall out. When there is a match, number turns from green to red. And now the naive victim has already bit his nails, because from the very beginning all the numbers are the same. A little more and winnings in total 24 million rubles in your pocket. And at the very end, such a huge disappointment - the last figure did not match. But this is no reason to despair, выигрыш все равно есть 175 000 rubles. Not millions, of course, but still.

Conclusions on online casinos

Online-Gold Lotto Club entered the gambling market relatively recently and in this short period was able to squeeze local industry leaders. Today our online casino in Ukraine occupies a high and rather confident position.. The site continues to develop, regularly replenishing the collection of games and improving the bonus program for registered customers. Such initiatives and confident steps in the market will allow us to remain the leading online casino in Ukraine..

1. How to start playing at GoldLoto casino?

The visitor can play online Gold Lotto in two modes: free of charge and using a cash account. Demos are available at any time without registration. To start, just click Demo on the slot machine icon. The game is played with conditional credits, which do not affect the player's real account. To earn real online winnings-casinos in Ukraine, you need to register and deposit money on the balance.

2. Can I play GoldLoto online casino on a mobile phone?

The Gold Lotto website opens in a convenient format in the browser of a smartphone or tablet. The mobile version is loaded automatically when you enter a regular casino address. The player can log into his account on the Zolotoloto portal, use the account and all bonus benefits. Slot machines adapt to the type of OS and work in the same way, as well as on the PC.

3. How to get your welcome bonus (registration bonus) in the casino?

After registering at the GoldLoto casino, the client can activate five deposit bonuses for each deposit. The total amount of the welcome package is up to 55 000 UAH and 100 FS. To receive the first bonus from Zolotoloto, you need to go through the registration procedure and deposit at least 250 hryvnia. The player receives 150% as a gift.

4. How to fund an account at GoldLoto casino?

The player can deposit money in the casino only after authorization. A red Cashier button will appear on the top panel of the interface. After opening a tab, the user will see payment methods: Bitcoin, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Privat24, Advcash. Minimum deposit - from 100 UAH.

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