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How to play OZ Lotto

Of 45 balls drops 9: seven main and two additional. Depending on the number of matched balls, the amount of money is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • 7+0 - first category
  • 6+1 - second category
  • 6+0 - third category
  • 5+1 or 2 - fourth category
  • 5+0 - fifth category
  • 4+0 - sixth category
  • 3+0 - seventh category

That is, in order, to start playing, you need to choose 7 main numbers and two additional. And then rely on luck.

OZ Lotto rules from Australia

So that if you win, you will surely receive your prize, follow a few simple rules set by the lottery organizers. Check them out below.


You can take part in the OZ Lotto game, being on the territory of the CIS countries, it is not necessary to be directly in the country where the draws are held. The main requirement of lottery organizers is the age of majority. For persons, did not reach 18 years old, it is strictly forbidden to take part in the prize draw. Minimum age restrictions are not a reason to give up your lifelong dream of becoming a millionaire in a couple of minutes. Play, buy a ticket, and you are lucky today.

One-handed win

There is one winner per ticket, single ticket is optional, This does not mean, that you only have to buy one ticket. More tickets - more opportunities to win. В случае победы всех билетов вы сможете забрать выигрыш только с одного лотерейного билета на свое усмотрение.

You can get your winnings, only being on the territory of the country, где совершалась игра в лотерею OZ Lotto. It means, if the player wins in Russia, then you can only get a win in this country.


Check all the elements we take into account once we write a review about an online lottery website. Each element will add or rest from the final score since each one is an important part of the website offer.


Compliance with regulatory norms and licenses. We review the level of encryption for data and transactions, meaning the level of security for users.


What are the lotteries offered at the website? Syndicated lotteries and side games are important additions to each platform.


What are the languages the site has and how the user experience has been developed through design and navigation.


What are the devices that can be use? Desktop, tablet and smartphones. Site is responsive? Mobile apps available?


We check the online promotions, offers and welcome bonus you can enjoy when joining the platform.


Which channels you can use to contact the customer service department. The quality of response is also an important measure.


The level of security at Netlotto both for personal data and transactions is the highest at the industry. They have the GoDaddy verify security badge with a 256-bit SSL protection.

Also, Netlotto is an official and accredited agent of the Australian lottery.

As a result, we can be sure that our data, transactions and gaming are well protected.


The main attraction at Netlotto are the Australian lotteries, so if you are looking for SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions or the USA PoweBall, this is not your site.

The Aussie lotteries offered at the site for single buy are: Monday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, PowerBall, Saturday TattsLotto, The Pools, X lotto and Super 66.

In addition, for syndicate raffles the lotteries available at Netlotto are: Monday Lotto – Lucky 8’s, OzLotto – Super Combo, OzLotto – Smart Group, OzLotto - 4 Tens and OzLotto – 1st Number Drawn Guaranteed.

Finally, the website is not offering any kind of side games. So if you want to have some fun with slots or scratchcards you will need to look for them in another plaform.


Netlotto website is only available in English. We know that is the most used language around the world, but we still think that many users cannot read it. So adding further languages can be a great improvement for the brand.

The theme and design are simple and straightforward. You will be able to find the Australian Lottery of your preference and buy it very quickly, without fancy images or web features.

Hence, navigation and user experience are good, but there is many room for enhancement.


Netlotto website is available both for desktop and mobile users. While desktop view is the best one, the tablet and smartphones are not as comfortable due to the small size of fonts and images.

The Net Lotto development team created an app for Iphone mobiles. We didn’t find any Android app. As a result, if your smartphone runs on Android your solely option is to navigate the site from your browser.


The site main intention seems to be to make you navigate from you PC or Mac computer. You will get the maximum functionality this way.

TABLET website for tablets is not as good as the desktop, but still this option seems preferable to smartphones.


Mobile devices view of the website is limited due to the size of images and fonts. If you have an Apple smartphone downloading the app will be the best choice.

Yet, for Android users the browser will be the only available option.


Netlotto is not offering any promotion, welcome bonus or offer. Furthermore, no VIP points can be gain.

