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Passing the verification procedure expands the range of gaming opportunities. On the website of the "National Sports Lottery" available 3 identity verification options:

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Identification level affects, eg, to the limits of financial transactions on the lottery website. Detailed information about the methods and levels is available in your personal account in the "My Account" tab.

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Upon completion of the registration process, the player gains access to the personal account on the lottery website. Account functionality consists of 4 tabs. "My Account" - page for changing the password to log in to the resource and change personal information. "Wallet" - page of financial transactions. "My tickets" - history of gaming activity. "Log out" - button to end the session, log out of your personal account.

What is interesting about this event and what consequences it can have for the legal betting market in Russia?

so, "Sports Lotteries" is a new lottery operator on the domestic market, at the origins of which is BC League of Stakes and the Boxing Federation of Russia.

And this is very important, since relatively recently the head of the Russian Boxing Federation (FBI) Umar Kremlev (real name Umar Ali-Lutfulloev), appealed to the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin with a proposal to liquidate the "Association of Bookmakers" and "First SRO of Bookmakers" together with the CUPIS controlled by them. Kremlev proposed to transfer full control over the betting business to a public law company - "Unified Sports Forecast Regulator"

It was also proposed to create a Unified Center for Recording the Transfer of Rates under a public company, which will control all bets and bet payouts.

As conceived by the Kremlin, the development of a new platform must be entrusted to Sport and Fatherland LLC, the founder of which is ANO "Boxing Progress Center", controlled by the Kremlin.

And here you can already see a direct connection with BC League of Stakes. The fact, that there was previously information about the Kremlin's connection with this bookmaker, what seriously worries market participants.

It is important to remind, what 7 years ago, businessman Suleiman Karimov became one of the shareholders of the Betting League BC. According to available information, then Karimov was assured, that this bookmaker will become a monopolist of the market due to SRO, League of Stakes created on the basis of BC

However, in 2013 monopolizing online betting in Russia failed in a year. maybe, what now, with the advent of the "National Sports Lottery", there is a second attempt to capture the Russian betting market.

They say, that representatives of law enforcement agencies may be interested in monopolization and seizure of the betting market. In particular, the name of the head of the President's Security Service and the deputy director of the FSO, Colonel-General Alexei Rubezhny. Kremlin and Rubizhny have almost the same powers in the Russian Boxing Federation, and, perhaps, with the light hand of the last initiative of the Kremlin hit the table with Mishustin.

Subject of the Offer

Настоящая Оферта определяет условия и порядок предоставления Участнику возможности участия во Всероссийских государственных тиражных лотереях (далее — Лотереи), проводимых на основании распоряжения Правительства РФ от 29 August 2019 r. N 1921-р, via the website, mobile application of the Lottery Operator.

The lotteries are organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

The lottery operator is Sports Lotteries LLC, действующее на основании заключенного Государственного контракта № 01-01-06/05-217 from 24 October 2019 g..

The distributor of Lotteries is LLC "PMBK", действующее на основании Договора на оказание услуг по распространению лотерей № 6/09-10 from 09.10.2019 r.

Соглашаясь с настоящей офертой, Вы принимаете условия пользования сайтом, мобильного приложения и порядок заключения договора на участие в лотерее и все его условия. Вы соглашаетесь с условиями настоящей Оферты на добровольной основе.

[edit] History

History of lotteries in Kazakhstan

As for Kazakhstan, then lotteries began to be held here already in Soviet times, therefore, the formation and development of lotteries in our republic is closely interconnected with Russia, where lotteries have an ancient history. So, according to information we know, 300 years ago in 1698 year the Russian emperor Peter 1 signed a decree on holding one of the first lotteries in Russia. However, after the October revolution, Vladimir Lenin ordered to stop the rallies, stated: "Lotteries are a means of squeezing money out of the population". Lotteries were revived only after the war. To 1970 of the year only one lottery was held in Russia. It was a classic lottery, where prizes were drawn by ticket numbers. The lottery was called - monetary and it was organized by the ministries of finance of the union republics. However, she was not very popular - there was no advertising, and it was rarely played out. However, when in 1970 year, the CPSU Central Committee and the government allowed the Sports Committee to hold the "Sportloto" lottery, a real lottery boom began. In the beginning it was a numerical lottery "6 out of 49", and then "5 out of 36". IN 1976 the first instant lottery "Sprint" appeared, where the result could be recognized immediately. Then, in the mid 80s, followed by the "Sportprognosis" lottery, where the players guessed the results of sports. However, players soon developed a system, where you can almost certainly win, and the lottery was closed. DOSAAF lotteries were also held. The entire organizational project, tickets, the conditions of the lottery were approved by the Ministry of Finance, he also gave permission to hold them. Money, received from the sale of lotteries, distributed among those ministries, under whose auspices the lottery was held. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in Kazakhstan, permission to hold republican lotteries was given by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but for local (regional, municipal) lotteries - local executive bodies. Currently, the agency for sports and physical culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the licensor for the right to hold lotteries..

National lottery of the RK

In the post-Soviet space of the CIS, Kazakhstan was the first to open a national (state) lottery for the purpose of financing the off-budget fund "New Capital" and the Pension Fund. The company was established on the basis of the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On measures to organize and conduct a national lottery in the Republic of Kazakhstan" from 18.11.1996 g., №3223, Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On measures to implement the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated 18.11.1996 g., Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the procedure for organizing and holding lotteries (except state) on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 31.10.1996. № 1326 and the Regulations "On the Council for the organization and conduct of the national lottery in the Republic of Kazakhstan", approved. By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01.27.97.

After the official opening 8 june 1998 the launch of two series of the instant lottery "Treasures of Kazakhstan", "Nature of Kazakhstan", received over 3 billion tenge for the state budget. IN 2012 r. 1140 sales agents were selling NLK tickets nationwide.

Company's mission: it is healthy entertainment for the general population, all revenues from which go to the budget in the form of "voluntary tax".

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