List of countries participating in the lottery and green card statistics by country

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win (without cheating)

Stages of obtaining a Diversity Visa

Checking winnings

1. First of all, you need to check the results of the drawing on the official website Will be redirected to

Diversity Visa Participants 2021 can check the status of their records with 5 May 2020 years to 30 september 2021.

Don't be upset if there is no notification of your winnings, since in this case there are subtleties:

  • when checking the results in the first days
    after the draw, you may receive a false negative result, since these
    days the server is most overloaded and there is a possibility of issuing a negative
  • as practice shows, gain
    quite possible in a later period, therefore it is necessary to re-
    check in a few months.

Caution - scammers


The Department of State never asks you to transfer money by mail or
through money transfer systems.

If you received a letter, containing confirmation of winning the Diversity Visa Lottery, do not believe its content, since this letter is fraudulent.

The Department of State will never ask you to transfer money by mail or money transfer systems (eg, such as Western Union).

Verify that there are no grounds for disqualification

Before starting the process
obtaining a visa, make sure, that the Consulate has no reason for your
disqualification or refusal to obtain a visa. Especially in the case, if at
the help of third parties was applied when applying for the drawing.

Submit your immigration form DS-260

It is necessary to issue an immigration visa form DS-260 for yourself and your immediate family members, which include: spouse(a), as well as children before 21 of the year, unmarried.

Prepare the necessary documents

To obtain a DV immigrant visa in 2020 financial year, You need:

  • personal documents,
  • documents on education and professional experience,
  • military service (if applicable to you),
  • no criminal record,
  • availability of funds and tangible assets

Some documents you will need to send in advance to the Kentucky Consular Center.

Full documents all documents you will need for an interview at the US Embassy.

Translation of documents for immigration to the USA

Translation of required documents into English, beginning with 2019 year need to be prepared immediately after submitting the DS-260 immigration forms.

You do not need to affix apostille. You don't even need to notarize the translation.

A certified translation is enough.

Translation must include a statement, signed by the translator, which says, что перевод является точным и переводчик компетентен для перевода.

Submit your documents to the Kentucky Consular Center

After submitting the immigration form, you will receive a request to send documents from the Kentucky Consular Center.

For DV-2020 winners, to KCC it was necessary to send:

  • biographical passport page (international passports);
  • birth certificate of all family members;
  • Marriage certificate(if marriage after application);
  • police clearance certificate for everyone, who is older 16 years;
  • military ID for conscripts;
  • documents, confirming the end of all previous marital relations (divorce certificate, spouse's death certificate, a copy of the court decision on divorce);
  • in case of a criminal record or various forms of restriction of freedom, you must provide a copy of the decision of the court or other authority, imposed restriction of freedom, and sometimes other documents explaining this situation;

Не отправляйте бумажные документы в КЦК. Любые бумажные документы, sent to KCC, will be destroyed.

Documents, photographed or scanned with a mobile phone, are acceptable, но каждый документ должен быть полностью разборчивым. Неразборчивые или неполные документы должны быть повторно поданы и задержат рассмотрение вашего дела.

Отправляйте документы только на адрес электронной почты: [email protected] ;

Для любых вопросов обработки документов используйте адрес электронной почты: [email protected] .

After sending documents, you get from KCC, email with this content:

» Congratulations! Our records indicate that you have submitted all required documentation to the Kentucky Consular Center and are ready to be scheduled for an interview when your case number becomes current. Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing.»

Further actions after filing an application

After, how the green card applicant applied, nothing depends on him - all further actions are taken by the American government (weeds out incorrect statements), and computer algorithm (selects winners from all applications). Probability says, that the chances of winning a green card are not very high - for example, filed last year 23 million applications, of which only won 55 thousand, or 0,239% from all participants.

However, there is one peculiarity - the probability of winning also depends on, which country is the application from. So, all countries in the world were divided into 6 regions, and the probability of winning in each of them is very different:

  • Africa - according to the lottery 2013 of the year, the chances of winning were 1,84% (except for some countries, which are "closed" for participation);
  • Asia - the probability of winning was 0,93%;
  • Europe - the likelihood of winning 1,31%;
  • North America - chances to win 0,5% (now Canada and Mexico are generally "forbidden" countries);
  • Oceania - chances to win 6,22%;
  • South, Central America and the Caribbean - 1,05%.

In the lottery 2022 years, the chances for everyone will be lower - the number of those wishing to emigrate to the United States is only growing, and the number of green cards has been unchanged for several years. Besides, according to unofficial data, the organizers of the green card drawing intentionally reduce the likelihood of winning for some countries within the same region, but according to the official rules this is not.

Check, whether the application won, need on the same site - in the appropriate section, which requires a confirmation number and some personal data. There will be no other way to check the status - no U.S. government or embassy staff will call or email.

IN 2020 year, there were some changes in the system - so, many lottery participants could not find out their status for a long time, and some winners in theory may lose their green card altogether due to the coronavirus pandemic, told Associate Professor Dmitry Karpukhin from the Financial University:

However, even winning the lottery on the green card does not mean, that the winner will be able to leave for permanent residence in the United States - according to statistics, minimum 15-20% winners cannot do this (but in reality that's all 50%). The fact, that the United States does not want to invite those, who runs the risk of being dependent on the state, therefore, after winning the lottery, you need to go through a series of checks.

In particular, the visa applicant will have to:

  • send your ID number to the US Embassy and wait for an interview invitation;
  • fill out a new questionnaire - according to the DS-260 form, in which you will need to re-enter all the basic data about yourself and your family;
  • undergo a medical examination - only in an institution approved by the embassy (all of them 3 on the side), moreover paid. As a result, the applicant will receive a sealed package with the results, you will need to take it with you to the embassy;
  • prepare a package of documents for a visa - except for passports, other identification documents and a package from a medical examination, have to find documents for the property (PTS, extracts from the USRN), educational documents, work, military ID, no criminal record, etc.;
  • additionally you need to prepare documents, that confirm the wealth of the family - account statements and not only;
  • all this must be brought to an interview at the embassy, as well as the consular fee in the amount of 330 dollars for each family member. An interview is not the most difficult questions about yourself and your plans, all in Russian;
  • if the interview results in a positive verdict - the applicant receives an immigration visa.

You can get a green card directly only in the USA., where you will need to enter on an immigrant visa, and only within six months after the medical examination.

After moving, you should not count on the help of the American authorities - ticket costs, residence, language learning and everything else completely fall on the immigrant.

Chances of winning and can they be improved

The first thing to understand is, that there are no "left" ways to increase your chances or guaranteed to win, the US government allocates a lot of funds to protect the lottery, so you shouldn't even try to cheat. So the only way to get into 55000 lucky ones, to prepare and submit documents as correctly as possible. Experts have calculated, what according to 2014 about 12 million profiles, in this way 1 of 120 participants will be the winner, however, about half of the winners will be eliminated for various justified reasons (errors in documents, submission of false information and other good reasons), so real winners 1 of 240 participants.

What is most important in the form of a lottery?

Primarily, remember: don't lie, write only the truth. Используйте только английские буквы. Допущенные страны

Обратите внимание на пункт о допущенных странах (Country of eligibility): you need to choose exactly the country of birth, а не место жительства. Сделайте правильное фото. Многие участники совершают ошибку именно на этом моменте. USCIS will automatically disqualify applications, whose photos do not meet the requirements

There are many requirements and conditions from background to head size. You can use special services, to take a photo, meeting all requirements, eg:

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