They only focus on bringing online to the whole world what you can do in any land base lottery ticker seller.

Therefore, if Netlotto wants to compete with the big online players, it must start offering bonuses and promotions soon.


Assistance from the customer support department is an essential part of the online business. How they answer and what are the channels at your disposal are really important for your good experience.


You can write a letter to the address: PO Box 10243, Brisbane, QLD, 4001, Australia. Not fast and not relevant for online players.


You can contact Net Lotto customer service from Australia to: (07) 3235 6280 and from the rest of the world to: +617 3235 6280.

Other Features

Lottery Education Materials

Netlotto’s hidden strength? Its educational support for lottery players.

When it comes to lottery education, Netlotto does things a bit differently than other lottery sites. Sure, the comprehensive lotto glossary feels familiar, but it’s a different story when it comes to the individual lottery games.

Netlotto’s comprehensive glossary.

Most lottery sites include dollops of information about each game they offer inside their respective lottery pages, but not Netlotto.

If you scroll to the bottom of Netlotto’s website, you’ll find a download link for a comprehensive PDF file on all the games they offer. Netlotto gives you the detailed mechanics of each game plus other important rules you need to know.

The PDF lets you learn about the games at your own pace, but some might find it a heavy dose of information overload. Netlotto’s lottery games PDF is basically a wall of text. But, hey, at least they went out of their way to thoroughly educate players.

Ease of Use

While Netlotto’s website is generally easy to use, I did encounter a few issues.

Netlotto doesn’t deviate much from what other lottery websites are doing. The Netlotto website’s simple design and effective layout make it easy to navigate and play. Online lottery veterans and newcomers alike should have no problems getting around.

That said, Netlotto does stumble in some areas.

For starters, a dedicated link to their FAQ page is nowhere to be found. Clicking on the “Customer Service” link simply takes you to their Contact Us page. You’ll need to examine the Contact Us page closely for 3 quick links which, if clicked, will lead you straight to the FAQs. In short, finding Netlotto’s FAQs is a chore.

Clicking on the Quick Links is the only way to get to their FAQs.

Notable prizes


(local currency)

