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Looking for an answer to a question: "Are there fair lotteries?»One truth should be understood - honesty is the prerogative of the organizer, not the game itself. If the founder is not clean on hand, then it's stupid to even dream of transparent rules and the process of the game.

When the founder is not the first day on the gambling market, then you can find out about his reputation very simply. It is enough to look at the players' reviews and read the comments on thematic forums. Conscience in this case acts as an optimal guarantee.

This is due to the, that the draw games are very clever. It's very easy for the founder to manipulate the results., and the temptation to get all the money, coming from naive players, big enough.

Here the question immediately arises as to whether, how to get information about the lottery organizers.

The whole difficulty is, that it is not possible to obtain such information. At first, founders can be a whole group, and they can change. Secondly, such information is not disclosed.

In drawing lotteries, you should rely only on the experience of other players and your personal observations..

This does not mean at all, that all drawn lottery games are fraudulent and not profitable. Just the opposite. Lotteries can give you a chance to win big. The main thing is to give preference to a game with a long history and a positive reputation among participants from all over the world.

We found one lottery, the honesty of which even we do not have to doubt. This is El Gordo. The reasons for the confidence, that the lottery is fair and reliable.

  1. The history of the lottery game has 203 of the year.
  2. In the total mass of tickets in this lottery, there are always winning.
  3. True stories of the winners.

One of these stories happened in a pub in Barcelona. The owner of the cafe presented the visitors with an El Gordo ticket. What motives did he have, remains a mystery, but the result amazed the world community. В сумме клиенты этого бара выиграли больше 180 000 000 euros. Interesting then, that newly minted millionaires were below the poverty line before going to the pub.

  1. Debt. El Gordo has a number of debt obligations. To pay prizes to the winners, the game organizers were forced to resort to partial privatization of the lottery. Now part of the lottery belongs to the government. For players, this is another plus, because there are additional guarantees.
  2. Constant updates. El Gordo lottery is constantly transforming to create more comfortable conditions for players. So, eg, rule about, that you can only collect your winnings through 9 days, has been replaced by the rule, according to which the term for receiving the prize is reduced to 1 days.

All these facts point to the honesty and reliability of the El Gordo lottery..

How to play and win Russian Lotto

They, who is wondering, how to play and win lotteries, must understand, that there is no winning strategy. If you have lost several dozen tickets in a row, then the chances of winning the next draw remain the same, like newbies. When planning to play lotto for money, this type of gambling cannot be considered as a possible source of stable profit. Here randomness rules, но увеличить шансы на выигрыш все же можно.

Setting up a lottery syndicate

The easiest way to get closer to victory is to purchase a large number of tickets, calculate mathematically possible combinations and overlap them. Lottery coupons are usually not expensive, but this approach requires hundreds or even thousands of tickets for each print run. It is expensive to spend that amount of money, but if you divide the costs by several people, then spending will not be critical.

It is best to ask friends and describe to them the possible benefits of the plan.. Yes, if there is a winning ticket among those purchased, then the profit will have to be divided among all participants of the "syndicate", but the chances of winning increase tenfold.

Go and play Russian Lotto

More numbers, more chances

Each coupon contains 30 numbers, divided into 2 playing fields. In theory, 3 tickets can be closed by all 90 barrels. Buying cards, try to minimize repetitions. Russian Lotto rules do not prohibit this approach, but the probability of winning with the same financial investments increases.

Don't miss the distribution runs

Some players are helped by a simple tip: you need to follow the news and not miss extraordinary runs ("money box" sign on the "lottery"). If during several issues the jackpot is not drawn, then the probable gain continues to accumulate. One of the conditions for the distribution draw is the mandatory draw of the money pool. As One Person Can Win, and a few lucky ones.

The main thing is not to lose heart!

The lottery doesn't need to be taken seriously

It's just a game, therefore it is important to keep positive. Golden Rule: if a Russian person believes in victory, then the chances of a successful outcome are higher, than a pessimist

For assimilation, how to play loto, we recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. Think through possible combinations mathematically.
  2. Try to avoid repetitions in numbers.
  3. Create a syndicate with friends or acquaintances.
  4. Follow the extraordinary circulation.

Remember, because the lottery is so called, that the outcome is always random. We recommend to take Russian Lotto as fun, and not as a possible financial asset.

