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Instant lotteries

Instant draw tickets are sold on the Stoloto website and lottery kiosks. The algorithm of actions when buying via the Internet is identical to that, which is applied when purchasing coupons from other draws:

  1. Select lottery.
  2. Decide on tickets or generate your own coupon.
  3. Specify the number of coupons.
  4. Pay in any convenient way (bank cards, electronic payment systems, from Stoloto's personal wallet).

Instant drawings have a significant advantage - you can win big money directly in front of the cashier, without leaving him. All, what is required is to erase the security code. If the ticket is winning, the operator can immediately pay the money, if the amount does not exceed 1 000 p.

What lotteries to buy at Stoloto?

In my experience, the highest probability of winning in the "Gosloto" and "Rapido" lotteries. there is, of course the well-known lotteries "Russian Lotto" and "Housing Lottery", but the draws take place once a week, and the probability of winning is still less, t. to. there is no way to make expanded bets and thus increase the probability. On the other hand, of course you can buy more tickets. By the way, maybe it makes sense to think about it.

Lotteries from Gosloto: "4 out of 20", "5 out of 36", "6 out of 45", "7 out of 49". These are lotteries with multi-million dollar super prizes, it is very likely to win a pretty big sum in them. The whole essence of these lotteries is already embedded in the name. Drawings of these lotteries take place live on the site. Broadcast from the Stoloto lottery center, located in Moscow, somewhere in Volgogradka. They say, you can come there and take a look at this whole kitchen.

The Rapido lottery recommended by me is a fast lottery, draw, which is held every 15 minutes. The probability of winning is high, but here is the cost of the minimum bet - 150 rub. The lottery has an increased prize pool - 67% from every ticket sold.

There are many other lotteries on the Stoloto website, but I didn't study them thoroughly, therefore, the post will only talk about verified.

Where to buy a ticket?

There are several ways, where to buy a ticket will not be difficult. it:

  • , which you can use and purchase electronic coupons.
  • Mobile client and login through the mobile browser of the state lottery, through which you can also purchase a coupon.
  • The lottery allows you to purchase a ticket and using messages, by sending the name of the lottery to number four nines.
  • Sales are made through various retail outlets - for example, Baltbet, Messenger, Pyaterochka, Rostelecom, Crossroads and so on.
  • Finally, you can buy tickets through lottery kiosks or Stoloto centers.

Buying Stoloto tickets in different ways

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