Lottery Country Winner Date Notes
$ 1586,4 million Powerball Соединенные Штаты Three tickets 13 january 2016 r. Biggest Jackpot
$ 1537,0 million Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты One ticket 23 October 2018 r. Anonymous winner from South Carolina
656,0 million dollars. USA Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты Three tickets 30 Martha 2012 r.
$ 590,5 million Powerball Соединенные Штаты One ticket from Florida 18 May 2013 Winner, 84-summer Gloria Mackenzie, will receive a lump sum payment of 371 million dollars.
$ 451 million Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты One ticket 5 january 2018 r. Shane Missler, Port Richey, Florida
$ 390 million Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты One ticket each from New Jersey and Georgia. 6 Martha 2007 r.
$ 380 million Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты One ticket each from Idaho and Washington. 4 january 2011 r.
365 million dollars. USA Powerball Соединенные Штаты One ticket, bought by eight colleagues at a meat processing plant in Nebraska. 18 february 2006 r.
363 million dollars. USA Big game Соединенные Штаты Two winning tickets: Larry and Nancy Ross (Michigan), Joe and Sue Kines (Illinois) 9 May 2000 r. Big game now known as Mega Millions.
$ 340 million Powerball Соединенные Штаты One ticket ( Medford, Oregon ) 19 October 2005 r.
$ 319 million Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты Biggest Mega Millions Ticket Win, bought in New York 25 Martha 2011 r. Employees of the same IT company won, who shared 1 ticket (by 19 million dollars each after taxes).
315 million dollars. USA Mega Millions Соединенные Штаты Biggest Mega Millions single ticket prize ( California ) 15 November 2005 r.
314,9 million dollars. USA Powerball Соединенные Штаты Andrew Jackson "Jack" Whittaker Jr. 25 December 2002 r.
183,5 million € cash Euromillions Франция × 2, Portugal × 1
Three tickets 3 february 2006 r. Biggest jackpot in Europe
177,7 million € cash SuperEnalotto Italy One ticket for 70 players 30 October 2010 r.
147,8 million € cash SuperEnalotto Italy One ticket, sold in Bagnon (Tuscany) 22 August 2009 r. Biggest Winning Ticket in Europe
163,5 Million € SuperEnalotto Italy One ticket 27 October 2016 r.
209,16 Million € SuperEnalotto Italy One ticket 13 August 2019 r.
129,8 Million € In cash EuroMillions
Объединенное Королевство Anonymous UK resident 8 October 2010 r. Biggest EuroMillions Winner
126,2 Million € Euromillions Spain Anonymous 25-year-old woman from Mallorca 8 May 2009 of the year Biggest Single EuroMillions Winner.
115,4 Million € Euromillions Ireland Dolores McNamara 29 july 2005 r. Biggest Winner & Jackpot (Ireland)
100 million Euromillions Belgium One anonymous ticket holder. Ticket on sale in Tienen. 9 february 2007 r. Biggest Winner & Jackpot (Belgium)
100 million Euromillions France One ticket holder, but common to a syndicate of 15 players. The ticket is sold to Venel (Bouches-du-Rhône). 18 september 2009 r. Biggest Win & Jackpot (France)
84,4 million pounds sterling Euromillions Объединенное Королевство Won Lebanese Rock Star “Robbie Obeid” 14 May 2010
56 million pounds sterling Euromillions Объединенное Королевство Nigel Page and Justin Laycock from Cirencester. Total jackpot in 112 million pounds was shared with the winner in Spain. 12 february 2010 r.
42 million pounds sterling National lottery Объединенное Королевство Three ticket holders 6 january 1996 r.
38,4 Million € State lottery Netherlands Ticket sold in Utrecht 10 May 2013 Not taxed at a time
37,6 Million € National lottery Germany Won by a nurse from North Rhine-Westphalia 7 October 2006 r. Germany's largest prize and sole winner
Union Lotto China One ticket holder from Beijing , China 12 june 2012 r. Biggest prize in Asia (79,34 million, 87,32 USD million)
145 million reais Mega-Sena Brazil Won by one ticket holder from Brasilia ( Federal district ) and one from Santa Rita do Passa Cuatro ( Sao Paulo ). 31 December 2009 r. South America's largest prize
112 million Australian dollars OZ Lotto Australia Four winning tickets 6 November 2012 r. Australia's highest lottery prize
40,72 billion won 6/45 Lotto South Korea South Korea Chuncheon Police Officer, Canwon Province, was the only winner, which took 40,72 billion Korean won. April 2003 r. Biggest South Korea Lottery Win

20 september 2005 r. an elementary school boy in Italy wins the Italian national lottery, equivalent 27,6 million pounds sterling. Although children are not allowed to gamble under Italian law, children are allowed to play the lottery.

Alternatives to Netlotto

If you’re looking for more games—or simply games beyond Australian lotteries—then take a look at these 3 alternatives:

theLotter Review

You get a lot more than just Australian lotteries.

If you want variety, theLotter is a good place to start. At theLotter, you’ll get 53 lotteries from all over the globe. You’ll also find around 24 syndicate games and a millionaire raffle.

You get more than 6 payment method options.

You can use any of theLotter’s 29 accepted deposit options. These include some of the most popular credit cards and e-wallets.

You have several ways to withdraw your winnings.

theLotter gives you 7 different ways to withdraw your lottery winnings. You can choose which one works best for you.

WinTrillions Review

WinTrillions beats Netlotto when it comes to game variety.

You’re looking at 20 solo games and 13 syndicates with WinTrillions, after all. WinTrillions also offers a variety of millionaire raffles and raffle syndicates.

WinTrillions accepts a ton of payment methods.

WinTrillions accepts 32 payment methods, and it’s one of the few lottery sites that accepts Bitcoin transfers.

You can choose how you claim your winnings.