Go to the Russian Lotto website

Definitely worth a try

If you don't have enough adrenaline and wanted to try something new, then I would advise you to download the "Stoloto" application. There are a lot of different lotteries. And everything is just as simple, as if you were playing with paper tickets, looking at the TV screen. Only this time everything is complete in the smartphone screen.

Personally, I liked the TOP-3 and 12/24. Fun and doesn't hit your wallet. Although I haven't won a lot of money yet, but there were victories.

The interface is intuitive, it is convenient to pay for tickets, and winnings can be immediately withdrawn to the wallet. From the wallet, you can then pay for new tickets or withdraw to the card through the main version of the site. The latter is especially captivating, not all services are capable of this.

The app is available on iOS right in the App Store.

Stoloto is not on Google Play, but for Android smartphones it can be downloaded from the official website.


You can't imagine more convenient.

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How is the drawing going??

When does the ticket sales close?

Coupons for the next edition cease to be sold on Saturday at 18:30 by Moscow time. Sometimes closure is postponed, where the participant additionally informs the time of this drawing. If lotto tickets are bought after 18:30 on Saturday, then the coupon will apply to the next print run.

Stages of the lottery

The lottery is held under special control. The draw takes place in a TV studio, where viewers and circulation commission are invited. Controlling people inspect a bag of kegs, to have a complete set. When all stages of the Russian Lotto draw end, then the drawing commission makes an opinion on the rules for. Then the protocol is signed.

The lottery runs as follows:

  1. A special bag is used to store the barrels and the numbers are loaded into it..
  2. The presenter takes out numbers from the bag during the broadcast. Kegs are taken one by one, after each announcement of the number.
  3. The participant is required to cross out the named numbers on the ticket.

Each drawing is held in several stages:

  1. Coupons from 5 combinations of numbers. This is taken into account, if they are in any of 6 horizontal lines match the numbers of the selected kegs from the bag.

When this happens, that in the Russian Lotto draw the winning combination was built earlier, than other tickets of this circulation.

  1. In the next round, those win, where is everyone 15 numbers from the top or bottom margin match the numbers of the kegs. This is the reason to get the Jackpot. However, if in the next stage the numbers continue to appear, then the participant moves on.
  2. Here numbered fields win, coinciding with all the announced combinations.

In this case, both fields are filled. In this case, the winners of the first and second stages are allowed to participate.. However, no tickets allowed for the next round, with all numbers dropped.

When is the additional stage, then they win tickets, where the numbers fell in the top or bottom field.

Prizes and what lotto participants win

If lotto tickets win in the first rounds, then the prize fund reaches huge amounts. At the same time, the monetary gain reaches several million rubles.. Not only money wins in Russian Lotto, but also cars, apartments, summer cottages or vouchers. In this case, the winner is given a choice, in what form he will be given this prize.

The rule 5. Stop in time

And finally, I want to say, that even the probability 1/100 from the point of view of an individual, this is very little. If you check this probability once a month, then 100 таких проверок сделаете за 8 years. Imagine, во сколько раз ниже вероятность 1/1 000 000 or 1/100 000 000? Therefore, always bet only that amount, which you are not afraid to completely lose, and not a ruble more.

Finally, as promised, I will give an assessment of the statement from the beginning of the article. This data is for the USA, because the statement was formulated specifically for this country, besides, we have already calculated the odds for the American lottery above.

According to statistics, for 2016 год в США было совершено Crime in the US — 2016 near 17 000 убийств, we will consider this as an average figure. And also suppose, that the person is a potential target for murder, when he is already an adult, но не старый — то есть около 50 лет в течение своей жизни. Means, за эти 50 лет будет совершено около 850 000 убийств. Население США составляет United States Population 325,7 миллиона человек, то есть шансы попасть в случайную выборку размером 850 000 such:

But guess what, it's just a chance to be killed. Namely, on the way for a lottery ticket? Suppose, you go out to work every weekday, one weekend get out somewhere, and in the other you stay at home. В среднем получается 6 days a week, or about 26 дней в месяц. And once a month you buy a lottery ticket. Therefore, the numbers obtained must also be divided by 26:

And even with such a rough estimate, it is much more likely, than winning. More precisely, then in 30 000 раз вероятнее. Actually, of course, numbers will be different: a person is endangered not only on the street, some people take more risks, than others, women are killed almost four times less often, than men. But the principle is.

Хотя жить без веры в хорошие события и с постоянным ожиданием плохих, even knowing the math, Is not the best choice.

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