For winnings $600 below, the money is deposited directly to your account. But for larger wins, WinTrillions handles those on a case-by-case basis. Most of the time, you can either let them claim your winnings on your behalf or claim the money yourself.

LottoKings Review

You’re getting a lot of games.

LottoKings has 19 solo play games, a few syndicates and some raffles.

You decide how you claim your prize.

LottoKings allows players to choose how to claim their jackpot winnings. You can do it on your own, or you can have the company claim it for you. Should you choose the latter, you can get your prize by requesting for a check or by visiting the nearest LottoKings office.

LottoKings only accepts 10 payment methods.

6 Lottery Games Offered

Regular Lottery Games

Netlotto has a limited selection of lottery games.

Currently, you can only play in 6 games, all of which are Australian lotteries. If you’re hoping to play in mega lotteries like the US Powerball, Euromillions or Mega Millions, Netlotto is definitely not the place. Sure, they do have the Australian version of Powerball, but the original, US-based powerball is the bigger—and more lucrative—of the two.

Here are the lotteries offered by Netlotto:

Lottery Games
Monday Lotto Oz Lotto Wednesday Lotto
Powerball Saturday Lotto The Pools

Why consider playing Netlotto’s games? At Netlotto, draws take place almost every day of the week:

  • Monday: Monday Lotto
  • Tuesday: Oz Lotto
  • Wednesday: Wednesday Lotto
  • Thursday: Powerball
  • Saturday: Saturday Lotto, The Pools

Fridays and Sundays are the only days of the week without draws. In other words, if you join all of Netlotto’s games, you have 6 chances of winning every week.


If single play games aren’t enough, Netlotto also offers group play lottery games.

Currently, there are a total of 12 syndicate games involving 4 lotteries. The games are as follows:

Syndicate # of Standard Games
Combo Systems 161
Solo Special 150
Guaranteed the Powerball 400
Saturday Tattslotto
Syndicate # of Standard Games
11 Numbers 462
8,9,10 322
Smart Systems 170
SuperDraw – High Roller 3404
Oz Lotto
Syndicate # of Standard Games
High Roller 3814
10 Ten’s 1200
Super 8’s 800
Mega SMART Systems 840
Monday Lotto
Syndicate # of Standard Games
Combo 310

Deposit and Withdrawal with Netlotto


Netlotto accepts only a few payment methods, which somewhat limits some players from playing.

Currently, Netlotto accepts 6 methods of payment, namely: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, BPAY, and bank transfers. 3 other payment methods (Poli, Skrill and PayPal) are listed as coming soon though, so you may want to keep an eye on Netlotto if you’re using any of those.


Netlotto only offers 2 withdrawal methods: bank and check.

Once winnings are in your account, you can withdraw any amount to your nominated bank account. In some cases, especially when it comes to prizes over $250AUD, it may take up to 48 hours to appear in your bank account. If you don’t want the winnings sent to your bank, you can also choose to request a check to be sent to your home. Below are the withdrawal processing fees:

Australia Overseas
Bank Transfer Check Bank Transfer Check
Free $1.00AUD $20AUD $1.00AUD


If you are looking only for Australian lotteries from an accredited and regulated reseller, Netlotto is definitely your platform.

With a very complete Aussie lotteries offer both for single and syndicate mode, you will feel the Australian vibes on your computer.

Since they offer the site solely in English and because the selection of payment methods is small we give to Netlotto a rating of 4 over 5. A nice score for Netlotto for its specialization in Australian lotteries!


Do you want to know if Netlotto is a scam? Are your doubts appearing before you complete your online purchase?

With the highest level of encryption, 256 bit SSL, provided by Go Daddy and the accreditation from the Australian lotteries as official reseller you can be pretty sure you ticket will be bought and your winning will be pay.

Netlotto is a very trustworthy platform with many years of growing reputation supporting their activities. Just relax and enjoy!

Pros / Cons
  • High level of data encryption
  • Best site for australian lotteries players
  • Fully accredited and licensed by australian lotteries
  • Aussie lotteries are the only available product
  • Payment methods are scarce
  • The site is only available in english
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